A Complete Guide to All Types of Marketing Strategies​

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With so many types of marketing strategies, it can be hard to narrow down which one will work best for your business.

Do you go with digital marketing or traditional marketing campaigns? Would your small business be better off using influencer marketing or social media marketing techniques?

Make the right decision, and your marketing efforts will pay dividends.

Our comprehensive guide includes all the most effective marketing strategies – from basic brand marketing to more specialized techniques, like affiliate marketing and viral marketing.

We’ve categorized each type of marketing strategy so you can quickly find the ones that fit your needs. Click a category to get started or browse all of our articles below.

Customer Advocacy Strategy

Learn how a customer advocacy strategy increases loyalty and retention


Proximity Marketing

Use geolocation to combine your physical storefront and digital space


Affiliate Marketing

Partner with select affiliates to help sell your services and expand market reach


Social Proof Marketing

Spread the good word about your business using testimonials and reviews


Email Marketing

Keep on top of your customers mind by sending consistent, valuable content


Conversion Marketing

Optimize your sales process and turn prospects into customers


Agile Marketing

Get moving with rapid testing, quick sprints, real-time problem solving


Differentiated Marketing

Maximize your efforts by crafting campaigns for multiple audiences


Influencer Marketing

Engage notable personalities to help drive your brand message


Performance Marketing

Move your marketing message forward by learning from past results


Pragmatic Marketing 

Produce effective campaigns by getting customer feedback at every step


Referral Marketing 

Expand your business through its existing community of loyal customers


Reciprocity Marketing

Give customers a reason to keep coming back to your business


Social Marketing

Create a positive change for the greater good through cause marketing


Viral Marketing

Spread campaigns through rapid online sharing and accelerated word of mouth


Social Media Marketing

Master today’s social media platforms and grab attention in just a few seconds


Public Relations

Foster mutually beneficial relationships between your brand and the public


Event Marketing

Online or offline, bringing people together does wonders for business


Digital Marketing

Post promotions where your market likely spends most of its time – online


Direct Marketing

Do away with the middle man and create a strategy straight for customers


Brand Marketing

Build a marketing plan that focuses on brand awareness and identity


Content Marketing

Create trust and engagement with articles, posts, and other messages


Social Media Advertising

Reach a large, target audience by using the right platform and campaign


Relationship Marketing

Build customer loyalty and engagement by focusing on relationships


Advocacy Marketing

Expand your market by engaging customers who already love your brand


Growth Marketing

Scale your business by planning the entire customer journey


Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Motivate people to share your product and services for exponential growth


Customer Marketing

Foster relationships with customers for greater retention and advocacy


Instagram Marketing

Leverage today’s key social media tool and stay in contact with customers


Permission Marketing

Increase conversion by delivering messages your market actually wants


Local Marketing

Local marketing connects you with your closest customers


Consumer Marketing

Go direct to consumers, building your own brand and focusing on customers


Inbound Marketing

Create amazing content and an experience that draws customers to you


Outbound Marketing

A more traditional marketing tactic that sends messages out to your audience


B2B Marketing

Learn how to master the key strategies of business-to-business marketing


Guerilla Marketing

Go low-cost and unconventional with this creative marketing approach


Search Engine Marketing

Increase your visibility on Google and other search engines through paid ads


Affinity Marketing

Partner with likeminded businesses to help improve your bottom line


Location-based Marketing

Send relevant, useful information to customers when they need it most