10 Secrets For Attracting New Customers For Your Brand

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Susan Smith is a writer at iDigic who mostly handles content related to social media marketing and using the social media platform to leverage brand awareness.

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Last week I went to a new dentist to get a checkup. I was giving her my contact details, and she inquired about what kind of work I do. Once I was done explaining she asked me “How do you attract new customers?” This is a question I often get asked since I’m in the marketing field and attracting new clients is my line of work.

Getting new customers is the part that frustrates most business owners. For instance, if you’re a doctor, you needn’t search for new patients, they come to you. But, this is not the case for most businesses. Attracting new customers is undeniably baffling.

Most entrepreneurs started their businesses because they love the work they do, not because they fancy selling and business development. But, your business won’t survive if you’re not good at attracting new customers.

So how do you attract new customers?

Set goals

Setting goals is critical to any business.  Even though it may seem like a draining task, it can actually motivate you. Remember these points while you set your goals

  •    Write down everything you want to accomplish. Have a brainstorming session so that you can create a complete list
  •    Analyze each point and determine its feasibility
  •    Prioritize the goals on the list
  •    Set a time limit to meet every goal
  •    Start with short-term goals so that they can help you to achieve your long-term ones

Know your customers

Know your customers

(Know your customers)

You cannot succeed in the market if you don’t know who your customers are. So before moving ahead with any plans, develop a buyer persona. This is nothing but a profile of your company’s ideal customer. Experienced marketers rely on this information to target their marketing. Creating a buyer persona is a great equalizer because it allows companies to improve their targeting. When you prepare and apply this corrhttp://www.business2community.com/consumer-marketing/really-get-know-customers-01203428#HDpOajcREreDGC4Q.97ectly, it will help you to get more leads.

Understand the buying process

Know how your customers reach you to purchase your product. When you have understood this, you will be able to pinpoint where you’re lacking. If you find this tough to figure out, find answers to the questions below.

  •    How do customers find your website? Is it via social media or other platforms?
  •    What do they do once they land on your page?
  •    What content do they go through before they make a purchase?

Employ Talented staff

Employ Good Staff

(Employing staff)

It’s no secret that great employees make a great business. One good employee will help your company get 10 customers. On the contrary, a bad one can drive away those 10 customers and, you will need to hire more employees to regain the lost customers. Furthermore, you cannot single-handedly achieve the goals you have in mind. For that, you will need skilled, experienced and trained professionals. So find the right employees and they will set the stage for your vibrant growth.

Know your competitors

Competitive analysis has become an essential part of any business. Knowing your competitors does not mean stealing their ideas. It’s all about knowing their strengths and weaknesses. Knowing about them will help you become confident in your approach. While analyzing your competitors, you must know what you’re looking for and how it can help your business. So,

  •    Analyze industry reports
  •    Analyze their website and SEO strategy
  •    Analyze your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses on social media
  •    Analyze their content marketing strategy
  •    Conduct a survey among their competitors

Weigh in your website

Have a quality website

(Quality of website)

“Is the quality of my site good?” is a question that every person who owns a website must ask themselves. Most websites have flaws, and it’s mainly due to the lack of quality resources. The ease of use of your website plays an integral part as websites are becoming more and more interactive. The main aim of identifying this is to find out if users can convey messages and make a purchase through your site quickly. You can also use tools to test your website’s usability. If you’re new to the web, perhaps try out a service that can help you start your web presence, like FirstSiteGuide could help. 

Social media

The one place where your customers are most active is on social media. It is also considered to be one of the most cost-effective ways to influence your customer base. If you use social media platforms in the right way, it will give you the opportunity to get in front of a large audience within a short time. Take a look at this infographic from iDigic to understand the potential of these platforms. When you focus on building relationships through social media, it will help magnify your marketing plans and trigger a loyal following.

attract customers

(Attracting customers)

So, how do you reach them?

  •    Identify which social media sites your customers are active on and research that platform
  •    Create company profiles on those social networking sites
  •    Post engaging content related to your business and industry. Try to focus on other trending topics as well
  •    Make sure you use relevant keywords associated with your company while posting
  •    Listen and respond to feedback

Create compelling content

Creating content

(Creating content)

No matter how strong your strategy is, the stuff you publish is what people are going to talk about. One of the reasons why your content isn’t well received could be because you don’t possess enough knowledge about your niche. For content to excel you have to develop a technique which works every time. Keep these tips in mind

  •    Always choose a topic that is relevant to your audience before you start to write
  •    Whatever topic you write on, make sure it offers value to people
  •    Write about forgotten facts and trends that were once popular in your industry. Such posts would create a nostalgic effect

Formulate a quarterly strategy

Once you have all the resources in place, it’s time for you to create a quarterly strategy. It will give you enough time to track the progress you are making, and you won’t feel overwhelmed while executing your plan. Every step in this plan must be framed in such a way that it supports the goals you wrote down in step one.

Stick to your plan

Sticking to plans

(Sticking to plans)

Most companies take the time to research and formulate a plan. And they wait for a month or two to know if it’s productive. If it doesn’t go according to plan, then all the work they invested in coming up with the plan goes out the window. Bear in mind that uncertainties are bound to happen, and don’t be discouraged by the lack of results. If you let a small hindrance keep you from going forward, then you will never see the results of any plan you formulated.  

Conclusion for Attracting New Customers

I can guarantee that it won’t be as easy as it is for a brand like Starbucks where you become a customer just by having coffee daily. Brands face many challenges when it comes to acquiring new customers. So streamline as many processes as you can and provide additional services to satisfy your customers.

You must present your brand in a way that will attract new clients and also keep them coming back. There are many ways to attract new customers and to hold their attention. Target the right prospects and offer them something that is informative and entertaining.  

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