Your Guide to Must-Have Marketing Software Tools

300+ tools for every business need

Looking for a way to boost your business, and make things easier in the process? We bring you all the best marketing software tools to help make it happen
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Your Guide to Must-Have Marketing Software Tools​ 1If you’re in marketing these days, you’re likely using at least one software tool.

Depending on the specific business, you may be scoping out brand mentions on social media, focusing on getting referrals, or messaging customers through live chat. Or, all of the above.

No matter what your marketing tasks entail, having the right digital marketing software can save you time and stress.

How do you know which software tool will work best? Every marketing team is built differently. But no matter your size or industry, our comprehensive software list has you covered.

We’re always looking for tools that help make marketing and running your business easier – and we want to pass our findings on to you. Below, you’ll find the top software tools categorized for every business need. Click through to create the best digital software stack for your team.

About Our Types of Marketing

Paid: Marketing you pay for. Typically involves third-party platforms, and targets specific consumer segments.

Owned: Marketing through your own channels. It includes any website or newsletter, as well as any social media accounts. Even if you don’t own the actual platform, you control your account and content.

Earned: Any mention of your brand that comes voluntarily from others and which you haven’t paid for.

Approach: An overarching marketing strategy that guides all the tactics you use and decisions you make

Lead Generation: Marketing strategies focused on capturing a potential customer’s interest in your product or service

Retain Audience: Marketing strategies focused on keeping existing customers and encouraging repeat business 

Content: Marketing focused on creating and distributing relevant, valuable content for your target audience

Filter by Types

Customer Loyalty Programs

Running a rewards program? Customer loyalty software offers automation and tracking to make it a success


Influencer Marketing Tools

Influencers help promote your brand. Use these tools to manage and make the most of this word of mouth


Brand Ambassador Software

Easily find any mentions of your brand on social media, and recruit and manage your perfect brand ambassador


Online Reputation Management Software

Today, all businesses need to manage their reputation. These tools can help


NPS Software Programs

Monitoring customer satisfaction is essential. An NPS survey and software tool makes it much easier


Scheduling Software

Lighten the load of a full calendar by integrating one of these customer scheduling tools


Marketing Automation Tools

Who doesn’t like the idea of automating tasks? We sift through all the options and bring you the best one for every need


Brand Mention Tools

Think of a brand mention tool as your ears online – it alerts you every time someone mentions your brand or other keyword


Advocate Marketing Software

Harness the reach of your best customers and employees with a tool that helps build your brand and business


Digital Marketing Software

Complement a great marketing plan with these top digital marketing tools that cover every area of online marketing


Help Desk Software

Lighten the load of your customer support or IT team with one of these trusted help desk tools


B2B Lead Generation Tools

This comprehensive list can help with every step of your B2B lead generation process, from live chat to lead forms


Online Marketing Tools

There are so many businesses online vying for attention. Finding the right tools can help you rise above the competition


SaaS Lead Generation Software

Find the right solution to capture, manage, and distribute data to your team


Referral Program Software

Empower your customers to refer their friends and family with these robust referral program tools


Tools to Generate Sales

The goal of most businesses is to generate sales – and then generate more sales. These seven key tools get you started


Customer Reference Software

Customer reference programs and software can strengthen your brand, while maintaining happy customers


Affiliate Marketing Software

Manage and grow your affiliate programs. See our list of the best affiliate marketing software tools to fit every business need.