How CoolBot turned 10% of its customers into brand ambassadors with Referral Rock

CoolBot created a scalable referral program that integrates directly with its online store and offers one-click sharing for customers.


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"Referral Rock has given us a 10x ROI. It's so easy to use and requires very minimal effort to run. We just set it and forget it."
John Bergher, VP of Sales and Marketing

Creating loyalty and engagement for one-time purchasers ✅

CoolBot sells high-end cooling systems to the consumer market, including walk-in coolers and air conditioner controllers. But despite having a large and loyal customer base, they struggled to implement a referral program and track and attribute customer purchases.

They turned to Referral Rock to stand up a program quickly: using the one-click access feature, CoolBot customers automatically join the program and share pre-filled messages with their unique referral links. Referral Rock integrated directly with CoolBot’s WooCommerce store to track new referral purchases and automatically distribute rewards to customers via PayPal. Here’s a snapshot of the experience:

Customers receive emails promoting CoolBot’s referral program with one-click access buttons
Members access their referral dashboard and share their unique referral link via email and social
Referrals who click the link are driven to a landing page, where they get a coupon to use during purchase
Referrals enter the coupon when they make a purchase and are automatically captured in Referral Rock
The referring customer (member) automatically receive an email with a PayPal reward for their successful referral
Referrals (now customers) are invited to join the referral program through automated emails


Building a steady list of brand ambassadors 🏅

CoolBot saw 10x ROI in the first few months after implementing the new referral program. The company’s website traffic increased by more than 83,000 impressions, with 10% of their customers registering as members and 10% of their total new customers coming through the referral program (with many others coming from the brand awareness generated by referrals).

Setting up an automated referral program helped CoolBot create loyalty and engagement to a customer base that’s not subscription-based or making repeat purchases. Instead, fans of the products turned into highly effective digital brand ambassadors, showing that a referral program can be a comprehensive way to engage with and get the most value from your customer base.

The data the CoolBot team collected from Referral Rock also proved invaluable: When they came out with a more technical product, they used customer data to identify their more tech-savvy customers and launch to an appropriate audience. Win-win!

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