40+ Influencer Marketing Software Tools to Grow Your Business

Influencer marketing software seems to be taking the internet by storm. We find out what they have to offer and who this type of software is best for.

Updated September 11, 2020



Here at Referral Rock, we’re committed to making it easier for businesses to harness the power of word of mouth as a channel. One common marketing term that falls under the word of mouth category is influencer marketing. Influencer marketing software can make it much easier to leverage this marketing strategy.

But what is influencer marketing software and what types of businesses should use it? How can you determine which influencer marketing software is best for you? Find out the answers, as we compare 40+ different influencer marketing software tools.

What is an influencer program?

Influencer marketing uses influential people to spread the word about a business. They become promoters and advocates of the brand. What is the purpose of influencer marketing? Most common influencer programs rely on public speakers, celebrities, bloggers, social media gurus, and vloggers. These individuals cast out their branded content to as many people as they can, and this serves as an advertisement for a brand.

The gist of an influencer program is that influencers create content and share it with their audience. They may review, try, or wear a product and display that experience to their following (similar to how a brand ambassador vouches for a specific product). The terms depend on what the brand is wanting to achieve.

Most of the time, an influencer program will contain a checklist of actions the influencer is to do. For example, a makeup brand may want influencers to create a Snapchat video using the product. Then they may request the influencer to upload an image of them with that product to their Instagram. They may also want the Instagram post to include a certain phrase or hashtag. On top of all that, they may want the influencer to write a review of the product.

Influencer programs incentivize the influencer to share by giving them freebies. Some programs take it up a notch and provide cash or other incentives for sharing. Certain brands consider the number of followers an influencer has as a way of determining the amount of compensation. As you can imagine, this creates a pretty good marketing campaign.

Keep in mind that influencer marketing campaigns operate in the short term – each campaign consists of just one, or just a few, posts or content pieces at a time.

influencer marketing statistics

What is influencer marketing software?

First, some brands might use different words to describe their influencer marketing software platforms. While each brand might have different features and products, they all still fit into one category – influencer Marketing – based on their structures.

Influencer marketing software is also known as:

  • Influencer software
  • Influencer marketing hub
  • Social influencer platform
  • Influencer marketing platform
  • Influencer platform
  • Influencer management software

Influencer marketing software provides a platform for influencers and brands to meet. A brand signs up for a profile and sets filters for their target influencers. Campaigns then become available to matching influencers who are on the platform.

But how does a brand know if an influencer is a good fit? An influencer submits their profile to the brand campaign. Campaigns will only become available to an influencer with matching demographics and interests.

The software allows brands to track and manage influencer requirements, as well as analytics for the campaign.

Common analytics for influencer marketing software includes:

  • Engagement level
  • Activities completed
  • Crowd response

Some influencer marketing software provides users with a checklist to finish. While others allow brands to assign single tasks at a time. To note, that usually means this one task has to be complete before the influencer can move on.

Influencer marketing software also weeds out poor performing influencers. This way brands always have a reliable list of influencers to choose from. For example, influencers who miss campaign requirements can become blocked from the platform. Or become blocked from future campaigns with that brand. Some platforms may even charge the influencer the price of the product(s).

Content marketing is still king. However the second runner up is influencer marketing. The increase of marketing budget has fueled the growth of influencer marketing software. That should mean these software programs should help you manage your marketing and time.

marketing budget graph

We noticed that most experts based on our research spend more time using an influencer platform versus those who aren’t. Now you can interpret this in a number of ways. But shouldn’t using a software save you more time? The way we see it is that those who do use software tends to be more proactive, and possible produce more successful influencer marketing.

time spent on influencers


Evaluating influencer marketing software

You’ve decided that influencer marketing software is right for you. But there are so many influencer marketing platforms out there. How to pick the best one for your business? We’re here to help with our comprehensive review of 41 influencer marketing software options.

Before we review each software, let’s break down the criteria we’ll be using to evaluate them.

Evaluation Criteria Description
Demo availableCan you request a demo before you decide whether to buy this software?
Run unlimited campaignsDoes the software let you manage as many influencers and campaigns as you wish? Or does it place restrictions on this?
Customer serviceWhat support features and platforms does the software offer to help make running your influencer marketing campaigns seamless?
PricingWhat is the pricing model, if available? Is there an upfront cost to use the software? And how much does it cost to recruit the influencers? (Most of the time, software companies do not publish pricing, but we want to make sure you can see the price model at a glance if they do.)
Review scoreHow do people who have used this influencer marketing software rate their experience? This aggregated score, out of 5 stars, is the average of reviews from two popular software review sites. We’ve also included the number of people who reviewed the software.
Who uses this software?Notable brand names that trust this influencer marketing software.
Top 3 featuresWhat makes this influencer marketing software stand out?

Influencer marketing software in the market

BusinessDemo AvailableUnlimited CampaignsSupportReview Score (/5)
HubSpotYesYesEmail, Phone Support, Community Support, Knowledge Base, Training4.4 (7109 reviews)
UpfluenceYesYesEmail4.3 (45 reviews)
FamebitNoYesEmail3.6 (5 reviews)
InfluensterYesYesEmail4.4 (37 reviews)
AspireIQYesNoIn-App Chat, Email4.8 (52 reviews)
HeartbeatYesYesEmail, Knowledge Basen/a
LinqiaYesYesPhone, Email4.7 (11 reviews)
IzeaYesNoEmail3.3 (15 reviews)
KlearYesYesIn-App Chat, Email3.9 (32 reviews)
MavrckYesYesKnowledge Base, Email4.6 (13 reviews)
PixleeYesYesIn-App Chat, Email4.25 (12 reviews)
TraackrNoYesEmail4.35 (49 reviews)
GrinYesYesIn-App Chat, Email4.8 (55 reviews)
HYPRYesYesIn-App Chat, Email, Phone Support4.55 (69 reviews)
NeoReachNoNoIn-App Chat, Email, Phone Support4.8 (6 reviews)
Popular ChipsNoYesEmailn/a
InfluencerYesYesEmail, Phone Supportn/a
LeftyNoNoIn-App Chat, Email4.5 (1 review)
SideqikYesYesIn-App Chat, Email4.6 (12 reviews)
FanbytesNoYesIn-App Chatn/a
Tidal LabsYesYesEmail3 (1 review)
InfluencerDBYesYesIn-App Chat, Email, Phone Support4.1 (14 reviews)
Captiv8YesYesIn-App Chat, Emailn/a
Tagger MediaYesNoPhone Support4 (1 review)
The CirqleYesYesEmail, Knowledge Base, In-App Chatn/a
TakumiYesYesEmail3.5 (1 review)
MatchmadeYesNoEmail, In-App Chatn/a
JuliusYesYesEmail, Phone Support4.45 (29 reviews)
PegNoYesEmail, In-App Chatn/a
ScrunchNoNoEmail, In-App Chat, Knowledge Base3.3 (10 reviews)
Shopping LinksNoNoPhone Support, Emailn/a
DovetaleNoYesEmail4.45 (52 reviews)
SocialixYesYesEmail, In-App Chat, Phone Supportn/a
ContactoutYesYesEmail, Phone Support4.4 (20 reviews)
TapInfluenceYesYesIn-App Chat, Knowledge Base, Email4.25 (5 reviews)
Tribe DynamicsYesYesDedicated Account Manager, Training, Community Support, Knowledge Base, Email, In-App Chat4.68 (69 reviews)

Let’s introduce the influencer software and dive into each one a bit more. Here you’ll get a brief overview of the company and see some of their top features that can help make your influencer program a success.


HubSpot LogoFrom managing your contacts and content to tracking emails and connecting with your leads, HubSpot is an all-in-one solution – although it works well with other point solutions you may use (Typeform, HotJar, etc.).

Starting out, there are several tools available for free. You can set up web forms, popup forms, and live chat software for lead capture. Then, you can send email marketing campaigns, pipe all of your data into the free HubSpot CRM, and analyze site visitors’ behavior.

Top 3 features

  • All-in-one: Perfect for all your marketing needs
  • Free HubSpot CRM: Everything you need to organize, track, and nurture your relationships
  • Marketing hub: Grow traffic and convert more visitors with tools like landing pages, automation, analytics, and so much more
Demo AvailableUnlimited CampaignsCustomer ServicePricingReview ScoreWho uses this software?
YesYes<Email, Phone, Community Support, Knowledge Base, TrainingFree to set up and manage contacts; cost depends on add-ons and configurations4.4 (7109 reviews)Atlassian, Doordash, Purple, Wistia, VMware, other B2B/B2C companies


upfluence logoUpfluence Software is an all-in-one SaaS that allows brands to manage campaigns all the way from the identification process to the payout.

650 brands use Upfluence to run their influencer programs. Upfluence’s solutions are designed to help brands with their content marketing efforts by giving them a way to create a variety of content. By providing brands with a way to share impactful content, brands have an easy way to get more clients. Upfluence helps brands with the entire process of planning, creating, publishing and amplifying content.

Top 3 features

  • Identify influencers: Locate your influencers in just a few clicks. The search engine features 20+ advanced filters and a database with over 600K+ profiles. Customize your search with criteria such as keywords, follower count, engagement level, geolocation, language, and social platform. View live analytics for any influencer, with millions of content updates at your fingertips, there’s no risk of picking the wrong influencers. And if you wanted to automate this process, their team of experts is at your disposal.
  • Manage the campaign: Helpful templates and mass emailing allows users to contact their influencers directly within the software, manage the responses, and coordinate campaigns. Know when your mail has been opened, negotiate contracts, and easily track influencer posts with their Publisher tool. Last but not least, a payment processing platform integrated into the database simplifies influencer interactions so brands can focus on their marketing goals.
  • Track success: Upfluence software offers social listening and reporting tools which provide analytics of published content throughout the campaign. Easily accessible reports include CTR, engagement, and shares so success metrics can be measured instantly.
Demo availableUnlimited campaignsCustomer servicePricingReview scoreWho uses this software?
YesYesEmail SupportN/A4.3 (45 reviews)PayPal, Ralph Lauren, Havas, Ricola


famebit logoCreators tell their product story and share your brand with their audience. Famebit allows millions of people to learn about your brand. Influencers have a way of getting their audience’s trust in products, brands, and services.

Getting started is easy. In four steps, businesses can start getting user-created content. First, a business creates their campaign. They start to receive proposals, then they select a creator, and finally, they get content. All content gets verified and approved by the brand before it goes live. This way businesses remain in control of their image.

Creators can signup and submit to campaigns. When submitting to a campaign, creators disclose the type of content they plan to create. They also discuss their fee and their typical campaign completion date.

Top 3 features

  • Flexible budgets: Signing up for FameBit is free. Brands are in charge of how much they spend on content, thus it’s easy to stay within budget. Some brands choose to spend thousands of dollars per campaign. While others choose $100 campaigns.
  • Tools powered by data: Finding the right content creator is essential for any program. Famebit has an advanced filtering system for campaigns. Brands target creators that fit their needs.
  • Brand safe content: Brands can view creator profiles. Review content and proposals. Send brand specific talking points, and decide what content gets posted.
Demo availableUnlimited campaignsCustomer servicePricingReview scoreWho uses this software?
NoYesEmail SupportSign-up is free; pay a 10% service fee only when you publish3.6 (5 reviews)Sony, Adidas, Cannon, Conair



Influenster is the leading influencer marketing platform that helps brands make connections, drive engagement, and create advocates. The Influenster community is huge, with 4MM+ members that help brands gain conversations and valuable user-generated content. A community of social savvy shoppers that stay up to date on the latest products, provide reviews and share their thoughts on tested products.

Brands can hyper-target influencers to boost conversation around products and/or services. This is done by sending out VoxBoxes, which are complementary product packages sent to targeted Influensters based on their social media presence and other demographic information. Not only do influencers have to show off these specific products, but they’re also asked to provide reviews and feedback across various platforms.

Top 3 features

  • VirtualVox: Whether brands are looking to drive contests, sweepstakes entries, attendance at events, or promote in-store deals (and more), Influenster helps amplify the brand’s conversation and buzz.
  • Consumer insights: Influenster delivers fast results at a fraction of the cost of traditional market research.
  • User-generated content: Content is authentic and original. Influencers interact with brands by creating original content that encourages word-of-mouth marketing.
Demo availableUnlimited campaignsCustomer servicePricingReview scoreWho uses this software?
NoYesEmail SupportN/A4.4 (37 reviews)Boulder Brands, L’Oreal, Living Proof, P&G



AspireIQ is the leading content generation platform powered by influencers. With over 100 leading brands like Bare Minerals, GrubHub, and Madewell, Revfluence is an enterprise-grade software suite built for social, digital and PR teams to generate branded content at scale via hundreds of thousands of influencers worldwide.

AspireIQ analytics leverage millions of data points to provide real-time content feedback, increasing ROI across paid, earned, and owned channels.

AspireIQ automates: responding & negotiating proposals, setting guidelines & reminders, product shipments tracking, content review, tracking posts. Creators, on the other hand, can set their terms and find brands that they want to work with. Creators also get paid quickly – their PayPal accounts receive the payments – right after they share content.

Top 3 features

  • Influencer database: There are over 500,000 influencers in the database. To find the right influencers, they have powerful search and filtering options like follower size, follower demographics, hashtag, keyword, age, location, and more.
  • Automatic staging and workflow: Their CRM-like solution makes it easy for a single user to manage hundreds of influencer relationships from outreach to payment.
  • Content library: Because influencer content outperforms traditional studio shot content, social media managers are now becoming valuable content sources for everything from email marketing to Facebook Ads. The content library gives teams a single source to view and collaborate on this content.
Demo availableUnlimited campaignsCustomer servicePricingReview scoreWho uses this software?
YesNoIn-App Chat, Email SupportN/A4.8 (52 reviews)Ipsy, BareMinerals, GrubHub, Walgreens



Heartbeat is all about girl power. Their exclusive team of women is changing the way brands connect on social. Real women are their influencers. These women are helping to change the brand-consumer relationship. Heartbeat influencers (they call them “ambassadors”) provide authentic content for brands. Heartbeat bridges the gap between brands and ambassadors to create fluid marketing movements.

Top 3 features

  • User-generated content at scale: 10,000 hyper-targeted creators to choose from
  • Authentic engagement: Average engagement on campaigns is above 7%
  • Cost-efficiency: A 90% discount on traditional influencer cost
Demo availableUnlimited campaignsCustomer servicePricingReview scoreWho uses this software?
YesYesEmail Support, Knowledge BaseDepends on the rate of each influencerN/ANetflix, Bebe, Amazon, H&M


AssemblyWhether you’re a small business, medium business, or a large corporation, Assembly is a great fit. It brings all of a brand’s influencer marketing campaigns into one place on one platform for easy management. Their goal is to help brands and agencies create stellar influencer campaigns that drive results. So no matter what the end goal is, building brand awareness, getting more downloads, clicks, etc,  Assembly helps brands track and analyze the entire campaign.

Top 3 features

  • Campaign creation: Assembly walks you through the entire campaign creation process. They help you plan out your campaign, decide on goals, outline requirements to influencers, manage deadlines, specify payment type and more!
  • Analytics and tracking: With Assembly’s proprietary tracking technology you can track, analytics and report on all of the following metrics: views, reach, engagements, clicks, conversions, content created, and ROI.
  • Communication: Through the Assembly platform, you can ensure two-way communication between influencers and brands.
Demo availableUnlimited campaignsCustomer servicePricingReview scoreWho uses this software?
NoNoEmail SupportN/AN/AFlytographer, Jelly Marketing, Kismet, Shift


linqiaLinqia combines the science and accountability of online media with award-winning service. Their AI-driven platform and team of experts is leading the transformation of influencer marketing. Their Performance Platform also serves as a social content lab. So marketers can test and amplify the best performing influencer content to drive greater ROI.

With Linqia, marketers can store and manage all their influencer content. Brands can view influencer content and program analytics in real time. Program analytics identify which pieces of content perform best with each audience segment. Therefore, brands can take that content and amplify it on their paid, owned, and earned media channels.

Top 3 features

  • AI delivers ROI at scale: Linqia Performance Platform’s machine learning technologies from Google and Facebook help drive greater ROI for customers. PerformanceMatch™ uses a combination of AI-driven analysis and audience targeting to analyze influencer content and identify patterns that determine which influencers will deliver meaningful results.
  • Target audiences: Linqia combines proprietary data tracked through the platform with social data from Facebook and Twitter to determine the demographics of influencers’ audiences across multiple platforms. Customers can reach specific demographic and geographic segments across the U.S. to target influencer audiences by age, ethnicity, location, education level, and annual income.
  • Goal-based pricing: Linqia has run thousands of influencer programs using proprietary algorithms to surface insights and drive repeatable, predictable results. They offer goal-based pricing that aligns with customer objectives, whether that be Reach (CPM), Engagement (CPE), or Traffic and Conversions (CPC). They are confident in their technology, which means they guarantee results. Linqia has a 93% customer repeat rate.
Demo availableUnlimited campaignsCustomer servicePricingReview scoreWho uses this software?
YesYesEmail Support, Phone SupportBased on goals – CPM, engagement (CPE), clicks (CPC)4.7 (11 reviews)Black & Decker, Gerber, McDonald’s, NBC, Uniqlo, Viacom, Walmart



IZEA is an influencer marketing platform for agencies and brands that automates influencer campaigns. The platform shortens the process and workflow, on top of providing great features for campaigns.

In 2006, Izea created the influencer marketing space. The goal was to pay bloggers for producing content for brands. Now, with over 3 million transactions under their belt, they offer marketers a software platform that covers every inch of content production and distribution through influencers.

Top 3 features

  • Content direction: Brands can collaborate with creators using the platform tools. This helps keep content and messaging consistent.
  • Secure payments: Accounting headaches are eliminated. Brands can negotiate fees with two-way bidding, make direct offers and securely manage payments for campaign expenses.
  • Content distribution: Content can be published to all major social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, YouTube, and many more.
Demo availableUnlimited campaignsCustomer servicePricingReview scoreWho uses this software?
YesNoEmail Support$149/month for discovery only (price for influencer management not disclosed)3.3 (15 reviews)Kraft, Dell, Levis, Pottery Barn



Klear is one of the world’s leading Influencer Marketing platforms. The platform offers marketers an a-to-z solution for their influencer campaigns, with a powerful yet simple influencer search engine, influencers profiles, campaigns analytics, and campaign reports.

Klear provides an easy and user-friendly way to become influencer marketers. The platform provides the deepest available entity-level information on more than 500 million social accounts.

Klear’s focus is to show marketers data that matters, tie it to a clear call-to-action plan, and provide users with invaluable intelligence that will give their brand a strong competitive edge.

Top 3 features

  • Influencer search engine: Klear influencer search engine offers the marketer an easy way to find influencers by a social network, location (country, state, and even city), demographics, hashtags, gender, and more.
  • Influencer database: More than 500 million social accounts on Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, and blogs. There are over 500,000 influencers in the database.
  • Campaign measurement: The platform helps marketers measure campaigns, monitor brands and mentions of products and see how influencers mentioned them and what was the campaign’s performance.
Demo availableUnlimited campaignsCustomer servicePricingReview scoreWho uses this software?
YesYesIn-App Chat, Email SupportAvailable upon request3.9 (32 reviews)Adidas, Kayak, Huawei, OMD, VisitBritain, Wunderman, L’Occitane



Mavrck was named a “strong performer’ as an influencer marketing solution by Forrester. This all-in-one influencer platform provides relationship management, workflow automation, and influencer measurements for brands to create a completely comprehensive program.

Unlike calculating the typical impressions, engagements, and clicks, Mavrck also measures online conversions, offline sales, and brand lift. They also offer proprietary fraud detection making it much easier to calculate real engagement.

Brands choose to use Mavrck to create powerful influencer marketing programs at scale. The all-in-one influencer marketing platform makes it easy for brands to discover and activate thousands of influencers, thus helping them create content across multiple touchpoints.

Top 3 features

  • Automated fraud detection: Mavrck offers proprietary fraud detection for followers and engagement, unlike many of its competitors.
  • Activation use cases: Creating blogs, posts, videos, links, videos, ratings, reviews, and research surveys has never been easier for a brand.
  • Reward fulfillment: Brands never have to miss an influencer payment or product shipment. Mavrck increases your efficiency and manages fulfillment for you.
Demo availableUnlimited campaignsCustomer servicePricingReview scoreWho uses this software?
YesYesEmail Support, Knowledge BaseN/A4.6 (13 reviews)Converse, Express, Nike, Reef, Banana Republic, JetBlue


pixlee logo

Pixlee offers a few management tools, making it an all-in-one platform. Along with their influencer marketing solution, they offer email marketing, ads, and more.

With their influencer solution, brands can build a bigger community. Pixlee gives brands an easy to use CRM that makes discovering influencers a breeze. Brands can then sort this list to see their top engaged customers. They can even look across their social profiles to see who can provide them with the highest reach.

Top 3 features

  • Influencer watch list: You can identify people that are relevant to your brand and audience but have not engaged with your brand directly yet.
  • Influencer management: Nix the messy spreadsheets and manage influencers easily from one platform
  • Campaigns and galleries: Publish shoppable content from social media influencers across marketing channels
Demo availableUnlimited campaignsCustomer servicePricingReview scoreWho uses this software?
YesYesIn-App Chat, Email SupportN/A4.25 (12 reviews)Blender Bottle, Sportsman Guide, Charlotte Russe, Munchkin, Panasonic


obviously logo

Obviously is a full-service influencer marketing agency. They offer innovative marketing packages like white glove service to help you handle all aspects of your influencer marketing campaigns. Obviously helps you to build and manage your influencer network, so all you have to do is focus on developing authentic relationships and accomplishing your marketing goals and strategies.

Top 3 features

  • Influencer identification: Use a database of over 400,000 influencers by age, gender, location, interests, quality, and aesthetic to build the community that is the perfect fit for you.
  • Shipping and logistics: Obviously’s handles packaging, shipping, and returns so you can focus on building the best relationships with your influencers.
  • Relationship management: Obviously knows that to give your influencers the best experience you need to be organized. Filter and sort the exact information you need.
Demo availableUnlimited campaignsCustomer servicePricingReview scoreWho uses this software?
NoYesEmail SupportN/AN/ASephora, Uniqlo, Google, Clairol, Lyft, Coca-Cola



Traackr powers influencer marketing programs for brands across the globe. All needs from management to measurement are tracked with the platform. Enabling organizations to optimize and scale their influencer marketing programs. The Traackr platform allows brands to determine the ROI, establish custom workflows, and everything else needed to support ongoing influencer campaigns and relationships.

Top 3 features

  • Global influencer network: Along with their already hefty database, you can upload and manage your own influencers, to keep all your data in one place
  • Scoring algorithm: Gain intelligent insights and grow your global network based on real metrics
  • Analyze 360: See metrics on each and every influencer initiative, between content and platform
Demo availableUnlimited campaignsCustomer servicePricingReview scoreWho uses this software?
NoYesEmail SupportN/A4.35 (49 reviews)Nissan, L’Oreal, Orange, Travelocity, 3M, Capital One, Garmin



Grin is a software that helps you run influencer marketing programs your way. With Grin you have complete control over your influencer relationships and programs, all while tracking the exact data you need. Best of all there are zero collaboration fees!

Grin offers one-click integrations, so setting up an influencer program with your existing software and processes is a breeze. Now you have a tool to easily transform your process and build you influencer efforts in one place.

Top 3 features

  • Easy influencer importer: Upload your roster of Influencers in a snap. Turn each upload into its own private profile for easy managing.
  • Recruitment automation: Publish landing pages for inbound applications and automate outbound recruits. Run campaigns while tracking everything in the process.
  • Easy product and payments: Import products and let your influencers choose what they want, Grin can also track the delivery, collect W9s, and manage payments.
Demo availableUnlimited campaignsCustomer servicePricingReview scoreWho uses this software?
YesYesIn-App Chat, Email SupportN/A, but Grin does not charge a commission fee4.8 (55 reviews)Sony, Zumiez, Rockstar, Trifecta, DIFF, Iheartmedia



HYPR is an in-depth influencer marketing platform that houses profiles and audience demographic information for over 10 million influencers across major social channels. It is the World’s largest and smartest influencer marketplace that allows marketers to reach large audiences at scale.

Marketers can target influencers based on their audience demographics such as age, location, and interests. HYPR gives access to these audience insights and is paramount to running a successful influencer marketing campaign.

Top 3 features

  • Effective search and discovery: Houses 10 million and more influencers across all the major social networks
  • Connect with influencers: Many influencer profiles contain direct contact information making it easy to connect at any time
  • Understanding the influencer’s audience: Every influencer profile on the platform has detailed audience demographics
Demo availableUnlimited campaignsCustomer servicePricingReview scoreWho uses this software?
YesYesIn-App Chat, Email, Phone SupportN/A, but they do offer free trial4.55 (69 reviews)Pepsi, PopSugar, Bloomberg, Hulu



NeoReach has managed over $250 million worth of influencer marketing campaigns to date. So whether you are looking for a YouTube superstar or an Instagram micro-influencer, you’re in good company. Analyze the fans of influencers with our comprehensive audience demographics and insights, and start exploring the influencer partnerships, campaigns, and metrics of various brands.

Top 3 features

  • Creator and industry analysis: Unlock historical performance and pricing insights on social influencers
  • Cross-channel social profile and conversation analysis: Access cross-channel social footprints and analyze audience demographics and psychographics
  • Custom reports: Customized influencer lists and reporting available upon request
Demo availableUnlimited campaignsCustomer servicePricingReview scoreWho uses this software?
NoYesIn-App Chat, Email, Phone SupportAvailable upon request4.8 (6 reviews)Airbnb, World of Tanks, Investigation Discovery, TLC

Popular Chips

popular chips

Popular Chips is an influencer marketing platform that provides brands with a wide range of influencers with a large demographic distribution of the followers. The platform offers a variety of reports helping brands improve marketing KPIs.

Brands will also gain the ability to learn who is mentioning them, tagging them, and using brand hashtags. You can even access reports that allow you to maximize engagement and get the most out of your campaign. Like viewing the best times and days to post content.

Top 3 features

  • Audience demographic:  Detailed demographic distribution of the followers of any influencer
  • Performance analysis: Reports to easily improve your influencers marketing KPIs
  • Social listening: Find out who is using your brand hashtags and who is tagging your brand
Demo availableUnlimited campaignsCustomer servicePricingReview scoreWho uses this software?
NoYesEmail SupportN/A, but you can request a free report on one of your influencersN/APuma, Asics, GEOX, Oppo



Influencer is a complete self-service solution for brand’s that have experience in running collaborations. With this platform, brands can run complete campaigns from start to finish.

Influencer enables you to search and speak directly with their vetted creator community. Brands can also negotiate prices and terms with influencers as well as review creative content, and run reports on influencer content.

Top 3 features

  • In-depth, data-driven reports: Measure the growth in engagement and audience, while finding out the location of where those engaged are from
  • Content approval process: Only approve the content you feel suits your brand best
  • Vetted network: An extensive match-making search tool to find creators that best suit your brand
Demo availableUnlimited campaignsCustomer servicePricingReview scoreWho uses this software?
YesYesEmail and Phone SupportN/AN/AgowithYamo, Urban Fruit, Nokia



Lefty is a powerful technology created by a team of big data engineers and data scientists. The team is made up of individuals who come from research facilities to include ENS, Stanford, Imperial College, and Google Search. Lefty has turned billions of social data points into the world’s most intelligent influencer software.

Lefty makes finding the right influencers for your brand’s objectives easy. By using smart algorithms, you can turn raw data into thorough profiles, to help you select the best content creators.

Top 3 features

  • Influencer platform: End-to-end platform to manage influencers relations
  • Competitive watch: Access to on-demand annual benchmarks and monthly reporting to monitor closely your efforts
  • Recruitment program: Recruit dozens of relevant influencers who are willing to collaborate with your brand
Demo availableUnlimited campaignsCustomer servicePricingReview scoreWho uses this software?
NoNoIn-App Chat, Email SupportN/A4.5 (1 review)Louis Vuitton, Swatch, Sephora, Dior, Chanel



Sideqik is a single hub for teams to collaborate and execute campaigns. It allows you to centralize your creator relationship management and measurement in one place.

Sideqik’s platform helps brands understand the impact of social influence on their brand, their competitors, and their market. It can measure content performance, power up word of mouth, host campaigns, and track them all in real-time. Sideqik works with brands to power the most engaging and sophisticated marketing initiatives in the world.

Top 3 features

  • Identify trends in your market: Insights that help you better understand your brand and industry
  • Measure the impact of creators: Understand the value of your creators and gain insight on their reach
  • Vet potential creators: Evaluate every creator at a glance and recruit dozens of relevant influencers who are willing to collaborate with your brand
Demo availableUnlimited campaignsCustomer servicePricingReview scoreWho uses this software?
YesYesIn-App Chat, Email SupportN/A4.6 (12 reviews)Coca-Cola, P&G, Universal Music, HTC, CBS, Logitech



Fanbytes’ network consists of thousands of influencers and pages on Snapchat and Instagram, each of which has a highly-engaged community in a particular niche Fanbytes distributes organic creatives at scale and allows you to drive conversions at scale so you can get millions of views without the hefty price tag.

Top 3 features

  • Targeting and distribution: Whatever your ideal audience, you can define your targeting criteria on the Fanbytes platform
  • Analytics: Measure views, CPM, clicks, CPC, CTR, and more
  • Creative: Creatives are custom built to resemble the look and feel of Snapchat and Instagram’s most popular content
Demo availableUnlimited campaignsCustomer servicePricingReview scoreWho uses this software?
NoYesIn-App ChatN/AN/ADeezer Lens, Warner Bros., Oevo, Charlotte Tillbury



BrandSnob is a self-serve marketplace that takes the hassle out of both finding and managing Instagram influencers. Post a campaign to the global community and within minutes the offers will start rolling in from influencers genuinely excited to promote your brand.

Work with those you want, approve jobs and generate unbiased reviews and authentic content for your brand. BrandSnob’s marketplace connects you with micro-influencers, helping you generate authentic reviews and content.

Top 3 features

  • Creators with influence: Reach more than 350 million Instagram subscribers in the world
  • Invite influencers: Browse profiles and invite influencers you want to work with
  • Authentic advocacy: Get unbiased reviews and more authentic content
Demo availableUnlimited campaignsCustomer servicePricingReview scoreWho uses this software?
NoYesEmail SupportApp is free; you name your budget and BrandSnob will provide influencers who fitN/ADeezer Lens, Warner Bros., Oevo, Charlotte Tillbury

Tidal Labs

tidal labs

Tidal Labs is a platform for building and managing influencer relationships across the globe. It uses a proprietary influencer platform that combines the tools needed for a business to build a private network of influencers. The platform allows brands to manage their relationships, communication, and incentives.

Top 3 features

  • Track and optimize: Report ROI across campaigns, teams, brands, and regions
  • Customize and integrate: Bring your influencer programs into all of your enterprise
  • A full CMS built for social: Review, edit, rate & distribute all your influencer content in one place
Demo availableUnlimited campaignsCustomer servicePricingReview scoreWho uses this software?
YesYesEmail SupportN/A3 (1 review)Reebok, Uniqlo, Old Spice, Banana Republic

Influencer DB

influencerdbWith Influencer DB, you can create and manage all of your influencer marketing campaigns. The platform allows brands not only find but also analyze influencers to match their exact audience. The platform was built for teams and allows for easy organization and monitoring of both your competitors and what your influencers are doing.

Top 3 features

  • Global influencers: Search and discover influencers in a global database
  • Easy analytics: Analyze influencers and their audiences and even review competitor mentions
  • Fraud stopper: Catch fraudulent influencers along with fake engagement
Demo availableUnlimited campaignsCustomer servicePricingReview scoreWho uses this software?
YesYesIn-App Chat, Email, Phone SupportN/A4.1 (14 reviews)None Listed



Captiv8 connects brands to digital influencers and creators to further reach Millenials. The core of the platform is held together by social listening, insights, and self-serve platform. As a brand, you can also predict engagement from influencers for every campaign. Then sit back and monitor in real-time and optimize as you go.

Top 3 features

  • Deep demo data: Learn more about your audience by also analyzing HHI, religion, language, and top interests
  • Competitive benchmarking: Track their growth by geography and benchmark your content performance
  • Trending content: Know what posts are trending and learn what your fans want to see
Demo availableUnlimited campaignsCustomer servicePricingReview scoreWho uses this software?
YesYesIn-App Chat, Email SupportN/AN/AHonda, Nissan, Dr. Pepper, Amazon, Clamato



Webfluential is an influencer marketing platform that hosts influencers and helps rising social media celebrities with their influencer marketing campaigns. The platform focuses on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and even websites built with WordPress. Webfluential helps thousands of types of customers – from e-commerce shops to big brand names – helping them craft stories and share them with their audience.

Top 3 features

  • Collaborate with influencers: See the content that matters most to your audience and drive the conversation
  • Manage progress: See how your message was received and which influencers resonate best with an audience
  • Free trial: Start a free 7-day trial
Demo availableUnlimited campaignsCustomer servicePricingReview scoreWho uses this software?
NoYesEmail Support$100/month; 7-day free trial availableN/ARange Rover, Samsung, Absolute, PayPal, Mazda

Tagger Media

tagger media

Tagger Media is a time saver when it comes to streamlining influencer campaigns. The platform helps from the very start of discovery, planning, activation, and reporting. Now your team can stop the guesswork and start building influencer relationships that will take you to the top. This platform offers an over one million influencer database and an opt-in marketplace. With plenty of insights and behavior tracking tools, you can find the perfect fit for any of your influencer jobs.

Top 3 features

  • Review relevant audiences: In-depth audience insights that resonate with your social audience
  • Search filters: Make it easier on yourself by using quick search filters to find the best match
  • Two-way messaging: Send emails to any Creator via Tagger or their email address
Demo availableUnlimited campaignsCustomer servicePricingReview scoreWho uses this software?
YesNoPhone SupportN/A4 (1 review)Warner Music Group, Undertone, Tinder, American Eagle Outfitters



Openinfluence is for everyone from small companies to large agencies who want a place in the influencer marketing world. The platform supports brands across a variety of social media platforms. Openinfluence also allows for rate negotiation and even payment processing.

Top 3 features

  • Management tools: Manage everything from influencers, contracts, scheduling, and client dashboards
  • Advanced search: Search by demographics, topics, interests, keywords, and image recognition labels
  • Content analytics: Analyze each piece of content, and see each aspect drives performance
Demo availableUnlimited campaignsCustomer servicePricingReview scoreWho uses this software?
NoYesEmail SupportN/AN/AFossil, Marie Claire, Digitas

The Cirqle

the cirqle

The Cirqle is an online marketing and creative department. The kicker is that it comes with free and unlimited creative resources, along with access to top creators. On top of that brands also receive a sales attribution infrastructure. The platform uses an estimated impressions number to put in perspective the potential reach an influencer has. The Cirqle provides the exact tools you need to track content performance.

Top 3 features

  • Library of tools: An all-in-one platform gives you everything you need to run your business
  • Free expert insights: Experts share strategies from past clients to bring you success
  • Full support: Chat about your influencer marketing strategies 24/7
Demo availableUnlimited campaignsCustomer servicePricingReview scoreWho uses this software?
NoYesIn-App Chat, Knowledge Base, Email SupportN/A, but free trial is availableN/AJimmy Choo, Belstaff, ING, Sony Music



Takumi does all the heavy lifting for the entirety of all campaigns. Everything from influencer vetting to payments to post-campaign analysis. The advanced managed service platform combines with a team of Takumi experts to create unmatched campaigns. This ensures the best quality campaign experience for brands. The high-quality standards upheld by community manager results in great engagement rates and quality content.

Top 3 features

  • Quality influencers: A strict vetting criterion is put in place to ensure only the highest quality talent are in the mix
  • Campaign strategy and setup: In-house experts help you create a complete influencer strategy to help you achieve your objectives
  • Brand safety: The Takumi Admin tool gives you access to a live campaign report
Demo availableUnlimited campaignsCustomer servicePricingReview scoreWho uses this software?
YesYesEmail SupportVarious pricing models (pay by assets, audience size/reach, or total engagement)3.5 (1 review)Hilton, Cuisinart, Nike, Garnier


matchmadeMatchmade is an easy-to-use influencer platform that helps brands create targeted and measured campaigns. You only pay for performance, meaning you pay for actualized campaigns only and there are no monthly fees. Matchmade is geared towards game developers and their algorithm matches your game with the best and most relevant influencers in the market.

Top 3 features

  • Logistic bliss: No monthly fees and we handle all influencer payments for you
  • Full service: A fully managed custom solution if a self-service platform isn’t your thing
  • Negotiate with ease: The team can recommend prices based on channel data but ultimately it’s up to you
Demo availableUnlimited campaignsCustomer servicePricingReview scoreWho uses this software?
YesNoIn-App Chat, Email SupportNo monthly fees. It’s up to you to negotiate with influencers, and you “pay for actual campaigns only.”N/AWooga, Tilting Point, Plarium, Social Point


juliusworksJulius allows brands to discover influencers with just a few keystrokes and over 50 search filters. Finding an influencer for your target audience has never been easier. The platform offers in-depth campaign management and messaging to better help get your brand’s message and voice across. The in-house research team makes decision making a breeze, and following influencers is simple with the built-in CRM.

Top 3 features

  • Quick campaign launch: Launching is easy when you can easily organize communications, track deliverables, and manage payments
  • Exportable and customizable data: Make presentations and run an analysis with fully customizable data exports
  • Reporting metrics Whether it’s cost per engagement, engagement rate, or earned media value, you have all the data at your disposal to evaluate your campaign
Demo availableUnlimited campaignsCustomer servicePricingReview scoreWho uses this software?
YesYesEmail and Phone SupportN/A4.45 (29 reviews)Nordstrom, McDonalds, Bonobos, Philips


peg logoPeg is an influencer marketing platform that offers brands an in-depth feature to find influencers. It also offers a brand safety checker to ease your mind. The platform is used by over 1,700 companies across 169 countries.

Top 3 features

  • Identify perfect partners: Effortlessly identify the right influencers for your brand
  • Measure what matters: Tracking and post-campaign analytic tools to measure what has worked for you
  • Become an influencer guru: Execute influencer marketing campaigns that deliver real returns
Demo availableUnlimited campaignsCustomer servicePricingReview scoreWho uses this software?
NoYesIn-App Chat, Email SupportN/AN/AUber, Nestle, Google, Coca-Cola


scrunchScrunch lets you reach your ideal consumer by using data-driven insights and a built to work platform that makes influencer marketing a snap. This platform connects brands and agencies to bloggers and influencers, like a match made in heaven. With one of the largest databases in the industry, finding the perfect influencer fit is achievable.

Top 3 features

  • 20+ million influencer profiles: A large database for finding the perfect fit
  • Flexible campaign management: Pick the right level of help from our legendary team of campaign managers
  • Powerful audience analysis: Understand what makes your audience buy
Demo availableUnlimited campaignsCustomer servicePricingReview scoreWho uses this software?
NoNoIn-App Chat, Knowledge Base, Email SupportFree plan, $199-$299 per month, or fully managed service for $10,0003.3 (10 reviews)Red Bull, Subway, Under Armour, Vogue

Shopping Links

shopping links

Shopping Links provides the perfect platform to help brands track creator’s media in one space. The platform aims at pairing the perfect influencers for each brand. By assessing each influencer’s audience and measuring their authenticity, brands can have a campaign that leads to increased ROI.

Top 3 features

  • Influencer analytics: Access social and website following, engagement, audience demographics
  • Content gallery: Access, download, store, and search influencer images created for your brand
  • Campaign analytics and tracking: Track individual performance along with conversion metrics for both web and social campaigns
Demo availableUnlimited campaignsCustomer servicePricingReview scoreWho uses this software?
NoNoEmail and Phone Support$2,750 for 20 influencer allocations (over 6 month period); $6,250 for 50 influencer allocations (over 6 month period); $10,000 for a fully customized campaign.N/ANasty Gal, Alex and Ani, Macy’s, Boden


dovetailDovetale offers multiple features for social media marketing. Including monitoring of competitors growth, finding creators, and other aspects of influencer campaign management. The platform allows for easy monitoring of account growth, engagements and helps to uncover detailed audience data.

Top 3 features

  • Account details: Monitor account growth, engagements, and find audience data.
  • Watch competitors: Keep an eye on the competition by comparing social data.
  • Find trends and insights: Visualize social growth
Demo availableUnlimited campaignsCustomer servicePricingReview scoreWho uses this software?
NoYesEmail SupportFlexible, but starts at $199/month4.45 (52 reviews)Hint, Hubba, Best Buy, Samsung


indahashindaHash works with micro-influencers who have anywhere from 10,000 to 100,000 followers. Meaning the message is more personalized than and honed into your target market than with a regular influencer campaign. The platform focuses on three different spaces, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The platform operates all over the world and in 80 markets, meaning brands have a great chance of exposure.

Top 3 features

  • User-generated content: Content is made by digital influencers themselves
  • Regram or repost: There is also the option for digital influencers publish the same photo provided by the brand
  • Credibility and engagement: Content is published on the influencer’s own profile and therefore are not perceived as an advert
Demo availableUnlimited campaignsCustomer servicePricingReview scoreWho uses this software?
NoYesEmail SupportFree to sign up. Pay influencers with steep discounts on your product.N/AElectrolux, Evree, Fanta, KFC


socialixSocialix is an influencer marketing platform that will help your programs and help you improve performance with its end-to-end solution. The platform connects influencers and bloggers with brands and talent agencies. The whole process is done in four simple steps. Starting with media kit creation, then the partnership with advertisers, followed by content creation, and finally receiving payments.

Top 3 features

  • Automated workflow: Streamline your entire collaboration process in an automated workflow
  • Custom integrations: Connect Socialix to your existing technologies and centralize your data
  • Influencer CRM: Organize your influencer community and track all communication
Demo availableUnlimited campaignsCustomer servicePricingReview scoreWho uses this software?
YesYesIn-App Chat, Email, Phone SupportN/AN/ANone listed



ContactOut is a simple browser extension that helps you find email addresses and phone numbers of anyone on LinkedIn. They’ve been around for just over three years and already have thousands of users from a third of the Fortune 500 (like Microsoft, PwC, and Symantec). ContactOut finds emails from 75% of Linkedin users (two times better than the next closest competitor) at a 97% accuracy rate. It’s earned them multiple mentions on various blogs as one of the best freemium email outreach tools available.

Top 3 features

  • Chrome extension: The Chrome extension works on top of LinkedIn and Github
  • Search portal: Find candidates directly using Contactout’s search portal
  • Email campaigns: Engage with less effort. Send emails while browsing LinkedIn using our reusable templates.
Demo availableUnlimited campaignsCustomer servicePricingReview scoreWho uses this software?
YesYesEmail and Phone SupportFreemium4.4 (20 reviews)Recruiters


tap influence logo

TapInfluence was founded in 2009 as a community for bloggers. Great content creation is the epitome of their evolution and quickly led TapInfluence to become the world’s first Influencer-Generated Content Engine. The platform brings together content creators, influencers, and brands. These relationships lead to actions and meaningful content.

Influencers can sign up through the Tapinfluence platform and are matched with brands. Brands invite the influencers who are matched with them. Some influencers make influencing a full-time gig and create content for brands regularly. The best part is influencers can sign up for free.

Top 3 features

  • Influencer discovery: Influencer Discovery gives brands a 360-degree view of the influencer so they are able to get their best match. This feature includes audience intelligence, influencer profiles and search, and influencer performance data.
  • Easy automation: Everything from influencer communication with your brand, content creation and content review, content scheduling, and social activation can be automated.
  • Analytics: Track engagement across multiple channels like blogs, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Analytics make quantifying engagement, total media value, and ROI easy.
Demo availableUnlimited campaignsCustomer servicePricingReview scoreWho uses this software?
YesYesIn-App Chat, Knowledge Base, Email SupportN/A4.25 (5 reviews)Suntrust, Express, Fossil, Panasonic

Tribe Dynamics

tribe dynamics logo

Tribe Dynamics allows users to discover, track, and measure their best influencer relationships with a robust marketing platform built to grow your business. Using a comprehensive set of tools and services, Tribe Dynamics helps identify and activate influencer relationships so you can maximize your earned media, cut through the media noise, and grow your brand.

Top 3 features

  • Discover: Find and build your most productive influencer base.
  • Track: Surface and organize the most impactful influencer content about your brand.
  • Grow: Build a custom competitor dashboard to gain insights that inform your brand strategy.
Demo availableUnlimited campaignsCustomer servicePricingReview scoreWho uses this software?
YesYesDedicated Account Manager, Training, Community Support, Knowledge Base, Email, In-App Chat Available at 3 levels, starting at $1,500 per month, Additional reports and add ons available on purchase.4.68 (69 reviews)Gucci, Fashion Nova, Alo Yoga, Benefit Cosmetics, Too Faced, Anastasia Beverley Hills

An example of using software to manage an influencer program

An example of an influencer platform

Hair care brand Bumble and bumble ran an influencer campaign through Influenster. There were specific tasks users had to complete after receiving the product. Each task came with its own specific set of instructions.

For example, when reviewing the product online influencers had to state that the product to them for review purposes. Then, when posting about the product on social media, the influencer had to use certain hashtags in their posts. They also had to mention the product was a complementary product. The result? Instagram shows 490 posts have already used that specific hashtag.

What businesses are a good fit for influencer marketing software?

Businesses of almost every type use influencers – they’re an especially popular choice when marketing to younger, social media-savvy audiences, because of their online focus.

Figuring out whether your business is a good fit for influencer marketing software is all about determining whether it’s beneficial for you to recruit influencers in general.

Even though they don’t always have a substantial following, influencers always have a substantial reputation: they are always highly trusted by their audience.

And whether they’re a celebrity, a social media star, or a trusted individual with a relatively smaller following, influencers must always be compensated in some way. This can get expensive, especially if you want a higher-profile influencer to represent you. And since influencers are paid by the campaign, and only serve you for a shorter time, things can get expensive quickly. Thus, influencers tend to be a better fit for established, medium to large businesses.

Smaller businesses should consider recruiting brand ambassadors instead, as they serve your brand in the long term, and as they can be much less expensive if you recruit the right ambassadors. (More on the differences between influencers and brand ambassadors)

Alternatives to influencer marketing software

These types of software are often confused with influencer marketing software, but they are distinctly different. Consider these alternatives if you aren’t sure whether influencer marketing software is right for you, or if your business doesn’t seem like it’s a good fit for influencer marketing.

Brand ambassador software

Brand ambassador software helps you find existing fans of your product to recruit as long-term brand ambassadors. It also helps you manage a brand ambassador program.

Influencers and brand ambassadors both represent your brand on social media, but there are several key differences between brand ambassadors and influencers:

  • Influencers represent your brand in the short term, while ambassadors represent your brand in the long term.
  • Influencers haven’t necessarily used your product before you recruit them to promote it, but brand ambassadors are always existing fans of (and advocates for) your product.
  • Influencers promote your brand online, but brand ambassadors promote your brand both online and offline.

Because brand ambassadors and influencers differ in these ways, you need different types of software to manage them. Brand ambassador software is a very distinct category from influencer marketing software.

Referral marketing software

Referral marketing software helps you set up a referral program, which makes it easy for your customers to personally share your brand with their friends. In a referral program, your customers directly share your brand with people they know personally. Referral software then tracks all of the shares, links the person doing the sharing with the referred friend, and offers rewards to both the referring customer and their peer.

In contrast, influencers share with all their social followers at once, many of whom they do not know personally. Success is tracked post by post, rather than individual share by individual share. This is why referral marketing software is clearly different from influencer marketing software.

Social listening software

Social listening software, also known as brand mention software, alerts you whenever someone mentions your brand name online, sorts these mentions based on whether they are positive or negative, and alerts you to the reach of each person or account mentioning you.

Social listening software can help you find influential people on social media who are already talking about your brand, and enables you to contact these people right through this software. Thus, you could use it to find and contact influencers, so you don’t have to spend countless hours searching for potential good fits.

However, social listening software doesn’t help you manage and track the success of influencer marketing campaigns. That’s why it’s clearly a different category than influencer marketing software.

Advocate marketing software

Advocate marketing software is an umbrella term. It refers to any software used to find representatives to promote your brand through word of mouth. Thus, influencer marketing software is one type of advocate marketing software.

Sometimes, advocate marketing software is used to specifically market employee advocacy software. Employee advocacy software empowers your employees to represent and advocate for you in the long term, online and offline. So, it’s very different than influencer marketing software – it’s much more similar to brand ambassador software.

Wrapping up

Influencer marketing programs use the power and influence of highly followed individuals. Unlike referral marketing, this type of marketing is for larger groups of people and is a less individualized and personalized action. Though the influencer gets to add their own spin on the content used to drive followers to a specific brand, they are not seeking out specific individuals.


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