How It Works for Marketers

Launch faster with dedicated support

How it works

Build your program in days – not months. Referral experts help onboard and tailor the program to your unique business needs, so you can start getting results faster.

Get expert support at every step

A dedicated success manager shares expertise gained from over 1,000+ programs across different industries.

Create an experience

On-brand referral programs to match your brand's look and feel, and give your customers a seamless experience.

Achieve faster results

Launch a program quickly and easily, with personalized onboarding to get you up and running without any complications.

See our proven process

We help you create the perfect sharing experience, then do the rest so your program runs on autopilot.

OUr service

Customer success package

A dedicated customer success manager with every plan, personally working with you throughout your referral marketing journey.

They are your coach, consultant, and project manager, making sure your referral program is tailored to your unique business. Our expertise and advice gained from 1,000+ programs across different industries guarantees you launch faster and drive referral marketing results.

Build your program

Build a customized referral program that complements your business messaging, design, and brand.

  • Kickoff meeting to develop referral plan and structure
  • Design and marketing audit to incorporate best practices and review your copy and creatives

Integrate your systems

Create an automated referral program by mapping out your sales process and referral workflow to determine the best integration points and methods.
  • Technical review call to discuss your system requirements and develop an integration plan
  • Integration support to troubleshoot any issues
  • Testing to ensure all integrations are working correctly and information is attributed

Launch and optimize

Launch faster with a better referral program – then optimize to improve results. 
  • Final review and launch to confirm promotion plans are in place and answer any final questions
  • Post-launch check-in to review your initial results and optimize based on the data

OUr Program

Create an experience

Customize the look and feel of your referral program to match your brand and customer experience. Give your advocates and referrals a seamless experience so they'll want to engage and participate.

Align your brand

Provide a consistent, on-brand experience with fully customized referral program. Control the design, copy, creative, messaging, and more. 

Build the referral program directly into your customer interactions and marketing channels to provide a seamless experience across all touch points.

  • Visual editor to easily create beautiful referral programs
  • Branded emails, domains, and sharing links
  • Add your own HTML and CSS for complete control
  • Build into your website, marketing channels, and touch points
feature 1 increased sales
feature 3 integrations

Customize the advocate experience

Create a great experience so your customers and advocates want to participate and engage.
  • Dedicated advocate portal to easily share and track results
  • Pre-drafted messaging to make sharing easy and on-brand
  • Multiple sharing options to pick their favorite channel
  • Personalized advocate codes and unique links
Design a program that fits
Flexibility and control to fit your business and marketing goals. Create programs and campaigns that meet your unique context and requirements.

Ongoing support

Support doesn’t stop once you launch. We’re here to help you every step of the way so you can get the most out of your referral program.

Detailed knowledge base

Get immediate answers to your questions with our detailed, easy-to-search help center

Live chat

Chat with our support team in real-time to quickly solve any immediate issues

New feature updates

Stay informed with our latest features and continue improving your referral program

Customer success manager

Work with your dedicated customer success manager to onboard and then optimize your program

OUr promise

Measure your results and impact faster to prove ROI

Scale your business quickly by building effective referral programs that are easy to use and incorporate best practices.

Get detailed marketing analytics

Access all the marketing information and data you need to run reports and optimize your referral program. Track the success of different campaigns and channels to see what's most effective.

  • Integrate Google Analytics to add your referral program to your Google Analytics account
  • UTM tracking and URL control to track, compare, and optimize for different marketing channels
  • Add your own Javascript snippets for advanced tracking and analytics

No integration required

Build an entire out-of-the-box referral program with no integration needed. Test and deliver ROI then fully automate and integrate. Run everything in Referral Rock and launch your program in days.

  • Advocate invitations and enrollment to make it easy to join
  • Standalone portal for advocates to easily share and track results
  • Referral landing page to capture referrals on a customized page
  • Email automation to nurture and engage advocates
  • Reward fulfillment
  • Fraud protection to detect and block fraud<

why we rock

What makes Referral Rock different?

We understand marketers are busy, but creating an on-brand experience is important to them. Invest a little time up front to create the perfect sharing experience, then let the program run on autopilot.


More sharing, smarter incentives, higher engagement

  • One-click sharing from emails or embedded experiences
  • Highly configurable reward options that align with your brand
  • Keep advocates in the loop and engaged with notifications 

Live that automation dream, with integrations for ANY type of business

  • Platform that works with the systems you are already using
  • Supports multi-step (CRMs) and transactional (ecommerce) sales processes
  • Approve, schedule, and automate reward fulfillment

Why customers love us

What our customers have to say

"The software is easy to use – it has been able to do everything I've wanted. The customer support team is fantastic and extremely responsive. Every time I've had a question or ran into an issue, they helped figure out a solution right away."

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Penguin Random House Emily Jarrett, Senior Manager Digital Campaigns

“Our overall experience has been amazing. I have worked with many platforms with customer service centers outside of Australia and this is the best we have ever experienced.”

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Engineers Australia Sarah McGregor, National Manager of Digital Marketing

“We knew the customer success team would help us get set up and launched, but we've honestly been blown away. From the technical aspects to tracking and overall program management, you’ve made the entire referral process simple.”

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FeedXL Chelsey Benzel, Marketing Manager

“Referral Rock has allowed us to automate our entire referral process. Now that it is set up and optimized, it just runs in the background.”

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Catapult Yas Desai, Business Development Manager

“Referral Rock is great. It’s already given us a 10x ROI. It’s so easy to use and requires very minimal effort to run. We just set it and forget it.”

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CoolBot John Bergher, VP of Sales and Marketing

"The team is phenomenally supportive, ranging between my very dumb and basic questions to the slightly more technical inquiries. Always patient, never seem frustrated, and consistently beyond helpful. "

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Neighborhood Sun Barbara Martinez, Customer Engagement Champion

Want to discuss whether a referral program would suit your business?

If you’re wondering whether a referral program is right for your business, we’re here to answer all your questions. We can discuss: