Author: Jessica Huhn

viral loops

What Is a Viral Loop? Advantages and Examples

Contrary to popular belief, going viral isn’t all just luck. It’s something you can plan for, build, and integrate into your current workflow, using a growth engine known as a viral loop. Today, we’ll cover what a viral loop is and the best practices for building one.

Pirate metrics AAARR

What Are Pirate Metrics and Why Are They Important?

Starting a business is hard, but sustaining the growth of a business is even harder. Fortunately, pirate metrics can help. We discuss exactly how to grow your business using pirate metrics, also referred to as AARRR metrics.

brand equity

Brand Equity: What Is It? How Can I Build It?

Companies can build brand equity through several channels, such as brand marketing, community, durability, quality, and recognition. It takes a lot of work to establish favorable brand equity. Here’s how to start building it.

brand ambassador skills

15 Brand Ambassador Skills To Look Out For

If your business plans to tap into the power of brand ambassadors, you’ll need to select advocates who have the right brand ambassador skills. Here’s a list of the top 16 skills and traits brand ambassadors need.

advocate marketing

Advocacy Marketing: Proven Tips and Strategies

Advocacy marketing (also called advocate marketing) focuses on mobilizing loyal customers to generate leads. But how do you get someone to go the extra mile for you? These key steps will help you build brand advocates who will always have your back.