Your Guide to Must-Have Marketing Software Tools​

300+ tools for every business need

Looking for a way to maximize your marketing channels, and make things easier in the process? Here are all the best marketing software tools to help make it happen

If you're in marketing these days, you're likely using at least one software tool.

Depending on the specific business, you may be looking for an email marketing platform, focusing on increasing websites visitors, or improving your customer experience and conversion rates. 

Or, all of the above.

No matter what your marketing strategy entails, having the right marketing software can save you time and stress. 

How do you know which marketing technology will work best? Every marketing team is built differently. But no matter your size or industry, our comprehensive software list has you covered.

We’re always looking for tools that help make marketing and project management easier – and we want to pass our findings on to you. Below, you’ll find the top marketing software tools categorized for every business need. Click through to create the best digital software stack for your team.

Customer Loyalty Programs

Running a rewards program? Customer loyalty software offers automation and tracking to make it a success


Influencer Marketing Tools

Influencers help promote your brand. Use these marketing solutions to make the most of this word of mouth


Brand Ambassador Software

Easily find mentions of your brand on social media platforms, and recruit and manage your perfect brand ambassador

Online Reputation Management Software

Bands need to manage their reputation. These marketing analytics can help


NPS Software Programs

Monitoring customer experience and customer data is essential. An NPS survey software makes it much easier


Scheduling Software

Lighten your calendar by integrating a real-time customer scheduling tool, complete with autoresponders


Marketing Automation Software

From outreach to follow-ups, here are the best automation platforms


Brand Mention Tools

Think of a brand mention tool as your ears online – the marketing technology alerts you every time you’re mentioned 


Advocate Marketing Software

Use customer data to reach your best leads across marketing channels


Digital Marketing Software

Complement marketing campaigns with digital marketing tools that cover A/B testing across every marketing channel


Help Desk Software

Lighten the load of your customer support or technical support team with one of these trusted help desk tools


B2B Lead Generation Tools

This list can help every step of your B2B lead generation process, whether you’re a small business or large corporation


Online Marketing Tools

From mobile marketing to social media management, these tools help you rise above competition


SaaS Lead Generation Software

Find the right solution to manage lead and sales data throughout your team


Referral Program Software

Empower your customers to refer their friends and family with these robust referral program tools


Tools to Generate Sales

Increase conversion rates and optimize your lead management, with these seven key tools to get you started


Customer Reference Software

Customer reference software helps your brand, while keeping happy customers


Affiliate Marketing Software

See our list of the best affiliate marketing software tools to fit every business need


Sales Tools

How do you find the best sales tools for your business? We list the top ones for every step in your sales funnel


Email Marketing Software

Search our list of free and paid email marketing tools, complete with email templates and email campaign functions


Create Social Media Graphics

We list the top social media graphic tools that don’t require any training


Content Marketing Tools

What’s in a content marketer’s toolkit? We analyze the specific content tools marketers are using to reach their goals


Customer Success Software

With customer success comes business success. This software helps you achieve both, with important insights


Webinar Software Platforms

A memorable webinar starts with the right software. These webinar platforms can maximize efforts and results


Free Social Media Management Tools

Managing social media takes a lot of work. We bring you the top (free!) management tools that make it easier