Referral Software to Scale and Track Word of Mouth

Empower customers to share your business

Stop waiting for word of mouth to just happen & increase your referrals by 5x.

Referral Rock generates more shares, referrals, and brand awareness from happy customers with referral programs that automate the ask.  

Prompt customers to share with their friends from your email automation, CRM, or e-commerce systems & watch the referrals roll in.

Referral Rock Referral Software

Join 1,000+ companies automating their word of mouth


How we can help get more referrals

How many referrals have you missed today?

You've worked hard to gain win customer trust. Don't sit around waiting for them to be asked by a friend. Lean in, be proactive, give advocates a reason to share & keep your fans in the loop.


Prompt sharing across the customer lifecycle

More sharing, more often from all your fans

  • Seamless sharing throughout customer touchpoints with our widget, email integrations, or automatically generated share URLs
  • Offer incentives that align with your brand
  • Keep advocates in the loop and engaged with notifications

Measure, get insights, and optimize

Track and get insights on your word of mouth activity

  • See every share detail to optimize the sharing experience
  • Measure engagement of first time referrers + your most engaged fans
  • Understand referral behavior from anonymous brand visit to new customer conversion

more word of mouth on autopilot

Integrate with existing business systems for hands-off operations

  • Prompt sharing throughout customer lifecycle touchpoints with your email automations, help desk, and ecommerce systems
  • Enrich & track the data through your CRMs or other systems of record
  • Integrate directly with our developer-friendly APIs or use Zapier

prove roi quickly

No developers required. Launch in days, not months.

  • Expert services to help onboard and tailor the program to your unique business needs
  • Customize the sharing experience from quick-start email templates and portal experiences

How referral marketing works

Referral programs feed your marketing engine

Any new customer can be a superfan who shares with 100s of their friends.
What business doesn't want a lower acquisition costs + better return on ad spend?

Referral programs are owned channels that works with your existing sales & marketing. Turning happy customers into an army of marketers for conversions.

Customer Referral Programs

Happy customers want to refer their friends. Make sharing easier and accessible. Referral tracking software that works for any B2B and B2C business (not just ecommerce).

Participants & Reward Examples

Customers - Give $10, Get $10 in credits
Brand ambassador - Gift cards
Mobile app user - In-app credits

Design a program that keep members engaged sharing more times more often.

Partner and Affiliate Programs

Strategic partners are motivated by revenue sharing and exclusive access. Manage your partners at scale and design programs that keep them motivated.

Participants & Reward Examples

Channel partners - Pay per lead
Affiliate sites - Recurring rewards
Influencers - Pay per impression

Don't join a marketplace where you're competing with every affiliate offer. Own the experience and the relationships you've built.

Our customers love the results

What our customers have to say

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"The referral software has been able to do everything I've wanted. Every time I had a question, they figure out a solution right away."

Emily Jarrett, Senior Manager Digital Campaigns
B2B SaaS

“We knew your customer success team would get us set up, but we've been blown away... the entire process was so simple.”

Chelsey Benzel, Marketing Manager
B2B SaaS
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“It’s already given us a 10x ROI. It’s so easy to use and requires very minimal effort to run. We just set it and forget it.”

John Bergher, VP of Sales and Marketing Ecommerce

“Referral Rock has allowed us to automate our entire referral process. Now that it is set up, it just runs in the background.”

Yas Desai, Business Development Manager

Want to discuss if Referral Rock is a fit for you?

We’re more than happy to help you see if our referral marketing programs can help your business grow. We typically consult with you on: