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referral partnerships

How to Build a Referral Partner Program: 14 Essential Steps

Why not turn your customer relationships into formal referral partnerships? Learn what referral partners are, how they compare to other types of channel partnerships, and the essential steps to create a successful referral partnership.

employee referral program

How to Launch an Employee Referral Program That Works

Employee referral programs can help you hire top talent and acquire new customers. Learn more about the two different types of employee referral programs, and helpful advice and tips on how to make each of them successful.


Channel Partner Incentive Programs: 13+ Ideas to Boost ROI

What are channel partner incentives, and what are their benefits? What are the best rewards to use to incentivize partners, and what are best practices for running a channel partner incentive program? We’ve got the answers here.

employee advocacy software

The Best Employee Advocacy Software: Top 12 Picks

Read this guide to learn the 12 best employee advocacy software you can choose from for your business. Plus, we’ll also cover tips on what you should look for in an ideal employee advocacy software solution. Get started now!