This is a continuously updated post about the podcast episodes that Josh Ho (founder of Referral Rock) has been a guest on or when Referral Rock is a topic of conversation in his own podcast.

The listing is mostly in reverse chronological order, meaning the most current podcasts and podcast episode are on the top.

Last updated on May 29th 2021

Searching For SaaS Podcast

Josh started a podcast with his friend Nate in February of 2021. The idea was to finally put some audio back out into the world and share more than just interviews at points in time related to Referral Rock. Another motivation is to help an aspiring founder to find his SaaS and get his startup going.

It’s called Searching for SaaS, they’re about 14 episodes in so far and it’s getting to be a lot of fun. One of the episodes explaining why EP4: Why, why why? Why start this podcast, Why SaaS, Why not other types of businesses? does a better job explaining.

Below are the episodes that talk more about Josh’s path and insights into Referral Rock’s story:

March 10, 2021 –EP3: Josh’s failed startup that started him on the SaaS path – Searching For SaaS Podcast

Nate and Josh go back in the time machine to talk about UberNote and how Josh got his start in what wasn’t even called SaaS yet

July 14, 2020 – Martech Masters

MarTech Masters: How to Use Referrals to Grow Your Business (Referral Rock) (

Gabriel sits down with Josh Ho, CEO of Referral Rock, to discuss how a business can use referrals to drive business and grow customer loyalty.

January 16th, 2020 – Growth Marketing Today

How Josh Ho Bootstrapped His SaaS from Zero to $70K MRR with Josh Ho, Founder and CEO of ReferralRock (GMT078) – Growth Marketing Today (

Everyone knows how powerful word of mouth marketing can be for a business. So what’s the problem? Largely word of mouth is unpredictable. One week you can get a ton of new customers through referrals, the next is crickets. For most businesses, it’s like trying to catch lightning in a bottle. Enter Josh Ho, Founder and CEO of ReferralRock, a referral program software. In this episode, he talks about how he started, bootstrapped, and grew ReferralRock.

 Jan 15, 2020 – Bright and Early

Josh Ho: Remote Work at Referral Rock | Bright & Early (

This episode is part of a series on Remote Work. I’m talking to leaders of remote companies about the pros and cons of working remotely, the most common challenges that remote-first teams face and how to overcome them. Issues like communication, hiring, loneliness and isolation, figuring out timezones, et cetera. Today I’m talking to Josh Ho, the founder and CEO of Referral Rock, a referral marketing SaaS company for every type of business, not just e-commerce. Josh began bootstrapping the company as a side project in 2014 and has since grown Referral Rock to a remote-first team of 13 doing over $70k/mo in MRR.

July 23th, 2019 – The Effective Founder

Josh Ho of Referral Rock – The Effective Founder

Today, I’m talking with Josh Ho, the founder and CEO of Referral Rock, a SaaS company that helps people design, launch, and manage a customer referral program.

Josh started the business a little more than 4 years ago and with no funding has built a profitable business approaching the $1mm ARR mark with a team of 12 people.

Everybody talks about how challenging it is to hire and while it hasn’t necessarily been easy for Josh, his approach to the problem has allowed him to expand his team in all areas with relatively few mistakes.

In our chat we walk through what needs to happen before Josh thinks about hiring, how he onboards and manages new employees, and how he and his team approach goals and planning to keep Referral Rock growing.

Josh has an amazing grasp on how to build effective systems that keep things on track while staying out of the way and these are lessons every founder can benefit from.

July 15, 2019 – The SaaS Podcast

How Josh Ho Bootstrapped His SaaS from Zero to $70K MRR – with Josh Ho [217] | SaaS Club

Josh Ho is the founder and CEO of Referral Rock, a SaaS product that helps businesses to design, launch and manage a customer referral program.

You’ve got a great idea for a SaaS product, but no one else seems as excited about it. Does that mean it’s a bad idea and you should move on to something else? Not necessarily.

In 2013, Josh was at a car dealership waiting for his car to be serviced. He overheard a conversation which got him curious about how brick and mortar companies like car dealerships got referrals and if there was a way to automate word of mouth referrals.

December 12, 2017 – SaaS Insider

Josh and Shira connected at the SaaStr Conference in early 2017.

SaaS Insider: 089: Joshua Ho on Increasing Revenue with Referral Marketing (

What is operational and customer debt? What are some challenges of going from a freemium to a paid subscription offering? How to manage your team and make sure they concentrate on the right things? Joshua Ho shares his successes and failures with the host Shira Abel in building a software company.

About Joshua Ho

Joshua Ho is the founder of Referral Rock where he leads the product and marketing teams. By his own admission, it is an odd combination of responsibilities but makes use of his primary skillsets as well as providing a vision for the business throughout the customer lifecycle. His background in engineering and software architecture as well as his passion for customer experience helped him realize he could build solutions that fit a business need.

Outside of Referral Rock, Joshua is a competitive handball player who also enjoys engineering marble towers and elaborate train track systems with his two kids.

Key Takeaways:  Inside sales and simply talking to your customers can bring surprising results.  Customers expect a certain level of responsiveness, make sure your sales team knows how to prioritize.  Content is a powerful tool in bringing your customers to your website and getting them interested in what you do.