Author: Jessica Huhn

multi step referral rewards

Your Guide to Multi-Step Referral Rewards 

Is your sales process on the longer side, involving a higher ticket-price, more due diligence, or multiple stakeholders? Multi-step referral rewards incentivize customers for bringing in both qualified leads and sales.  Here’s how to use multi-step referral rewards to grow your word-of-mouth business. 

optimize affiliate marketing

How to Optimize Affiliate Marketing: Our Expert Guide

If your business is already running an affiliate program, but you’re looking for ways to take it to the next level, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s how to optimize your affiliate program and generate more sales from your affiliate partners.

optimize your referral program

How to Optimize Your Referral Program: Expert Tips

Just like with any marketing strategy, optimization helps you take your referral program to the next level – and maximize the number of new customers you attract. Here’s how to optimize your referral program.

franchise referral program

Franchise Referral Programs: Scale Your Franchise Growth

Referral programs are a powerful marketing tactic for franchise companies to scale their growth, whether that’s through new franchises or new customers across franchise locations. We’ve got all the tips and best practices you need for success.