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"Referral Rock is a dream! The integration with HubSpot was seamless, and it has tracking, rewards, emails, and campaigns all in one place."

Nate Workman Chief Marketing Officer, Workman Success Systems

"The best thing is how easy it is for a customer to sign up with a single click. Our goal was to make it frictionless for the referring member, and Referral Rock does that!"

Samina Vardag Head of Digital Sales, Keyspire

"Referral Rock has already given us a 10x ROI. It's so easy to use and requires very minimal effort on our side to run. We just set it and forget it."

John Bergher VP of Sales and Marketing, CoolBot

"The flexibility and customization options make the platform incredibly valuable. We're able to merge our customer experience with [Referral Rock's] underlying technology seamlessly."

Austin Growth Manager, Consumer Goods

Launch in days, not months

  • Integrate with your CRM or ecommerce platform for easy setup
  • Automate reward tracking, approval, and fulfillment for single or multi-step programsĀ 
  • Work with an onboarding expert to tailor the program to your specific business needsĀ 

Make it easy for customers to share + get rewarded

  • Embed sharing into email campaigns, landing pages, checkouts, and more 
  • Offer incentives that align with your brand, including gift cards, discounts, cash payouts, and more. 
  • Keep referring customers engaged with a passwordless member portal 
Referral experience illustration

Track and monitor how referrals happen

  • See if a share happened over email, in-app, or from a specific campaign
  • Measure engagement of first time referrers + your most engaged fans
  • View traffic generated from your program with the Referral Visits dashboard 

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