Build a Brand Ambassador Program

Brand ambassadors are people who love your brand, actively use your products, and are willing to promote it to their audience. Whether they’re promoting your brand online, offline, or both, these representatives can be valuable assets.

Our brand ambassador resources have everything you need to find ambassadors and start a brand ambassador program of your own.


Brand ambassador program basics

What makes someone a brand ambassador? Learn what skills to look for when finding the perfect person to join your brand ambassador program.

types of brand ambassadors

Types of brand ambassadors

Brand ambassadors can help increase customers, but not every business is ready for an official program.

This section helps you figure out whether ambassadors will work for you, and which type of ambassador is the best fit.

referral agreement

Build your brand ambassador program

Ready to set up your brand ambassador program? Get inspired with our list of top brand ambassador program examples, and make sure you cover all the bases with our step-by-step program guide and ambassador contract template.