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54 Marketers Share Their Top SaaS Lead Generation Strategies

If you work for a SaaS company and are looking for the best ways to generate quality leads, cold emails and untailored ads won’t get you very far. Rather, as Forrester reports, anywhere from 66-90% of a customer’s journey is...

/ June 3, 2020

What Are Differentiated Marketing, Concentrated, and Undifferentiated Marketing?

There are three different target market strategies you can implement – differentiated marketing, concentrated marketing, and undifferentiated marketing. Learn the differences and select the right strategy for your business.

/ January 9, 2020

14 Essential B2B Marketing Strategies For Growth In 2020 And Beyond

In the modern B2B purchasing landscape, the buyers have control. A single purchasing decision involves multiple buyers, who demand personalization and conduct detailed research. Learn B2B marketing strategies crafted to convince these buyers.

/ January 3, 2020

NPS Questions to Gauge Customer Satisfaction [+ Examples]

What is the NPS question (net promoter score question)? How can you customize your NPS survey to gain the most accurate picture of overall customer satisfaction? Let's find out.

/ December 31, 2019

12 of the Best NPS Software Programs [+ DIY Options]

Compare these top 12 NPS software tools, and discover ways to measure your net promoter score on your own.

/ December 26, 2019

The Epic B2B Lead Generation Software List

This list of B2B lead generation software can help with every step of your lead generation process. By utilizing these tools, you can turn your B2B marketing strategy into a lead generation machine.

/ December 23, 2019