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brand loyalty

How to Foster Brand Loyalty

You’ve seen them before: the people who always choose Coke over Pepsi, the ones so faithful to Macs they’d never touch a PC. How can you foster that level of commitment to your own brand? What strategies are used to foster brand loyalty? We answer all of these questions and more.

brand awareness

The Best Way to Increase Brand Awareness

Some people consider brand awareness to be a vanity metric. We go over the details of this often debated term and why it’s still important for businesses.


What Are the Different Types of Brand Awareness?

Building your brand awareness is the best thing you can do to promote your business. Knowing the different types of brand awareness will help you target each of them to help with your brand awareness campaign. Here are some strategies and examples


What Is Brand Awareness, Explained

What is brand, branding, brand recognition, brand recall, and brand awareness? Here’s a definitive guide with examples to help you understand each term.