5 Trending Marketing Tools to Help Gain Business Referrals

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The world of online marketing keeps evolving rapidly. If there is one thing that savvy business marketers have learned, it’s that finding the right tools to help a business rise above the competition is one key to success. The added exposure can help drive new referrals, more sales, and of course, increased profits. The good news is that the suite of tools marketers can use keeps growing almost as quickly as the internet does.

17 Ways to Effectively Promote Referral Programs

Referral programs are a great way to organically spread the word about products and services, but you have to let happy customers know that they can benefit from your program.

Whether you show off the program on your website’s homepage, send out an email to tell your customers, or find an influencer to spread the word, you have to promote your referral program in order to see success.