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Integrations to help your program run smoothly

Promote more sharing

Get the word out about your program and build sharing into different customer touch-points.

Track referrals

Capture new leads at the time they're most engaged – after an online purchase, filling out a lead form, etc.

Sync data where you need it

Sync all your share and track data into your system of record (CRM or ecommerce).

Automate rewards

Send rewards based on your program rules, whether it's a single- or multi-step referral process.


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“Referral Rock is a dream! The integration with HubSpot was seamless, and it has tracking, rewards, emails, and campaigns all in one place.”

Nate Workman Chief Marketing Officer, Workman Success Systems

"Referral Rock's integrations, customization, and flexibility have saved me hours of manual work each week and thousands of dollars — all without being locked into a long-term contract."

Shaun Dewitt Owner, SIR Glass Auto

"We needed an affiliate management and payout software that integrated seamlessly with HubSpot. We've loved our experience and it has been easy for affiliates to use!"

Alex Sohn Director of Marketing & PR, Faithful Platform

“Referral Rock has been seamless in helping us manage our customer referral program. We can easily build, edit, and manage programs, and it integrates easily with HubSpot."

Ankit Sharma Sr. Growth Marketing Specialist, Hiver

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