Referral Rock Alternatives

Why not Rock with Us?

The top alternatives to Referral Rock are either to doing nothing at all, build it yourself, or go with a direct referral software competitor.

Referral Rock makes it easy to launch, integrate, optimize and scale all of your word of mouth marketing programs. We provide everything you need to run successful referral, partner, affiliate, and influencer programs.  Our fair and transparent pricing allows you to quickly test and ensure you’re running an effective marketing channel.  

You’ll get all the features you need to implement successful marketing programs along with best in class support from your dedicated customer success manager.  

Referral Rock vs Doing Nothing

Every business should nurture ALL their relationships (not just ones driving towards a sale) and make word of mouth a channel for growth.  If you don’t you’re just missing out.  

Yes, organic word of mouth does just happen, and it’s wonderful and should be celebrated, but it’s tough to count on.  To drive organic word of mouth, one needs to consider other areas of the business that depends on more than just marketing.  

When asked how a business can get more word of mouth, the typical response is, “Just do good work and hope people refer their friends.”  Hope is not a strategy. An increase in word of mouth can be orchestrated.


Referral Rock helps you leave no stone unturned, to unlock your referral potential.


Referral Rock vs Building it Yourself

We understand how busy you are with running a business.  That’s why using referral software is better than running a referral program yourself.  Software makes things easier,  and referral software can be cost-effective and proficient.

It makes something that can be complicated hassle-free. There are incredible benefits that come along with referral software.  you may be thinking that you could run a program on your own without any help,  but the thing is software can help you grow in an incredible way.  This is the reason why marketing software is used by many brands. Besides, creating documents and spreadsheets to keep up with new referrals is not time effective and it’s more work than it should be.

Some of the best reasons:

Instantly measure results

Admin dashboards allow you to see how many new people viewed your referral program, how many people signed up, and how many referrals have been created, among other things. 

Easy for your members to share 

We take time to build out the best sharing experience that works well on mobile, SMS, social networks, and email.  

Built-in promotion 

Promotion is necessary for program success.  Utilize other marketing events to invite people directly into your program.  Ecommerce checkout, signup for a newsletter, even when someone gave a positive review. All are great reasons to invite someone to your referral program, and our software can do that automatically.

Members always know what’s going on

Fancy this, software allows your members to see their referral stats too.  Stop fielding support requests of the status of a referral.


Automations help keep all the trains running on time.  Reward fulfillment is a big one, that you just want handled.  CRM integrations are table stakes these days. Why worry about if all the new sales are correctly attributed?

Prevent fraudulent 

You don’t want the same person doubling dipping in the benefits or referring themselves.  Let us worry about that.  We track IPs, repeat visitors, and even coupon sites.  Trust us, you don’t want to build that yourself.

Hold someone else accountable

You have to admit, it’s easier to just let someone else worry about it. Someone to call when you need help or advice, someone that is purpose is to get you more referrals vs doing it yourself.

Why marketers pick Referral Rock vs other referral software

Referral Rock was built for the smart marketer. We give you all the tools and resources to quickly launch your word of mouth referral programs. With all our built-in automations you can just sit back and watch the referrals roll in.

Our flexible pricing options and dedicated customer success managers make it easy to test and run experiments with minimal risk. You’re welcome to compare referral marketing software, but we feel like we’re the best value by far.

Unlike some competitors, we don’t force you into large upfront contracts. Instead, our goal is to help you run an initial pilot to prove value and then help you scale and optimize your programs so they run on autopilot. 

Ultimately, marketers pick us for three main reasons:

Get More Referrals ​

Features that increases your referrals, not bells and whistles.

Faster ROI ​

Launch faster to prove out value and start generating ROI.


Works with all the software you are already using

You’re in good company with 500+ customers running over 1,000 programs with raving reviews

The Best Referral Software for the Smart Marketer

Everything you need to run effective referral, partner, affiliate, and influencer programs, without wasting time waiting if it’s going to work for you.