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How To Find Quality Affiliates: 11 Best Practices Used By Marketers

How do you make sure you recruit high-quality affiliates? We asked marketers across all industries, and came up with 11 proven tips for finding the best affiliates for your program.

/ July 29, 2020

Affiliate Marketing: Good or Bad? 56 Marketers Share Their Opinions

Does affiliate marketing deserve the questionable reputation it has gained? Or, do the benefits of affiliate marketing outweigh the bad name some have given it? 56 marketers share their insights and opinions.

/ July 29, 2020
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13 Best Affiliate Marketing Software Tools in 2020

Manage and grow your affiliate programs with the right software tool. We give you a list of the best affiliate marketing software to fit every business need.

/ July 15, 2020

What Is Affiliate Marketing? The Beginners Breakdown

What is affiliate marketing and how is it done? This beginner's guide will give you all the information you need to understand affiliate marketing.

/ June 21, 2018

Referral Program vs Affiliate Programs: Which Is Right for You?

With all the types of marketing out there, is easy to get confused. So are referral programs and affiliate programs really that different?

/ May 3, 2018