Defining Brand Ambassador

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In the referral marketing world, there are a ton of terms that all sort of mean the same thing. But what do you think of when you hear the term brand ambassador and how is a brand ambassador different?

Ambassadors are actually very helpful when it comes to spreading the word about your business. Not to be redundant, but word of mouth is very effective. So what makes ambassadors different is that they encourage people to use your product or do business with you because they are an influential person. This person represents your brand and is able to discuss your brand to the public. They are basically seen as a brand expert.  They aren’t telling people to try this, buy this, use this. They are using the product themselves and simply expressing why they use it.

Who is a brand ambassador?

They are real-life humans who use your product and believe in what your brand is doing. This could mean an ambassador is an employee, it could also mean it’s a partner or even a customer. These people are working for you to help spread your message via social media, trade shows, events and just by networking for you. Why? Becuase they love you. They’re just like you and they want to see the business do well. Talk about top-notch cheerleaders.

Think of a brand ambassador basically being an informal spokesperson. Or someone who was hired to actively promote the brand, without being too stuffy. Rather than having a formal press release or speaking based on a script (though there may be a few guidelines to follow), these people like to get right in the action and talk to people one on one. As mentioned earlier they aren’t trying to push anything, they are rather expressing their fondness while being informative about the product/brand. They are the people who put a face to the product.

Why they are important

Because of the viral nature of the web and word of mouth, brand ambassadors can easily become your online and in-person brand representation (can you say ‘cost-effective’?). They give new customers a reason to trust you. Not only do they send new customers your way, but they usually end up as a lifelong customer. It should be noted that brand ambassadors can earn incentives. Often times this is the reason why they are motived in the first place. This is not necessarily required, though (but, who doesn’t love company swag?).


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