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Affiliates and partners deserve a better experience that isn't just transactional. Keep your best partners engaged and on your own affiliate network.

Why join a marketplace where you're competing with every affiliate offer and they take a commission? Own the full experience yourself.

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What makes our partner and affiliate marketing software different?

Our affiliate marketing platform makes it easy for partners and affiliates to track their activity and know exactly what’s going on with their referrals. We uniquely integrate with CRMs, SaaS, and ecommerce platforms.

full referral portal

Full portal

A full portal where you can create and customize a robust partner and affiliate marketing program

multiple promotions

Talks to your backend systems

Update referrals and deals from CRM integrations

instant integrations

Referral attribution and activity tracking

Give your partners and affiliates great visibility on their deals

message gets heard

Referral direct add

Allow affiliate to submit referrals directly so they can claim who they sent

unified referral platform

Multiple incentive structures

Recurring rewards, tiers, time-based offers. Get creative with incentives that get attention

expert support

Track stats across all your affiliates

Referrals, visits, and brand awareness are all tracked and visible to you and the affiliates


"Experience has been great. The software is easy to use – it has been able to do everything I've wanted. The customer support team is fantastic and extremely responsive. Every time I've had a question or ran into an issue, they helped figure out a solution right away."

Affiliate Management Automation

A better experience for you, your strategic partners, and dedicated affiliates lets you get back to the core of your business.

Everything you need to know, at a glance

See how effective your partner and affiliate program is with a dedicated portal, where you can view activity and directly add referrals. Affiliate tracking made easy.

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An affiliate program experience worth sharing

Attract new affiliate marketers, influencers, and other partners with recurring rewards, ACH, Paypal, and API based payouts.

Easy for them to share with personal links for mobile and social media directly to a landing page or ecommerce purchase.

Start creating an unforgettable experience

Ready-to-use templates and marketing tools

Create email templates, automate routine tasks, and integrate with the marketing and ecommerce tools you already use, so you get results faster with less work.

See results in real-time with our affiliate tracking software.

See the ways we integrate with your business


25+ integrations to easily connect your tools and teams

Partner and Affiliate Program FAQs

A strategic partner is any business or an individual you enter into an agreement with to accomplish a mutual goal. This typically involves a contract, but all parties are still separate entities.

A affiliate is any individual or business that promotes your product through their own sites and channels using an affiliate link. Affiliate partners do not have to be customers, but have an audience that overlaps with the company’s target market.

Strategic partner and affiliate programs are used to segment your marketing efforts and how you engage your different audiences. Oftentimes, you’ll want to run multiple programs with different, messaging, landing pages, and more.

The biggest reason for separate affiliate programs are the commission structures, metrics, and  attribution.

Word of mouth will still happen organically, but overall by having a formal program will allow you to benefit from all the brand affinity you’ve earned. Programs help you stay top of mind for longer and help you get referrals from all kinds of people. Organic non-paid referrals share because they are motivated to share to do good for a friend and your business (altruism), but not everyone is motivated the same way. A formal program helps you cover other motivations for people to share and you can design your incentives to align with those motivations.

Largely affiliate programs are open to anyone that wants to refer your business, while referral programs are usually customers.

Another major difference is the incentive structures where affiliate programs are typically cash based while referral programs can have a larger variety of incentives like discounts, swag, and donations.

We have a great article here on referrals vs affiliates if you want to ready more.

We connect with your CRM in two key ways. The most important one is the referral update, where our system needs to be notified of when a sale is made that came from a referrer. This allows you to create the correct reward once a new customer comes on board.

The second is for our system to send leads and contacts directly into your CRM with the correct attribution information.

Absolutely not – no credit card is required to start a trial. We will only charge you when you decide to upgrade after you’ve completed your evaluation. Your free trial is valid for 30 days.

Sure! You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your subscription plan from within your account at any time.

You bet. Check out our Partner Page for more information.

No. We believe the best programs want full control of their program and not have some network sending messages on their behalf where you are competing against every other offer out there in your category.

Why bring your network into theirs and create a race to the bottom?

We take fraud seriously. We can detect for the most common types of fraud that happens with affiliates and digital marketers.

We understand when money is involved there are strong incentives for dishonesty.

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