Author: Referral Rock Team

small business brand ambassador

Small Business Brand Ambassadors: What They Are and Why You Need Them

Learn how to find and work with small business brand ambassadors, and the benefits they can bring to your business. Plus, find out if you’re ready for formal small business brand ambassadors, or if you should mobilize informal ambassadors through a referral program

social media affiliate marketing

Social Media Affiliate Marketing: 9 Tips to Get You Started

Social media affiliates promote your business on their social accounts in exchange for a commission. It’s like having a sales force that works for you, without paying them anything in advance! Keep reading to learn more about this powerful strategy and how it can help you grow your business.

affiliate abuse affiliate fraud

How to Identify and Prevent Affiliate Abuse 

Affiliate abuse can hurt your bottom line if it goes undetected. What counts as affiliate abuse or affiliate fraud, and how to stop it? Learn the most common types of affiliate abuse, and strategies for identifying and preventing it.