Active Campaign Referral Tracking | Refer a Friend

Active Campaign & Referral Rock

Integrate by promoting your program, capturing referrals, and syncing your sales process with Active Campaign

Active Campaign is a leading email marketing and CRM platform.  Create and send beautiful email newsletters, automate email workflows, and manage all your contacts, companies, and deals in one central location. Take control of your email marketing and sales pipeline with Active Campaign.

How to Integrate with Referral Rock?

Promote your referral program with Active Campaign and automatically enroll advocates directly from your Active Campaign email campaigns into Referral Rock. Track engagement and make sharing easy without requiring additional registration. 

Automatically capture new leads/referrals when they complete an Active Campaign or Referral Rock form.

Use Zapier to map your sales process from Active Campaign directly to Referral Rock’s referral statuses. Referral Rock is automatically updated based on changes in your pipeline and sales cycle.  You manage everything in Active Campaign while Referral Rock updates your referrals and rewards.  

Start integrating Referral Rock into your business
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