We’ve all been reeled in with a fun slogan. Slogans attract people’s attention, and get them to stick around and learn more about your brand.

Referral slogans can do the same thing. Sure, it’s not a slogan that represents your brand as a whole. But it does reel customers to participate in your referral program, and it often gives the program a branded touch.

Here’s what you need to write a referral slogan, plus over 45 ideas to inspire you as you write your own.

What is a referral slogan?

A referral slogan is the headline used to catch people’s eyes and convince them to join your referral program. It explains the benefits of your referral program (including the rewards), and encourages people to share your brand with their friends, family, and colleagues.

Goby referral email

In this example from Goby, “Share Goby, Score Free Brush Heads” is the referral slogan.

Why you need a catchy referral slogan

A referral slogan is your chance to get people interested in your refer-a-friend program.

  • It quickly lets people know what they should do (share), and what they will get out of it (the rewards and benefits), without being overwhelming.
  • Plus, it’s a great opportunity to inject your brand voice into the referral program.

The referral slogan is often the deciding factor in whether people refer their friends. If the slogan piques people’s interest enough that they stick around to learn more about your program, they’ll be more likely to share your brand.

Where to use referral slogans

A referral slogan is a key part of your referral program template. It’s usually the first phrase people see when they end up on your referral program landing page, or when they open an email promoting your program.

Use your referral slogan in the following locations:

You can also use your slogan in other places you promote your referral program, such as in your newsletter or on physical referral program flyers.

45+ referral slogans to inspire you

Let’s dive into some of the best referral slogans that get people sharing. We’ve divided them by type: reward-focused, friendship-focused, and “brand flair” focused.

Reward-focused referral slogans

People want to know right away whether sharing your brand is worth their time. Reward-driven programs get straight to the point and flash the benefits of sharing. When people see dollar signs, or notice that they’ll get something for free, they are instantly intrigued.

bokksu subscription referral program

The Bokksu referral program uses a simple 4-word slogan: “Give $15, Get $15.” This is one of the most popular referral slogan formats, for good reason. It covers the incentive and how to earn it, plus highlights that the friend will receive a benefit as well.

Here are other referral slogans that follow the same strategy:

  1. Share $10, earn $15!
  2. Give $100, get $100 for yourself
  3. Share with your friends and get $10
  4. Want $25? Share now
  5. You want $50? Give $50 first
  6. Get $25 when you share with a friend
  7. Earn $10 now
  8. Get $30 cash for sharing
  9. Refer and earn $20
  10. Share $75 with a friend, get $75 for yourself
  11. Invite friends. Get $20.
  12. Spread the love, get $30
  13. $10 for you, $10 for your pal
  14. Tell your friends – you both get $50
  15. Free socks for you, free socks for your friend
  16. Spread the word for $25
  17. Invite a friend. You both earn $50.
  18. Want free credit? Refer a friend!
  19. Invite your friends, earn a free ride
  20. Share for free shipping
  21. Refer a friend, get a free mascara
  22. A free month, just for sharing
  23. Share us, score a free brush
  24. Share and your next class is on us
  25. Tell your friends for a free upgrade
  26. Let your friends make you money
  27.  Share and earn a free night’s stay
  28.  Refer your friends, make free money

Friendship-focused referral slogans

Instead of focusing on the monetary or freebie reward, these slogans highlight the intrinsic rewards of friendship. Showcasing how someone can help a friend is a powerful incentive on its own.

Pay with Gasbuddy referral email

GasBuddy’s referral slogan uses the power of love to drive the message. Rather than showing a reward for the referrer, it highlights how sharing lets the friend in on GasBuddy’s savings. Plus, it’s framed with a heart to drive the point home even further, and really draw the eye to the slogan.

Here are some more slogans that follow the same strategy:

  1. Refer & Earn. Share. Get Paid. Repeat!
  2. Your Friends Deserve Better Sleep
  3. Refer and You Shall Receive
  4. Pay it forward
  5. Help us, help you
  6. Want to help each other out?
  7. Do it for your friends!
  8. Don’t let your friends miss out!
  9. Give the gift of a better shave
  10. Don’t leave your friends behind
  11. Working out is more fun with friends!
  12. Show you care, share with a friend
  13. Spread the love, share awesome eats
  14. It pays to have friends
  15. You know you love us, your friends will too
  16. Brain.fm is better with friends
  17. Sharing is rewarding

“Brand flair” referral slogans

These unique referral slogans show a reward or intrinsic benefit, but also inject a brand-related element to make the slogan more memorable. Use them to inspire your own slogan!

omsom referral landing page

1. “Give $10, Get $10 🔥”

Omsom’s referral slogan uses a fire emoji to draw people in, and adds spice to a commonly-used referral slogan. This also ties back to the bold flavors of their signature starter packets. Plus, it shows how sharing is a “fire” thing to do!

Casper 2

2. “Friends don’t let friends toss and turn”

Casper’s referral program slogan expertly infuses their brand, and shows how sharing about a comfortable mattress is a great way to help friends get a more restful sleep.

little spoon headline

3. “Share the love, baby!”

With one simple word, baby food company Little Spoon ties back to their brand niche and adds some spice to their friendship-focused slogan.

How to write a referral slogan

Now that you know why you need one, and you’ve seen plenty of inspiring examples, how to write a referral slogan of your own? Here are the essential points to consider:

✅ Explain the incentive(s)

People want to know what’s in it for them. So, highlight the referral rewards in your slogan, if you’re offering an incentive.

Alternatively, you could highlight an intrinsic benefit of sharing, such as helping friends or letting friends in on insider information. For example, you might use a phrase like “Don’t keep us a secret,”  “Share the love,” Don’t let your friends miss out,” or “Be a hero.”

Some referral slogans also highlight the rewards customers can give their friends. The popular “Give $20, Get $20” slogan is one example.

✅ Show what they need to do

How can people earn the incentive or reap the benefit? Keep it simple. One word alone can cover this component: for example, “give” or “share.”

✅ Keep it simple

The slogan isn’t the time to go into lots of detail about your program – the best headlines get to the point quickly. Don’t start explaining the program’s steps. The point of your referral slogan is to get people interested. Once you do that, people will be happy to learn more about your program.

✅ Make it interesting

Make your referral headline fun and interesting, and you’ve already increased the odds of people joining your program. What phrasing will draw people in? Don’t be afraid to inject some brand flair (as long as that doesn’t make the slogan confusing).

Create your own referral slogan

Grabbing a potential sharer’s attention is an important factor in the health of your referral program, and referral slogans are key.

The trick is to play around with your slogan to find that sweet spot. Try using your incentive as the driving factor. If that doesn’t work, you may want to try switching up the headline to use friendship-focused wording.

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