8 Ongoing Referral Program Engagement Hacks

Getting ongoing referral program engagement can be tough. Try these ongoing engagement tips to strengthen your referral results.

/ December 23, 2016

The Dirtiest Secret in Referral Marketing

Is there a secret to running a successful referral program? Yes, there is a secret. See what it is and add it to your referral marketing best practices.

/ December 12, 2016

Product Update: PayPal and More Resources

It’s been a crazy month at Referral Rock! We're excited about these recent updates. PayPal  Now it’s easier to reward your members and grow your referral program by automating PayPal directly from Referral Rock. Just deposit money into an escrow...

/ December 8, 2016
a circle surround by houses and shops to represent community

Why A Community Referral Program is Absolutely Awesome

Not sure what a community referral program is? This article discusses what it is and it gives some great community referral program examples.

/ December 7, 2016
a target with arrows flying towards it

6 Valuable Retargeting Tips For More Referral Loyalty

This article will discuss a few reasons of how using retargeting and retargeting software with your referral program can be beneficial.

/ November 23, 2016

Why You Should Use Social Currency

Social currency is an important aspect of creating value for your business and customers. What exactly is social currency?

/ November 15, 2016