A Complete Guide to All Types of Marketing Strategies​

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With so many types of marketing strategies, it can be hard to narrow down which one will work best for your business.

Do you go with digital marketing or traditional marketing campaigns? Would your small business be better off using influencer marketing or social media marketing techniques?

Make the right decision, and your marketing efforts will pay dividends.

Our comprehensive guide includes all the most effective marketing strategies – from basic brand marketing to more specialized techniques, like affiliate marketing and viral marketing.

We’ve categorized each type of marketing strategy so you can quickly find the ones that fit your needs. Click a category to get started or browse all of our articles below.

About Our Types of Marketing

Paid: Marketing you pay for. Typically involves third-party platforms, and targets specific consumer segments.

Owned: Marketing through your own channels. It includes any website or newsletter, as well as any social media accounts. Even if you don’t own the actual platform, you control your account and content.

Earned: Any mention of your brand that comes voluntarily from others and which you haven’t paid for.

Approach: An overarching marketing strategy that guides all the tactics you use and decisions you make

Lead Generation: Marketing strategies focused on capturing a potential customer’s interest in your product or service

Retain Audience: Marketing strategies focused on keeping existing customers and encouraging repeat business

Content: Marketing focused on creating and distributing relevant, valuable content for your target audience

Proximity Marketing

Use geolocation to combine your physical storefront and digital space


Affiliate Marketing

Partner with select affiliates to help sell your services and expand market reach


Social Proof Marketing

Spread the good word about your business using testimonials and reviews


Email Marketing

Keep on top of your customers mind by sending consistent, valuable content


Conversion Marketing

Optimize your sales process and turn prospects into customers


Agile Marketing

Get moving with rapid testing, quick sprints, real-time problem solving


Differentiated Marketing

Maximize your efforts by crafting campaigns for multiple audiences


Influencer Marketing

Engage notable personalities to help drive your brand message


Performance Marketing

Move your marketing message forward by learning from past results


Pragmatic Marketing 

Produce effective campaigns by getting customer feedback at every step


Referral Marketing 

Expand your business thro