After you find and reach out to the right potential brand ambassadors, and at least some of those ambassadors have shown their interest in your program, it’s time to make them feel welcome. After all, ambassadors are more than just short-term influencers – they’re the long-term faces and voices of your brand! Starting them out well, with the info and tools they need, can help you build more brand awareness and boost word of mouth.

The best way to introduce new ambassadors to your program is through a brand ambassador welcome letter. Here’s everything you need to include in this letter, templates for writing one, and other ways to welcome ambassadors at the start of your collaboration.

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Brand ambassador welcome letters: Essential elements to include

A brand ambassador welcome letter is usually sent via email, although it could be a message sent via social media or a note that accompanies a gift package. Regardless of how you send it, there are several essential elements that all brand ambassador welcome letters should include: 

  • A warm welcome that shows you’re excited to have the ambassador in your brand ambassador program
  • A quick reminder of the company mission and how they’re part of it
  • A brief review of the rewards they’ll get and how they’ll receive these incentives
  • How they can access the ambassador training (must they attend live at certain times, or can they access the training at their leisure?) 
  • How they can access marketing materials, guides and templates to aid their online promotions
  • How they can access and use their ambassador tracking link, and track their progress
  • How the ambassador can reach you if they have any questions 

Nice-to-have elements are:

  • Phrasing that reflects your brand voice 
  • Info on how to access a brand ambassador community, if you’ve created one

If you’re going to have live trainings, you may be able to skip some of these elements in the welcome letter as you’ll cover them in the training. But make sure there’s a way for ambassadors to easily access what you covered in the training. 

And if you’re giving them an ambassador link (and portal access) after the training, you’ll need to do so in a separate  follow-up email.

The best brand ambassador welcome letter templates

Now that we’ve covered the essentials for a stellar brand ambassador welcome letter, use these welcome email templates as a starting point for your own.  Modify the wording as needed, based on your own program and brand voice.

Brand ambassador welcome letter template #1: If you have pre-recorded trainings

Hi [ambassador’s name]

Welcome to the [brand] family! We’re so excited to have you onboard. As our ambassador, you’ll live out our mission to [elaborate on mission] every day, and help share [brand] online and offline. And you’ll enjoy awesome perks and freebies in the process!

To help you get started, and to give you all the info you need to promote us, we’ve put together ambassador training videos. Access the videos here [give link]. You can watch them on your own time, but you’ll need to watch them before you start promoting us.

Once you’re ready, as thanks for sharing us, you’ll receive [reward] every time someone clicks your link and buys our products. Here’s your unique ambassador link: [provide link here]

You can also access the link, and track the sales made through your link, in your ambassador portal: [link to portal]

Plus, to help you get up and running quickly, we’ve put together [marketing materials/guides/templates] as a starting point. Use them to aid your promotions. But make sure your posts still show your authentic voice – that’s why we chose you as an ambassador, after all. 

If you have any questions about the program, feel free to contact us at [give your contact info].

Thanks, and we’re looking forward to working with you!

– [Your name]

Brand ambassador welcome letter template #2: If you have trainings they must attend live

Hi [ambassador’s name], 

We’re delighted to welcome you to the [name of your ambassador program], and excited that you’re going to help us [briefly describe mission and values]!

We know you’re ready to get started, but before you can promote us officially, you’ll need to attend our required [name of your training session]. 

[Training session] will take place on: [insert date and time here]

This training will cover everything you need to be an official [ambassador title], including the best messaging and strategies to reach [target audience] and share [brand]. 

Once you’ve completed the training, we’ll send you [gifts], and you’ll also be able to earn [rewards] every time someone clicks your ambassador link and makes a purchase. We’ll email you your ambassador link after you finish the training, and you’ll also be able to access it in our brand ambassador portal.

If you have any questions about the program, feel free to contact us at [give your contact info].

Thanks, and we’re looking forward to working with you!

– [Your name]

Brand ambassador welcome letter template #3: A shorter format focused on the portal

[Ambassador’s name], 

Welcome to the [brand name] ambassador program – We’re so happy to have you on board!

 Ready to use your powerful voice to share [brand] and spread our mission of [mission and values]? Awesome!

We’ve got everything you need to get started in our ambassador portal, including [explain what’s available in the portal including training videos, promotional guides, and marketing assets]. 

Access the portal here: [provide portal link]

And here’s your unique ambassador link: [provide link] You’ll get rewards every time one of your followers clicks it and makes a purchase!

If you’ve got any questions, feel free to contact us at [give contact info]. We’re excited to start working with you!

Thanks, [Your name]

Other tips for welcoming ambassadors

The welcome letter isn’t the only way to welcome ambassadors to your program. Here are other key ways to welcome ambassadors on board:

  • Give ambassadors a welcome basket with free products and other useful items. 
  • Give ambassadors free products and discount codes to share with their followers.
  • Create live or pre-recorded training videos that cover the important elements of promoting your brand – and that ambassadors can go back to watch anytime if they need a refresher.
  • Build an FAQ page or sheet where brand ambassadors can find answers to common questions. 
  • Train your ambassadors to sound authentic but within the context of on-brand communications. You could even use open-ended prompts to kickstart the creative process, for example, “Could you show yourself eating our granola bar on your next outdoor adventure?”
  • Provide checklists, templates, and user guides to help your ambassadors stay on brand. 
  • Supply marketing assets they can use to better promote you. 
  • Invite ambassadors into an exclusive ambassador community where ambassadors can trade tips and learn from each other.
  • Familiarize ambassadors with their end of your brand ambassador software, including how to access and share an ambassador link.
  • Make sure ambassadors know how to track sales and rewards earned via their ambassador portal.
  • Give ambassadors a way to reach you in case they have questions or concerns. 
  • Use an ambassador newsletter, social media group, or Slack group to keep ambassadors updated. 
  • Give ambassadors opportunities to share their feedback and suggestions to make your brand better. You might even set up meetings between ambassadors and brand executives for this purpose.

Welcoming ambassadors with onboarding

What do your brand ambassadors need to know to feel fully equipped to promote your brand? Answer that question, and you’ll know what to include in your onboarding and training. Here are our suggestions on what to cover:

  • How the ambassador program works
  • Brand fundamentals (vision, mission, values, culture)
  • Product knowledge (in-depth knowledge about the product, including differentiators and unique selling points)
  • Must-follow guidelines for promoting your brand and using your branding
  • Recommended messaging to use, as a starting point 
  • What to avoid when talking about your brand
  • Content creator training (how to create and upload pieces of content, how to develop the right type of content, creating high-quality photos, and so on)
  • Marketing skills (speaking and engagement training, if needed for newbies)
  • Event management training (if needed)

Wrapping up

A brand ambassador welcome letter is an awesome way to start your ambassador partnership on the right foot. But building ambassador relationships doesn’t stop with the welcome and the training. You’ll also need to maintain regular and open lines of communication with ambassadors, and keep them engaged. Use these tips to help boost brand ambassador engagement, and keep ambassadors informed.  

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