How Grover generated positive ROI quickly with Referral Rock

Grover built a referral program into its overall brand experience, inviting customers to join and refer others from their accounts and company emails.


Average new customers per day driven by Referral Rock


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"Referral Rock gave us an effective solution that was easy to set up and run. Our referral program has been so successful, it's an increasing priority for us as we seek to maximize the results we get from this channel."
Sakshi Ahuja, Global Campaign Manager

Launching a new referral program in days, not weeks ✅

Grover allows customers to rent high-end electronics and equipment through their e-commerce website. The team knew its potential customers relied heavily on recommendations from people they trusted — but Grover didn’t have the time or tech resources to build a referral program in-house. So they turned to Referral Rock to set up an automated customer referral system quickly, and without extensive development resources.

With ready-to-use templates and out-of-the-box integrations, Grover was able to invisibly embed the referral program directly into their existing customer experience (website, customer login, email). The process:

Customers view banners and pages on the Grover website explaining and promoting the referral program
Customers opt in to access their referral dashboard to make and track referrals
Customers share their unique link on various channels with ready-made messages to attract referrals
Referrals who click the unique link are driven to a personalized landing page to learn about Grover and click the CTA for a discount code
If the referral purchases on Grover’s website, the discount is automatically applied and the referral status is updated in Referral Rock


Generating positive ROI with minimal effort 💰

A referral program isn’t simply a widget for new leads — it’s a comprehensive marketing channel, something that Grover quickly realized when it started to see the ROI of an automated referral program:

  • 5,300 customers registered as members to the referral program in the first few months
  • Referral Rock drove between 4 and 5 new customers a day, on average (sometimes as high as 7-8 new customers a day)
  • One customer brought in more than 180 referrals — many more customers had 10+
  • Over 50% of referral signups converted to new sales
  • The company saved having to bring on a part-time employee to run the referral program

A key part of Grover’s success came from automated promotion: by placing the referral banner on multiple touch-points (website pop-ups, banners, email), they were able to get a healthy referring customer base quickly.

To further optimize the program, Grover segmented its global customer base by language and created a different program for each language.

“Referral Rock gave us an effective solution that was easy to set up and run,” said Sakshi Ahuja, Global Campaign Manager for Grover. “Our referral program has been so successful, it’s an increasing priority for us as we seek to maximize the results we get from this channel.”

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