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A Business’s Guide to Reputation Management


You might think that what your customers (and the media) share is out of your hands. Well, even though your reputation is shaped by what others share, there are ways for your brand to take back some control—known as reputation management strategies. 

Online reputation management is vital to the success of your business. It involves  making moves and curating content to impact people’s opinion about your brand, as well as responding to what people say about you online.

This guide to online reputation management will cover reputation management fundamentals and best practices, strategies for content creation, social media and review management, how to be preemptive about customer reviews, and  how to measure your brand reputation.

Online Reputation

A Business's Guide to Reputation Management 1

What is online reputation management, why is it important for your business, and what strategies can you use to help manage your online reputation? We cover all this and more here. 


A Business's Guide to Reputation Management 2

Before people make a purchasing decision, they consult the trusted opinions of others who have already purchased a product or service. So, generating positive reviews is vital. Learn how here. 

Monitoring and Improving Customer Reviews

A Business's Guide to Reputation Management 3
Positive reviews are vital to building your reputation, but a negative review left unhandled can easily spell trouble. This section covers tips for monitoring, and responding to, reviews (including how to handle negative reviews).

NPS and Reputation

A Business's Guide to Reputation Management 4

Measuring customer satisfaction with an NPS score can help you be preemptive about managing your reputation. But how can you measure your NPS— and how can you measure your reputation itself? Find out in this section.

Wrap-up of Online Reputation Management Tips

Steps you can take to manage your brand’s reputation include:

  • Encouraging reviews from satisfied customers
  • Monitoring brand reputation through a software
  • Responding to reviews and social media comments, whether positive or negative
  • Tightening up your content marketing and SEO strategies  
  • Tracking customer satisfaction, so you can take the needed action before customers post negative reviews 


Managing your reputation well will have a positive snowball effect, as it will encourage customer loyalty, promote referrals, and help you acquire new customers!