How Catapult generated 4500+ referrals in 6 months with Referral Rock

Catapult said goodbye to manual spreadsheets with an automated referral program integrated directly into their staffing portal.


Referrals generated in the first 6 months


Increase in web sessions after launching


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"Referral Rock allowed us to automate our entire referral process. Now that it's set up and optimized, it just runs in the background."
Yas Desai, Business Development Manager

Setting up a multi-step candidate referral program ✅

Catapult, a leading on-demand staffing company for hospitality and retail, knew that referral marketing worked after running a “test” manual program. But the team quickly realized they needed to replace spreadsheets with an automated system that made it easy to scale and manage candidate referrals.

To get started quickly, Catapult integrated Referral Rock with both Mailchimp and their own internal application and staffing portal via Zapier. This allowed them to create a multi-step referral process with built-in promotion of the program. The process: 


Catapult automatically signed up new members in Referral Rock after they filled out an application in the staffing portal

These new members were added to a Mailchimp email campaign: 4-5 emails over a 5-week period, which included the member’s unique sharing link

Catapult created a personalized landing page for new referrals to fill out an application; once filled out, referrals were captured and tracked in their staffing portal