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6 Valuable Retargeting Tips For More Referral Loyalty

This article will discuss a few reasons of how using retargeting and retargeting software with your referral program can be beneficial.

/ November 23, 2016

Why You Should Use Social Currency

Social currency is an important aspect of creating value for your business and customers. What exactly is social currency?

/ November 15, 2016

Why Referral Software is Better than Doing it Yourself

Referral Software can help you run an awesome referral program. Here's why referral software is better than running a referral program yourself.

/ November 9, 2016

8 Ways to Announce Your Referral Program

Let's discuss some way you can announce your referral program. Program announcement is one of the very things you should do to promote your program.

/ October 19, 2016

Product Updates: Admin UI Improvements

And the updates just keep on coming. Since we’ve last posted, we’ve made a list of major and minor updates to our user interface. Here's a list of our major and minor updates for this past month. Major Updates There...

/ October 16, 2016

Our Favorite Blogs on SEO… That You Should Follow

Here are our favorite blogs on SEO. If you need advice or tips on anything SEO these blogs will have your back. We love them and hope you do too.

/ October 13, 2016