Integrations that run on autopilot for any business

Live that automation dream with integrations for any type of business

Integrate into your process

Seamlessly add our platform to your current customer experience and touch points

Program promotion

Make it easy for your customers to readily engage and share through the channels they're already using.

Capture referrals

Capture new leads through at the time they're most engaged – after an online purchase, filling out a lead form, etc.

Automatic updates

Whether it's a single- or multi-step sales process, our platform automatically updates every referral status.

Payout options

Attract customers with multiple payout options and distribute reward incentives that align with your business .

Promote your program

Promote your referral program on various marketing channels throughout the entire customer journey. Make it easy for your advocates to access your referral program, and enjoy increased engagement and sharing.

Give the best program experience

Choose your customer's touch points

Select the registration method

Capture referrals across all channels

Capture new referrals through your existing lead capture process or our built-in referral capture forms. Then drive referrals to personalized landing pages to increase conversion.

Select your capture method

Set up referral tracking

Integrate your lead capture process

Keep customers engaged and updated

Automatically update a referral’s status when they make their first purchase, so you can easily track and reward your best customers.

Align each referral status to your sales process

Select your referral update method

Integrate your systems and sales process

Set payouts to send automatically

Approve, schedule, and automate reward fulfillment


What makes Referral Rock different?

We understand marketers are busy. But creating an on-brand experience is important. Create the perfect sharing experience that works with your systems, then let the program run on autopilot with an all-in-one referral marketing platform.


More sharing, smarter incentives, higher engagement = more referrals

  • One-click sharing from emails or embedded experiences
  • Highly configurable reward options that align with your brand
  • Keep advocates in the loop and engaged with notifications

Live that automation dream, with integrations for ANY type of business

  • Platform that works with the systems you are already using
  • Supports multi-step (CRMs) and transactional (ecommerce) sales processes
  • Approve, schedule, and automate reward fulfillment

Join 1,000+ companies automating their word of mouth

Businesses choose Referral Rock to help them generate more brand awareness and referrals, while not disrupting their existing process.


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