Existing Customers Are a Marketing Asset

Word of Mouth
as a Channel

Growing businesses have a lot in common

How does a business grow?

When you ask a successful business where they get new customers, you’ll often hear them say referrals or word of mouth.

A businesses will also mention the many marketing channels they rely on. Paid ads, review sites, social media, PR, email marketing, and content marketing are among the most popular.

The big question

Why isn't word of mouth a marketing channel?

Data matters. Marketing is no longer just brand and feeling. To be successful today, a business needs to be able to track the results of their efforts and prove the ROI. A marketing channel should be measurable.

Channels seldom just work on their own. A marketer needs to be able to improve the results of a channel through tactics, strategies, and applying more resources to it. A marketing channel should be able to be improved. 

How do y word of mouth measurable?

When asked how much of their new business comes from word of mouth, the typical response is, “I don’t know, it just happens”.

There is a lot of truth to word of mouth being difficult to measure but it can be done.

Yes, word of mouth can be tracked and measured

Using software to drive word of mouth can give you better tracking and visibility on your word of mouth efforts.

Like many of today’s digital marketing channels, once can measure results, you can be smarter and more efficient with your marketing dollars.

How can a business get more word of mouth?

When asked how a business can get more word of mouth, the typical response is, “Just do good work and hope people refer their friends.”

Hope is not a strategy

Word of mouth can be influenced through designed campaigns

As with most marketing campaigns, if you reduce the friction and increase the motivation, one can improve the results to drive more referrals. 

With referral programs you can play with those levers and optimize for your desired results.

Word of mouth should just happen, right?

Yes, organic word of mouth does just happen, and it’s wonderful and should be celebrated, but it’s tough to count on.

To drive organic word of mouth, one needs to consider other areas of the business that depends on more than just marketing.

Word of mouth programs can drive incentive-based referrals 

Our software helps marketers start with referral programs, where customers, influencers, and advocates can add to impact word of mouth can have on a business.

But this is just the beginning of how we plan on driving more word of mouth.


Our Vision

Make word of mouth a channel for growing businesses

WITH OUR SOFTWARE Word of mouth is








Meet Ampy!

Our beloved mascot at Referral Rock

What is Ampy?

Ampy one of those old school guitar amplifiers.  

Do you see his power plug and audio jack for arms? 

Did you check out his grill?

He’s an amplifier for your word of mouth.

Aren't mascots and cartoons childish?

Maybe, but that’s who we are!

We’re kinda silly and fun, but also serious about results.

Just like Ampy may be a bit silly, but serious about sound quality.  

Don’t mess with Ampy he’s quite the audiophile.

Are Ampy and Clippy related?

Could be, but not likely. 

Not that there would be anything wrong with that.

I love it! Can I join the fan club?

Of course!  

You can join the Ampy fan club right here and tell your friends about Ampy and word of mouth as a channel.

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