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iContact Referral Program Integration

Integrate by promoting your referral program with iContact​

About Our iContact Referral Program Integration

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You understand that when using this integration, it’s up to you to comply with applicable laws and regulations, as well as the Referral Rock’s Terms of Service and Privacy Information.

How an automated referral program works with iContact

Your business has two great assets: A brand that customers love and access to those customers via a powerful email marketing platform like iContact.

Once you create a referral program on Referral Rock, promoting it to your email subscribers will jumpstart its success by getting the word out to your happy customers who will be excited to send referrals.

Integrating Referral Rock to your iContact campaigns is a fast and effective way to launch and promote your referral program in communication that you are already sending to your customers.

By synching Referral Rock and iContact, your contacts will skip manual program registration, you can promote your referral program in all email campaigns, and you will have access to data displaying the success of your promotional efforts.