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brand marketing

What Is Brand Marketing? Why Is It Vital?

Building your brand should be high on your list of marketing priorities, and brand marketing can help. We break down what brand marketing is, the goals you should set for brand marketing, and the seven essential steps in the entire process.

brand strategy

What Is a Brand Strategy? Why Does Your Company Need One?

Companies with excellent brand strategies know how to plan for the future. In this post, you’ll learn about brand strategies and why it’s so important for your business to have one. You’ll also see actual examples of how some of the biggest names create and implement their brand strategies.

brand identity

How to Develop a Winning, Consistent Brand Identity

Brand identity represents what your business stands for and what sets you apart in the industry. Learn why it’s essential to doing business, and how to design (or redesign) the best identity for your brand.

brand extensions

Using Brand Extensions to Grow Your Business

If you’re looking for a great way to grow your company, it might be time to focus on extending your brand. Today, you’ll learn what a brand extension is, as well as its advantages and risks. We’ll also show you good and bad examples of company brand extensions.

brand affinity

How to Create Brand Affinity

Loyal customer relationships become even stronger when your company focuses on building brand affinity. To stand out from the competition, it’s time to learn more about brand affinity and how to build it with your customers.

brand equity

Brand Equity: What Is It? How Can I Build It?

Companies can build brand equity through several channels, such as brand marketing, community, durability, quality, and recognition. It takes a lot of work to establish favorable brand equity. Here’s how to start building it.