The Definitive Guide to Brand Strategy

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Explore the best ways to build your brand, from designing your first logo to mastering customer engagement.
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Brand Basics

A strong brand strategy is specific, long-term, and essential for business. This section helps to make sure you have all the basics down.

Getting Started with Brand Marketing

All you need to know about the basics of brand marketing and its seven essential components.

What is Brand Awareness, Explained

Brand, branding, brand recognition, brand awareness, and more – we define all the important terms to know.

How to Develop Your Brand Identity

Brand identity is how your business sets itself apart from others – and it’s completely under your control.

What Is a Brand Strategy?

Everything you need to know about brand strategy, its benefits, and why every business should have one.

How to Tell a Compelling Brand Story

Brand stories are more than just a version of your “About Us” page. Learn how to tell your own brand story in the best way.

The Key to Brand Equity

A lot of things go into a successful business. But if you want to become a household name, a key factor to consider is brand equity.

How to Create Brand Affinity

If consumers and business partners are purchasing your company’s products or services, what’s better than that? Building brand affinity.

Build an Amazing Brand Strategy Template

Before you start selling anything, it’s important to have a solid brand strategy. Build one with our free strategy template.

Brand Management

Even the best brands will turn stale when left on their own. Find out how to manage your brand and stay true to its core message.

The Importance of Managing Brand Reputation

A brand’s reputation is how the public views it as a whole. Learn how to manage it for optimal confidence and trust.

How to Foster Brand Loyalty

People think brand loyalty and customer loyalty are synonymous. While the two are closely related, brand loyalty is stronger and much more valuable.

What are the Different Types of Brand Awareness?

Once you know what brand awareness is, being aware of all the differences will help you target them in your overall campaign.

The Best Ways to Increase Brand Awareness

Brand awareness creates a lasting impression that sets your brand apart from the competition. Learn how to increase it.

Building an Engaged Online Brand Community

Stay connected with your customers by building your own brand community online.

What are Brand Advocates?

These are the customers who truly love your product, leave rave reviews, and share you with their friends. Read more about these very important people.

Advocacy Marketing: Proven Tips and Strategies

Creating a lasting relationship with a customer can be challenging. Advocacy marketing focuses on creating this long-term, beneficial relationship.

Brand Ambassadors

In time, the right customers can turn into brand ambassadors. This section explains the difference between the two and how they relate to your business.

How to Start a Brand Ambassador Program: The Ultimate Guide

A comprehensive look at how to recruit your biggest advocates to officially promote your brand.

Why Ambassadors are Vital to Your Brand

Learn everything about brand ambassadors and how to find the best ones for your business.

Top Skills Your Brand Ambassadors Need

We round up all the skills that make for the perfect brand ambassador.

Types of Brand Ambassadors: Which Is Best For Your Business

Certain customers root and rally for their favorite brands. Learn more about how these ambassadors boost business.

Brand Ambassador Software Program Solutions

Looking to sign on your first brand ambassador? The right brand ambassador software tool can make the entire process much easier.

Brand Ambassadors vs. Influencers

It can be hard to keep track of all the different brand terminology. We shed light on two popular ones – brand ambassadors and influencers.

10 Brand Ambassador Program Examples to Inspire You

How should you design your brand ambassador program for the best results? Learn insider tips from the 10 best brand ambassador program examples.

Advanced Strategies

Ready to take this relationship to the next level? Grow your brand even further with these next-level techniques.

Using Brand Extensions to Grow Your Business

Understand exactly what a brand extension is by looking at a few good (and not so good) examples.

Turn Your Customers Into Brand Superfans

One of the most beneficial things a company can do for itself is to create brand superfans. We show you how.

How Influencer Marketing Can Build Your Brand

Learn how notable personalities can drive your brand message straight to your intended target market.

How to Measure Brand Awareness [Tools, Tips, and Strategies]

A step-by-step guide for measuring your company’s brand awareness in the market.

Bonus Resources

If you can’t get enough of brand strategies (like us!), we’ve rounded up a few more resources to add to your arsenal.

16 Brand Mention Tools to Track Your Reach

Brand mentions aren’t just for your market. Tracking how far your brand is going can help guide your business success.

How Social Media Increases Brand Awareness

When it comes to brand awareness, social media is still one of the top mediums. Learn how to use it to the fullest.

90 Marketers Give Their Take on Building Brand Awareness

Still a bit unsure about building brand awareness? Take it from the experts who do it every day.