How Grover generated positive ROI quickly with Referral Rock

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Launching a new referral program in days, not weeks ✅ Grover allows customers to rent high-end electronics and equipment through their e-commerce website. The team knew its potential customers relied heavily on recommendations from people they trusted — but Grover didn’t have the time or tech resources to build a referral program in-house. So they […]

How SIR Glass unlocked 30+ new sales a month with Referral Rock

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Switching from manual processes to automation ✅ SIR Glass, an auto glass repair company based in Portland, Oregon, knew the power of partner referrals in growing their business. But the manual program they were running using Google Sheets and Forms was complicated to manage and hard to scale. “We didn’t provide any tracking or transparency […]

How CoolBot turned 10% of its customers into brand ambassadors with Referral Rock

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Creating loyalty and engagement for one-time purchasers ✅ CoolBot sells high-end cooling systems to the consumer market, including walk-in coolers and air conditioner controllers. But despite having a large and loyal customer base, they struggled to implement a referral program and track and attribute customer purchases. They turned to Referral Rock to stand up a […]

How FeedXL generated 200+ new referrals in 4 months with Referral Rock

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Launching 2 automated referral programs for maximum results ✅ FeedXL is a B2B SaaS business that helps Veterinarians, Nutritionists, Feed, and Supplement companies to quickly and accurately calculate dietary nutrient deficiency for horses. While they knew they had a base of loyal customers, they realized they needed a more automated, integrated, and streamlined alternative to […]

How Catapult generated 4500+ referrals in 6 months with Referral Rock

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Setting up a multi-step candidate referral program ✅ Catapult, a leading on-demand staffing company for hospitality and retail, knew that referral marketing worked after running a “test” manual program. But the team quickly realized they needed to replace spreadsheets with an automated system that made it easy to scale and manage candidate referrals. To get […]