The Best Resources for B2B Sales & Marketing

18+ business to business strategies
If you’ve had experience in B2B sales and marketing, you know it’s vastly different from B2C sales. If you haven’t, our resources below will help you every step of the way.
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The end goal of every sales and marketing effort is a satisfied customer. The question, however, is who is your customer?

Whereas B2C companies generally target a broad audience of individual consumers, B2B companies focus on other businesses.

And depending on the type of company and customer, there’s a specific B2C or B2B sales and marketing strategy that works best.

Below, we share with you the best resources for B2B sales and marketing. With longer sales cycles and relationship-building, landing a business-to-business client can often require more patience and persistence.

But with our selection of articles, covering everything from B2B sales strategies to lead generation techniques, you can build an effective strategy to bring in more business.

Starting with B2B Sales

B2B sales refers to any sale made between two businesses. It’s a longer, more complex decision-making process. This section goes over the basics of business-to-business sales.

How to Develop a Powerful, Effective B2B Sales Strategy

Jumping into sales can be challenging without a strategy in place. Learn how to create one using our ultimate guide to creating a B2B sales strategy.

Improve Your B2B Sales Follow-Up

The B2B sales cycle often takes much longer to reach a buying decision – which means there’s a lot of focus on follow up. Learn how to perfect this important step in the process.

8 Things to Include in Your Channel Partner Agreement

If you’re about to enter into a partnership with another company, you’ll probably need a channel partner agreement. Here are the essential things it should cover.

B2B Sales Teams

B2B sales is a complex process – especially without the right resources. Discover all the necessary roles and skills required for successful business-to-business sales team.

B2B Sales Skills: What You Need to Close Deals

Like most businesses, B2B is driven by sales. If you want an all-star sales team that delivers B2B buyers, here are seven skills they should master.

71 Best Team Sales Enablement Tools

Imagine boosting your B2B sales with just a few easy additions. Discover the business-to-business sales tools that make purchasing decisions happen.

Sales Operations Demystified: What, Why, and How

Sales operations may not be at the forefront, closing new customers and deals. But they’re the backbone of your entire sales system. Learn about this essential B2B sales arm.

Basics of B2B Inside Sales (And When to Use It)

B2B inside sales is a type of selling done through remote methods. Also referred to as virtual sales or remote sales, B2B inside sales is a relatively new method with massive potential.

How to Hire the Right Outsourced Sales Agency

Business-to-business sales outsourcing is a consideration for many growing or small businesses. And if done correctly, they can help increase sales, lower costs, and actually reduce risk.

How to Create a Winning Sales Plan [+ Free Template]

With the right steps, relevant data, and this article, you’ll be able to create an effective B2B sales plan to give everyone on your team a clear picture of the road that lies ahead.

Business-to-Business Sales Incentives: A Creative Way to Motivate Your Sales Team

B2B sales incentives can make a big difference in a sales rep’s performance. Here are incentives that boost motivation and the bottom line.

B2B Marketing Strategies

As businesses need to continuously evolve, so does your business-to-business marketing strategy. Learn the top techniques, tools, and expert tips to make sure your B2B marketing strategy is up to date.

14 Essential Business-to-Business Marketing Strategies In 2021

Marketing is focused on generating, securing, and converting leads. B2B marketing strategies, however, require a specific approach. Learn 14 essential B2B marketing strategies here.

5 Marketing Tools to Gain Business Referrals

Once your B2B has a solid strategy in place, it helps to have business-to-business marketing automation tools to see your plan through. We give you five tools to engage B2B customers online.

61 B2B Referral Marketing Statistics

Have you been considering a new B2B referral marketing program, but still not sure about making the leap? We give you 61 statistics and quotes proving how beneficial it can be.

Email Marketing Best Practices for Lead Generation

Email has been a popular way to communicate directly with your market. But with the number of messages sent each day, how can your business-to-business message stand out?

66 Marketers Share Their Social Media Lead Generation Tips

Social media serves as a great marketing tool, allowing you to showcase your business to a target audience. Learn tips from experts for your own B2B social media strategy.

B2B Content Marketing Best Practices: From Creation to Promotion

Over 90 marketers share best practices for content creation in our comprehensive business-to-business marketing round up

9 Strategies for Creating Successful B2B Incentive Programs

Does your B2B marketing strategy offer any channel incentives? Consider rewarding your partners with an effective business-to-business incentive program.

B2B Lead Generation

Lead generation occurs early in the marketing and sales process. It starts from the very first sign of customer interest. We explore the business-to-business lead generation strategies that matter most.

Proven Business-to-Business Lead Generation Techniques

B2B lead generation is focused on the first step of the sales funnel – collecting a potential customer’s information and starting the buying process. Here are the top B2B lead generation strategies.

The Epic B2B Lead Generation Software List

From live chat and email marketing to website lead capture and landing pages, we put together an epic list of business-to-business lead generation software tools.

B2B Referral Program Best Practices

Referrals are a popular tool used by successful business-to-business marketing teams. With the right strategy, a B2B referral program can reap benefits for your business.

10 Key B2B Marketing Influencers You Need To Follow

If you’re a B2B marketer, you might be looking for some inspiration for your next B2B referral program or campaign. These top 10 business-to-business marketing influencers have a lot to share.

How to Start a B2B Affiliate Marketing Program: 10 Tips You Can’t Afford to Miss

Affiliate marketing isn’t just for B2C businesses. Build an affiliate program the right way, and your B2B will have an effective channel for generating leads and sales

11 Proven Strategies To Amp up Your B2B Email Marketing (+ Free Email Plan Guide)

How does B2B email marketing differ from B2C email marketing? What tips should you follow for B2B email marketing success? We have the answers.