The Top 25 Referral Program Examples That Matter

Want to know what the best referral programs are? Here's a list of referral program examples that will knock your socks off.

Updated October 14, 2020




So you want to build a referral program, but you’re not quite sure what the program should be. Listen, we get it.  You don’t have to copy, but you can learn from the top referral program examples. A lot of businesses think referral programs are cut and dry for a specific type of business. That’s simply just not the case. Here’s a list that shows the best referral program examples out there broken down by type of business.

All types of business can enjoy the benefits of a referral program. Sure, you may have to get a bit creative with the details, but regardless a referral program can work for all. So, if you’re thinking about starting a referral program, but you’re stumped on program ideas… We’ve created an amazingly awesome list of businesses that have a referral program. The best part is there are ideas for all business types!

Don’t forget that a business can run many referral programs at the same time. Some businesses may run a customer program and a partner program simultaneously. Referral programs can take on any form, and incentive options are endless. This is an ever-growing list, I’m sure you can think of a few that have slipped past this list. If you find more awesome referral program examples feel free to share them with us. Let’s keep this list growing.

Check out the best referral program examples


Uber: Earn FREE Uber with Your Own Personalized Referral Code!

Alright, so Uber has a few referral programs they run. They did a good job at catering to everyone, both drivers, and riders. Drivers can earn a little bit of moolah between their drives by referring drivers and riders. Additionally, riders can earn free Uber credits for sharing with their friends.

uber referral program example


Tesla: Receive a $1,000 credit when you order a new Model S or Model X.

Tesla’s referral program likes big rewards. The most recent referral program gives Tesla referrals $1000 credit towards the sale price of a car when using a referral code. The Tesla owner who sent the referral code will then earn rewards based on how many qualifying referrals they had.  The more referrals a user sends the more rewards they can receive. Everything from new rims to a new car!

tesla referral program example



MeUndies: Be a hero. Invite your friends to MeUndies and they’ll get 20% off.

MeUndies will give referral program users $20 for free if they refer a friend. Plus, the referred friend will receive 20% off. This subscription box is for both men and women, so everyone can get in on the reward action. Don’t be fooled by the name,  MeUndies offers a variety of loungewear too. MeUndies also utilizes a simple sharing option. The user simply shares by email or Facebook. Easy, right?

meundies referral program example


Stitch Fix: Get $25.00 in credit when our friends receive their first Fix.

StitchFix is a clothing subscription. Gives $25 in Stitch Fix credit for referring a friend. Plus, it’s pretty simple to do. Users just invite their friends right from their account homepage. Users can just copy and place their link wherever they’d like. A user also has the option to refer people right from their phone app. StitchFix also offers an affiliate program – score!

stitchfix referral program example


Sock Fancy: Get free socks, again and again

Sock Fancy gives you the chance to earn awesome socks for free! A program member sends a friend a 15% off coupon, and they get a free pair of socks if the referral signs up. How awesome is that? Double sided rewards really seem to benefit everyone involved.
sockfancy referral program

Trendy Butler: Friends and family program. $10 for every sign up

Trendy Butler,  a clothing subscription, catered for men. Trendy Butler gives their program members $10 every time one of their referrals signs up. It’s a super simple process, members simply share their unique link and if someone signs up with the link, they are rewarded. Staying trendy has never been easier.

trendy butler referral program


24 Hour Fitness: Fit for all your friends

gives program members a few reward options, which is always a bonus! Members can opt for either a free 50-minute training session or a $20 MyStore coupon. All they need to do is invite a friend. If the friend joins then they are on their way to rewards. Plus their referral will receive a 3-day pass.  Double sided-rewards are the best!

24 hour fitness referral program

Gold’s Gym: Turn a friend into a training buddy

Gold Gym runs a few different referral programs. They have one specific for their program members and they also run a program for their franchise owners.  Pretty cool of them to offer a little bit of something for everyone.

golds gym referral program

YMCA: Save up to 20%

The YMCA has plenty of locations and many of them have their own referral programs. This one is specific to Atlanta, but if a program member refers a friend both the program member and their referral get 20% off their membership! Double sided rewards are great.

ymca referral program

Television and Internet

Hulu: Get more than a year free!

Hulu, a subscription video on demand service has a pretty epic referral program. Referral program members can earn free Hulu for over a year just by referring a friend. If that friend registers and pays for their first month of Hulu, the member will earn 2 free weeks. That sounds like one of the best referral marketing campaigns, am I right?

hulu referral program

Xfinity: Share the awesome. Refer-a-friend

Xfinity is a cable and internet provider will give program members a whopping $100 for referring their first friend. Then a member can earn $200 for their 2nd friend and another $200 for their 3rd friend. That’s a lot of dough for simply getting a friend to join!

xfinity referral program


Budsies: Give your friends a 10% discount

You get a $20 Budsies gift card when they make a purchase.

Budsies has a super simple referral program. A customer simply signs up and starts sharing their referral code with friends. If one of the referrals then becomes a new customer they will get 10% off their Budsies stuffed animal. Plus, the original customer will get a $20 gift card. Looks like a great win-win situation!

budsies referral program


Groupon: Refer a friend and earn $10 in Groupon Bucks

Groupon knows that everyone loves a good deal. They have a pretty user-friendly referral program. When a user refers a friend and the friend buys their first Groupon deal, the user will get sent $Groupon bucks. Pretty nice way of saying thanks for spreading the word.

groupon referral program

Leesa: Give $75 off a Leesa mattress, get $50 cash got yourself

Leesa, a brand that specializes in mattresses hits you with a double whammy. They offer a two-sided referral program. If a program member sends their friend $75 off a Leesa mattress, Leesa will give the member $50 back. Cash is not the only reason you’ll be sleeping well at night.

leesa referral program

Ulta: Give $10, get $10

a beauty salon and store offers a super simple double-sided referral program for their salon. The member refers a friend and if the friend uses the salon they will receive $10 off their first appointment. The member will then get $10 off for their next visit.  You just need a friend’s email to refer.
ulta referral program

Software, services, and tools

Dropbox: Earn more space by referring friends

Dropbox has a very cool spin on a referral program. Since their main goal is to provide users with a space to put docs, pics, etc. They have created a program that will give users extra space by inviting their friends to try Dropbox. Pretty nifty!

dropbox referral program example

Google: Share a better way of working

Google has an excellent b2b referral program, Google Apps for work to be exact. Program members can earn $15 for every user they get to sign up. If they get a business to sign up, they will earn a hefty $1500. Google Apps include Gmail, Google calendar, Google Drive, and many other apps. help the working world go round.

google referral program example

Hubstaff: Earn 30% Recurring Commissions for Life

Hubstaff a time tracking software runs a couple different programs. Their big one is their affiliate program. Affiliates who get a referral to sign up will earn 30% of the commission. Additionally, if your organization uses Hubstaff, you can earn 10% off your payment for a year just for referring a friend.

hubstaff referral program example

Evernote: Invite friends to Evernote

A cross-platform, for note taking, organizing and archiving. If members refer friends they earn points that can be put towards the premium service. 3 referrals are equal to 10 points. On top of that, if one of the referred friends goes premium, the referring member will earn an extra 5 points. Nifty, am I right?

evernote referral program example

Wix: Make Money with Wix

Create beautiful websites and earn some serious dough at the same time. You can earn $100+ for each convert. Not to mention you have unlimited referrals. Wix offers all the necessary tools so that you can start promoting and earning cash. Talk about super easy!

wix referral program


Julep: Invite your friends

A member just sends a bestie a referral and if they join the member gets $15. Pretty straightforward. Plus the bestie will earn a free gift with their purchase. Everybody wins. There is a 40 referral cap per year. Luckily that’s a pretty impressive number, and it resets every year!

julep referral program example

Ipsy: Earn 250 points when a friend subscribes to the Glam Bag with your referral link

Ipsy uses a different take on referrals. Each referral you send can earn you 250 points. Points can be traded for goods. There are other ways to earn points, but it’s pretty cool that you can refer a friend and get some bonus points!

ipsy referral program example

Loot Crate: Share the awesome. Give $5, Get $5

Loot Crate is a super fun subscription box… (I mean crate) which is one of the coolest and successful referral campaigns. The program is very simple. You send a friend $5 and you get a $5 credit. After you have 4 successful referrals you get a free crate.

successful referral campaigns


Airbnb: Share your love of travel

Airbnb is the gift that keeps on giving. You invite a friend, and when they travel you get a credit. Then if that friend invites a friend to use Airbnb, you get a bigger credit! How neat is that?

airbnb referral program example

Vantage Travel: Refer a friend and earn up to $200

Vantage Travel uses a tiered reward system. Members of the referral program can earn up to $200 for each of the first 7 referred travelers.  Then on the eighth referral, members can earn a free trip! Plus, it’s a double-sided program, so each referral will get $100 off. Additionally, there is no referral cap – so you can keep earning. Check out their referral rewards.

vantage travel referral program example

Do you know of more referral program examples?

Do you need more ideas for creating your referral program? Don’t worry we have you covered, we have plenty of referral program ideas to share with you. There are a ton of programs out there (Referral Rock has some great customer success stories as well!). If you know of a good one, let us know. We’d be happy to add it to our list.

Are you a small business? Take a look at these small business referral examples too!


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