How it works for Marketers

Increase qualified leads by taking control of your referral marketing

Control the experience

On-brand referral programs that match your look and feel

Unlock more referrals

Referral programs that increase leads and grow your customer base

Get faster

Launch in days with no integrations required and our helpful expertise

Integrate with how you work

Analytics and automation to fit your processes and workflows

Control the experience

Customize the look and feel of your referral program to match your brand and customer experience. Give your advocates and referrals a seamless experience so they’ll want to engage and participate.

Align your brand

Provide a consistent, on-brand experience by fully customizing your referral program. Control the design, copy, creative, messaging, and more. Build the referral program directly into your customer interactions and marketing channels to provide a seamless experience across all touch points.

  • Visual editor to easily create beautiful referral programs
  • Branded emails, domains, and sharing links
  • Add your own HTML and CSS for complete control
  • Build into your website, marketing channels, and touch points

Customize the advocate experience

Create a great experience so your customers and advocates want to participate and engage.

  • Dedicated advocate portal to easily share and track results
  • Pre-drafted messaging to make sharing easy and on-brand
  • Multiple sharing options to pick their favorite channel
  • Personalized advocate codes and unique links

Design a program that fits

Flexibility and control to fit your business and marketing goals. Create programs and campaigns that meet your unique context and requirements.

  • Referral marketing 
  • Partner programs 
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Influencer marketing 
  • Advanced reward configurations and payment options
  • Advanced integrations and workflows 

Unlock more referrals

Create best of breed referral programs that increase leads and grow your customer base. Scale your business by building effective referral programs that are easy to use and incorporate best practices. 

Multiple ways to join and share

Provide a seamless experience for your advocates to join and share your program through your existing marketing channels and touch points. Once engaged, give your advocates the tools to easily share and promote your referral program.

  • Integrate your email marketing tools to join with a single click
  • Website referral widget for easy access
  • Automatic enrollment when behind a login page
  • Referral program invites to get referrals to join and share
  • Single sign on via Facebook and Google 
  • Advocate sharing via email, social, SMS, unique links and codes 

Encourage more sharing

Nurture your advocates to increase their engagement and encourage them to keep sharing.

  • Targeted email campaigns to send tailored messages to a segmented group of advocates
  • Advanced email rules and automation to send relevant messages at the right time
  • Monthly updates to show stats and increase sharing
  • Share predrafted messages directly from advocates’ email inbox

Convert more referrals to customers

Create powerful referral journeys that convert more customers. Make a first impression that engages and entices referrals to take action. Control the entire referral funnel from initial awareness to consideration to conversion. 

  • Predrafted advocate messaging to deliver an on-brand message through multiple channels that gets referrals excited  
  • Drag and drop referral page builder to create beautiful referral landing pages that convince referrals to convert
  •  Multiple referral capture options to integrate with your desired experience and workflow.

Get faster results

Get setup in days, not weeks, with our iterative approach to quickly launch and optimize your referral program. We’ve personalized the onboarding to make it easy for you to get up and running without needing complicated integrations.

No integration required

Build an entire out-of-the-box referral program with no integration needed. Test and deliver ROI then fully automate and integrate. Run everything in Referral Rock and launch your program in days. 

  • Advocate invitations and enrollment to make it easy to join 
  • Standalone portal for advocates to easily share and track results
  • Referral landing page to capture referrals on a customized page
  • Email automation to nurture and engage advocates
  • Reward fulfillment to distribute rewards
  • Fraud protection to detect and block fraud

Learn from the experts

Get personalized onboarding to build your ideal referral program and leverage our expertise from running 1000s of programs. Get advice on ideas, strategies, and best practices to build an effective referral program the first time.

  • Dedicated customer success manager walking you through the process
  • Personalized program audits to ensure you’re following best practices

Build better referral programs in less time

Built in best practices and easy to use tools allow you to setup a better referral program in less time. 

  • Intuitive program editor with a step-by-step setup process
  • Prebuilt templates to get you started and provide inspiration
  • Smart audits to provide actionable suggestions in real-time

Integrate with how you work

 Map your sales process and integrate your favorite systems. We’ll handle the rest with our powerful automations that make it easy to manage your referral program. 

Get detailed marketing analytics

Access all the marketing information and data you need to run reports and optimize your referral program. Track the success of different campaigns and channels to see what’s most effective.

  • Integrate Google Analytics to add your referral program to your Google Analytics account
  • UTM tracking and URL control to track, compare, and optimize for different marketing channels
  • Add your own Javascript snippets for advanced tracking and analytics

Use your current systems and tools

Integrate your favorite systems to create an automated referral program that works with your processes and workflows. Connect your tools (CRM, Email Marketing, Ecommerce, Custom Systems, and more). Set your rules and Referral Rock will take care of the rest.

  • Zapier
  • Javascript SDK
  • API & Webhooks
  • Hubspot Direct Integration
  • Salesfoces Direct Integration
  • Custom Integrations
  • Automate attribution with cookies and unique advocate codes 

Help when and how you need it

Multiple support channels to get the help you need based on your preferred method of working. 

  • Customer success manager
  • Detailed knowledge base
  • Monthly product updates
  • Live chat and email support
  • Screen shares and calls
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