Author: Irene Lopez

buzz marketing

Buzz Marketing: Why You Can’t Ignore It

Find out the different types of buzz marketing to explore, examples of each type, and some tips and strategies to keep in mind when executing a buzz marketing campaign.

affiliate recruitment, how to recruit affiliates

13 Best Affiliate Recruitment Tools: Hire Quality Affiliates

Affiliate recruitment tools help you discover high-performing affiliates, sign them up, manage and engage them throughout the affiliate lifecycle, and issue rewards unique to your needs. Find out the 13 best affiliate recruitment tools you need to explore right now, including affiliate platforms, brand mention tools, and outreach tools.

insurance referral program

How to Start an Insurance Referral Program [+ Examples]

Referral programs are a powerful tool for insurance companies to generate new business from an existing pool of customers. Learn more about why you need an insurance referral program and best practices for setup in this detailed guide.

enterprise referral program

How to Build Enterprise Referral Programs: A Big-Business Guide

Enterprise referral programs are a win-win solution for big businesses looking for new ways to expand their footprint. Learn more about enterprise referral programs, the many benefits they can bring to your business, best practices you need to keep in mind, and strategies behind three successful enterprise referral programs.

affiliate management

Top 10 Affiliate Software in 2024

Learn how to streamline the entire affiliate management process using affiliate software. Also, choose your ideal solution from our list of 11 top affiliate marketing software tools.