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SaaSquatch Alternative

Looking for a Referral SaaSquatch alternative that’s easy to set up and use? Referral Rock’s expert customer support team and years of experience will help you get a referral program up in running and days.

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Referral Rock vs. Referral SaaSquatch

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Referral Rock
Referral SaaSquatch
Starts at $200/month
Monthly Contracts

Free Plan

Customer Success Manager
All Plans
Ease of Implementation
Launch in Days to Weeks
Visual Builder
Ambassador Portal
Refer-a-Friend Widget
Landing Page Builder
Email Marketing Campaigns
Email Automation
Custom Branding
Advanced Reward Rules
Automated Reward Fulfillment
Custom Reporting and Analytics
Run Multiple Programs/Campaigns
Fraud Detection

Why marketers are switching from SaaSquatch to Referral Rock

A successful referral and advocate program attracts new customers, fosters long-term relationships, and grows with your business. Is Referral SaaSquatch doing that for you? Here are some reasons marketers choose Referral Rock:

Launch faster and start seeing results

Build a complete customer referral or affiliate program quickly and easily, so you can drive customer acquisition and start generating ROI. No developer required!

Ease of use with integrations for any business

From small business startups to enterprise, we integrate a referral marketing solution into your existing systems and workflow, including API, SaaS, and CRM automations.

A standalone platform for any type of business

From small business startups to enterprise, our referral system  works with the software you’re already using, aligns with multi-step sales, and supports third-party integrations.

Dedicated customer support that's here for you

Launch faster and optimize your referral campaign with a dedicated customer success manager for every plan. Personalized marketing advice at every step.

referral marketing software testimonial

"A great turnkey referral program software that allowed our team to automate our campaigns in days instead of months. The team is constantly innovating new features to keep our programs fresh. Their hands-on support is just impossible to beat."

Alex Furmansky, Founder of Budsies


What makes Referral Rock different?

We understand marketers are busy. But creating an on-brand experience is important. Create the perfect sharing experience that works with your systems, then let the program run on autopilot with an all-in-one referral marketing platform.


No developers required. Launch in days, not months.

  • Dedicated account managers with referral expertise to help with onboarding and tailoring the program to your unique business needs
  • Customize the sharing experience from quick-start email templates and user-friendly portal experiences
  • Referral tracking software measures your real-time results, metrics, and impact faster to prove ROI


More sharing, smarter incentives, higher engagement = more referrals

  • Easy to join and share with one-click in emails or embedded experiences (mobile and social media)
  • Reward customization options and marketing tools that align with your brand
  • Keep advocates in the loop and engaged with notifications


Works with ANY business (not just ecommerce) integrating with the systems you're using

  • Supports traditional sales processes (CRMs), ecommerce businesses, and SaaS platforms
  • Plays well with your marketing stack, from analytics to email automation functionality
  • Easy A/B testing, developer-friendly APIs, and automated reward fulfillment

Our customers love us – and you will too!

What our customers have to say

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"The referral software has been able to do everything I've wanted. Every time I had a question, they figure out a solution right away."

Emily Jarrett, Senior Manager Digital Campaigns
B2B SaaS

“We knew your customer success team would get us set up, but we've been blown away... the entire process was so simple.”

Chelsey Benzel, Marketing Manager
B2B SaaS
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“It’s already given us a 10x ROI. It’s so easy to use and requires very minimal effort to run. We just set it and forget it.”

John Bergher, VP of Sales and Marketing

“Referral Rock has allowed us to automate our entire referral process. Now that it is set up, it just runs in the background.”

Yas Desai, Business Development Manager

A Referral SaaSquatch alternative that fits your business.

Referral Rock is the best SaaSquatch alternative that works right out of the box. We get your marketing campaign up and running, so you don’t lose any new customers or revenue.