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5 Ways to See If a Referral Program Can Work for You

Referral Programs can work for your business. You may need to do some work initially, but here are 5 ways to get your program running smoothly.

/ June 3, 2016
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Gamification – The Fun Referral Program

Using elements of gamification in your referral program may be exactly what you need to step your referral program up. View these gamified examples.

/ May 20, 2016
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From a Side Project to Business Overnight

I was just another reluctant SaaS business in beta that didn't know if customers were willing to pay for my referral software.  On practically a dare, that all changed overnight.

/ February 21, 2016

Product Update: Enhanced Rewards and Improved Customer Pages

Here at Referral Rock, we understand your business is unique. We’ve made is easier for you to use our product and customize it to fit your specific needs in order to maximize your Customer Referral Program. You will notice some...

/ February 17, 2016

Product Update: New Lingo for the New Year!

You may have noticed some changes to our terminology here at Referral Rock. We made a number of changes throughout the software to make it easier for you to navigate the software. We feel the new language makes much better...

/ January 9, 2016

Product Update: Improved Control on How Your Referrers Share

We’ve had a number of customer requests regarding better control over a referral campaign’s sharing options.  Some customers wanted more social media options and some wanted no social media sharing at all.  We’ve heard all of the requests and in...

/ October 13, 2015