The Uber Referral Program

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One of the most well-known referral programs out there is the Uber referral program. Uber definitely used the power of referrals to build their business. In fact, a lot of their growth can be contributed to their referrals (note: referrals are not the only reason for its success).

Everyone knows about Uber, especially those who live in cities, and commuting cities. Uber made an app that was easy to use, for everyone involved. Becuase their product is needed, wanted, and as mentioned ‘easy to use’, it provides the perfect grounds for a referral program.

The Uber app’s user interface is also very easy to use. Booking a ride has never been easier. Mix the easy to use app with a referral program (and a great reward), and success is bound to happen. Here’s more on their referral program.

Uber tapped into an industry that people need and use every single day. People commute and will pay to do so. Which is exactly why this ride app has gained so much popularity. It’s not a modernized taxi that connects with people by a simple to use the app.  It solves the hailing for a cab scenario, and much like a regular taxi, Uber is all over the place, making it a convenient travel option.

Commuting is a big problem, especially in filled city spaces. Uber simply filled a capacity that was much needed in the community.

Uber Customer Referral Program

Uber started back in 2009 and has since spread to around 45 countries and cities. It can be said that it is one of the top ranking ridesharing services of all time. Back in the day, Uber used small ($10) double-sided incentive to get new riders attracted. Now they have upped their ante and now offer a $20 dual-sided reward. The cool thing is, that usually means a ‘free ride’ which is how the referral program is typically advertised for existing riders.

All a user has to do is sign up and share. Then the referral jus has to sign up and their first ride is free. Pretty easy. Here is a lot more information on the Uber referral program.

Uber Driver Referral Program

On top a successful customer or rider referral program, Uber created a driver program as well. When a partner or driver refers someone by sharing their personal code and they become a driver, the referrer earns a bonus reward. It’s important to note that this is also a dual incentive. Both drivers will earn a bonus. The driver seems to change, it may be relative to how in demand drivers are. But, it’s currently sitting at $200 for each driver referral.

Uber’s Referral Success

The bulk of it is that it’s so easy. You literally share your referral code and earn you money. Uber has made the act of referring incredibly simple. First and foremost, Uber is mobile friendly. Meaning sending a quick referral to a friend who needs a ride is easy.

They really made their app and referral program for people on the go. The second reason for referral success is that they give out dual-sided rewards. This way both people in the equation are happy and have a reason to at least try it out – whether it be for taking a ride or becoming a driver. Since the incentive usually covers the entire ride for new riders, it’s essentially like trying something for free! So whether you drive Uber or ride Uber, get in on their referral program.