The Complete Customer Loyalty Guide

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A business is nothing without its base of loyal customers. We go over everything from the different types of loyal customers to the best ways to drive customer loyalty.
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Getting Started

Once you have a steady stream of customers, it’s time to earn customer loyalty. This section explains what the types of loyal customers and how they relate to your business.

How Customer Loyalty Works for Your Business

Make sure your business at the top of mind by focusing on customer loyalty.

The 7 Types of Loyal Customers

The more you know about your customers, the better you can meet their needs. Learn about the seven types of loyal customers.

11 Strategies to Increase Customer Loyalty

Proven strategies to increase customer loyalty, from best practices to small tips to take your business to the next level.

Customer Loyalty Programs

Loyal customers not only stick with your company, they also leave positive reviews, share your product, and refer their friends. Show your appreciation with a great customer loyalty program.

Your Guide to Starting a Customer Loyalty Program

We break down every step that goes into setting up a solid customer loyalty program.

Customer Loyalty Program Ideas and Best Practices

Starting a customer loyalty program isn’t enough on its own. Make sure yours is a success with this list of ideas and best practices.

8 Types of Loyalty Program

Read about the most common types of loyalty programs and discover the best one for your needs.

10 Loyalty Program Examples to Emulate

Looking for inspiration for your own loyalty program? We detail 10 of the most successful loyalty programs across all types.

13 Innovative Loyalty Program Rewards

Loyalty programs are all about rewarding your most loyal customers. Read about the most attractive rewards you can offer.

18 Customer Loyalty Program Software Options

Once your customer loyalty program is up and running, use these top tools to automate some of the key steps.

Bonus Resources

Learn more about customer loyalty – and how to earn more of it – with these specific tips and tools recommended by experts.

60 Experts Give Their Advice on Driving Customer Loyalty

We ask some of the best marketing experts for their strategies on how to create happy, loyal customers.

Loyalty Programs vs. Referral Programs

We break down the distinct differences between the two most popular customer-focused programs.

15 Best Customer Service Tips to Help Your Business Grow

Standout customer service is the secret to customer loyalty. Make sure you deliver with these 15 customer service tips.