What Is An NPS Score? (+Why Your Company Should Track It)

What is an NPS score and how do you use it? Guest author, Lauren Pope, covers what it is and why NPS should matter to you.

/ July 17, 2019

Examples Of Referral Program Ideas for Small Businesses

Small businesses often rely on customer referrals as a way of attracting new leads. Here are some great referral programs from small businesses.

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61 B2B Referral Marketing Statistics and Quotes

Many people see the benefits of running a referral program. But some businesses like a B2B business may still be on the edge. Here are statistics and quotes to prove how effective it can be.

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66 Marketers Share Their Social Media and Lead Generation Tips

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How to Get Positive Reviews for Your Business without Cutting Corners

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Referral Rock character standing among mobile devices

12 Mobile Referral Program Examples and Why They Rock

Mobile apps are king, everyone searches, shares, and explores via mobile. This means you should have a mobile-friendly referral program too. Here are some top examples of brands with great mobile referral programs.

/ July 5, 2019