If you’re a marketer or a business that’s focused on results-driven SEO strategy, you cannot afford to miss out on keyword monitoring tools.

Aside from helping you find profitable keywords, these tools give you visibility on how well each keyword is doing, track your keyword rankings, and provide a whole host of other in-depth SEO capabilities (such as competitor and backlink analysis) that can help you assess and optimize the performance of your digital marketing efforts.

Without having keyword monitoring tools at your disposal, you won’t be able to:

  • Determine the right keywords to target
  • Monitor your most important keywords to ensure their positions don’t drop
  • Analyze keyword profitability
  • Make strategic changes to your SEO efforts to get the goal result (ranking on page 1 of Google)

Most keyword monitoring tools are available as all-in-one SEO suites, so you can take advantage of other features to help supplement and boost your marketing efforts.

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What is keyword monitoring?

To understand the need for keyword monitoring tools, it’s important to take a deep dive into what keyword monitoring is and why it’s important for any business that’s online.

Keywords are the search terms that prospective clients type onto the Google search bar to find information, products, or services. Here are some examples:

  • “What is a long-tail keyword?”
  • “Hair salon in Tallahassee”
  • “Best gifts for grandmother’s birthday”

Your business should ideally place in the first page of Google’s search results when your ideal clients type in search terms related to your business. In theory, this sounds fairly easy. But given the number of blogs and websites that post content online daily and the availability of smart marketing intelligence, ranking in the top 10 is easier said than done.

Given this, having keyword monitoring tools at your disposal can help you reduce the amount of unknowns, fix problem areas, and optimize your content to rank high enough for prospective clients to find you.

Keyword monitoring tools, also called keyword rank monitoring tools, are a great way to track the positions of your content in search engines, find out why content pieces are not reaching goal positions, and make the necessary fixes for optimization.

Keyword monitoring tools are sophisticated these days and often come in all-in-one SEO suites that give you holistic SEO benefits, as opposed to just tracking and fixing your keywords’ positions.

Benefits of keyword monitoring software

Here are three of the most important features of keyword monitoring tools:

1. Track rankings increases and decreases

Track your own rankings increases and decreases for different keywords, and help discern the reasons behind these movements. You need to know why rankings have dropped in order to make the necessary fixes. You also need to understand what’s working well so you can use proven strategies for other keywords.

2. Track competitor’s keywords

Track keywords that competitors are ranking for and see what possible opportunities were missed. Close the gaps that may be holding you back from achieving first page results.

3. Find new, relevant keyword opportunities

Find new keyword opportunities that can help you increase your visibility. Determine which keywords are most worthwhile for your business based on relevancy, how evergreen they are, and their competitiveness. Analyze whether a keyword makes sense for your business to pursue based on search intent.

Is a keyword monitoring software tool right for you?

Keyword rank monitoring tools can be an advantage to you whatever the scale of your business or your niche, but of course, your business does need to be online. If your goal is to maximize your organic reach, you should definitely look into keyword monitoring software tools.

Unless you are an SEO expert, someone who’s familiar with the tools, or a person who’s fairly comfortable with tech, there can be a large learning curve. Granted, most tools on our list have educational resources in the form of training sessions and content that you can refer to.

You will, for the most part, also have customer support. Some companies also offer one-on-one hand holding and support throughout the duration of your subscription.

The benefits of using keyword monitoring tools far outweigh not using them. And so, it’s worthwhile to consider them if you have the budget and are ready to scale or want to be more visible to your prospects.

Alternatives to keyword monitoring tools

After reading through the previous sections, maybe you realize you’re not really interested in a keyword monitoring tool. There are a lot of other good alternatives that can help you with your digital marketing. Here are a few to look into:

The evaluation criteria

Our team has researched and compiled the best keyword monitoring software tools. Read how we evaluated our list, and then browse through the reviews below:

Evaluation criteria Description
Pricing How much does the software cost? What different plans are available?
Free plan or trial Does the company let you try out the keyword monitoring software before you buy, with either a demo, free trial, or free plan? If a free trial is offered, for how long?
Customer service and support How does the company help assist you when using the software? What are the ways you can contact them for questions or issues?
Review score How do existing users rate the keyword monitoring software? We’ve compiled an aggregate rating based on the average score from top review sites Capterra, G2, and GetApp, out of 5 stars. We also share how many people reviewed the software tool.
Notable features What are the top features that make this keyword monitoring tool stand out? We highlight them here to help you make an informed decision.

Top 17 keyword monitoring software tools

Our top 17 list features popular keyword monitoring software tools that can be used by businesses of all sizes, whether you’re an individual, small business, enterprise, or agency.

We’ve used the following criteria to evaluate our software picks:

Note: The software is not listed in any order of rank or recommendation. Our aim is to put together a selected source of online community solutions, and give a clear picture of all the available options.

Let’s get started!

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ahrefsSingapore-based Ahrefs is hands-down one of the most popular all-in-one SEO tool-sets available in the market today. Its feature set appeals to both newbies and seasoned veterans alike because of how user-friendly it is and its thoughtful list of capabilities. Ahrefs’ website blurb currently lists Facebook, ebay, Tripadvisor, LinkedIn, and Netflix as some of its most well-known clients.

Key features

  • Site Explorer: This tool has a single interface that enables you to research your competitors’ top-ranking keywords and best-performing pages. Also, analyze your competitor’s backlink profile and identify any paid search advertising methods competitors may be using.
    Keywords Explorer: Just a handful of features available with the Keywords Explorer include: thousands of keyword suggestions from data updated monthly, support for local data from 171 countries, volume data for 10 different search engines, SERP overview, and position history and keyword difficulty scores.
  • Rank Tracker: Monitor your Google rankings over desktop and mobile, track progress, and also identify if your website ranks against 13 SERP features.

Plans/pricing: Lite plan ($99/month), Standard plan ($179/month), Advanced plan ($399/month) and Agency plan ($999/month) – all billed on a monthly basis. With the annual plans, you get two months free.

Free demo or trial Customer support Review score
7-day trials are available on the Lite and Standard plans for $7 each (No free trials) Help center, access to private Ahref’s Insider Facebook community, 24-hour chat support (M-F); Twitter support 4.67 (548 reviews)

Google Search Console

google-search-console-logoGoogle Search Console (GSC) is a great keyword monitoring tool that you can use completely for free. Given that Google gives you data straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak, it’s easy to understand why some marketers are known to rely on GSC exclusively for keyword insights.

You do have to go through a setup process that involves linking the console to your website before you can start to use it. It is best used in conjunction with Google’s other free tool, Google Analytics.

Key features

  • Performance report: Find out the keywords that your website is ranking for and accurately identify key metrics such as the total number of clicks, total number of impressions, the average Click-Through Rate (CTR), and average position.
  • Error and non-indexing notifications: Find out when and why certain pages haven’t been indexed so you can make the necessary fixes
  • URL inspection tool: Understand your URL’s performance from a technical perspective so you can optimize as needed.

Plans/pricing: All of GSC’s features are free to use!

Free demo or trial Customer support Review score
Completely free tool! Help center, help community, knowledge base 4.62 (63 reviews)


semrush-logoSemrush is often cited as a popular alternative to Ahrefs for marketers and businesses in search of a great all-in-one toolset inclusive of keyword monitoring and tracking. Semrush packs in a whopping 40+ tools in its plans, including keyword research tools, on-page SEO tools, as well as competitor research, content marketing, rank tracking, and link building tools

Key features

  • Keyword research: Identify keyword value, judge estimated value and competition for any keyword. Analyze up to 1,000 keywords at a time and track SERP changes in real-time. Also, identify best-performing keywords for your niche.
  • Rank tracking: Track keyword positions, domains, as well as competitors on Google. Track campaign progress, identify and fix cannibalization, and perform SEO based on the most accurate data available.
  • Link building: Audit your backlink profiles, stay up-to-date on competitors’ linking strategies, and identify backlink gaps.

Plans/pricing: Pro plan ($119.95/month), Guru plan ($229.95/month), and a Business plan ($449.95/month) – all billed on a monthly basis. With annual plans, you get up to a 16% discount. Contact Semrush for a custom Enterprise plan solution.

Free demo or trial Customer support Review score
7-day free trial (Pro and Guru plans) Custom training sessions, onboarding support, and regular health checks, knowledge base, Academy for free digital marketing courses, webinars, Marketing Scoop podcast, ebooks, ticket submission, email, phone 4.58 (2,479 reviews)


moz-logoMoz Pro is Moz’s popular all-in-one suite of SEO tools. Moz, earlier known as SEOMoz, is the brainchild of Rand Fishkin and Gillian Muessig who were instrumental in creating awareness about SEO by making it more accessible and easy-to-understand for the masses.

In addition to the SEO functionalities, Moz Pro also supports custom PDF reporting with drag-and-drop modules and annotations together with report scheduling.

Key features

  • Keyword Explorer: Target keywords using strategic insights into keyword volumes and difficulty metrics. Save keyword lists that you can track and update based on your needs.
  • Rank Tracking: Track local and national searches and use Moz Pro’s Search Visibility Score to perform keyword monitoring for ranking.
  • Site Crawl: Get alerts on potential issues that could be preventing search engines from crawling your sites so you can fix them quickly.

Plans/pricing: Moz Pro comes in four different plans: Standard plan ($99/month), Medium plan ($149/month), Large plan ($249/month) and a Premium plan ($599/month) – all billed on a monthly basis. With annual plans, you get up to 20% savings. Contact Semrush for a custom Enterprise plan solution.

Free demo or trial Customer support Review score
30-day free trial (Medium plan) 1-on-1 walkthrough and 24-hour online support (Pro plans), knowledge resources, Moz Q&A community forum, Moz Academy (additional fee) 4.42 (603 reviews)


ubersuggestUbersuggest is a domain and keyword analysis all-in-one SEO tool that has been developed by top-ranked web influencer Neil Patel. Ubersuggest provides search volumes and seasonal variations for each of your specific keywords, working up to 12 months backwards.

It’s currently one of the more competitively priced keyword monitoring tools in the market, making it an affordable add-on for individuals and small businesses.

Key features

  • Keyword discovery: Identify keywords that are the most profitable so you can strategically drive your marketing efforts.
  • Backlink data: Track existing links and find opportunities for new high-quality links.
  • Daily rank tracking: Monitor keyword rankings daily for changes on both desktop and mobile across over 20 locations.

Plans/pricing: Ubersuggest offers three competitive monthly pricing plans: an Individual plan ($12/month), a Business plan ($20/month), and an Enterprise/Agency plan ($40/month).

Ubersuggest is also offered with a one-time license fee: Individual plan ($120), Business plan ($200), and Enterprise/Agency ($400)

Free demo or trial Customer support Review score
7-day free trial (all plans) Step-by-step SEO training, bi-weekly coaching and Q&A calls, 24/7 email support 3.6 (8 reviews)

SE Ranking

seranking-logoSE Ranking is an accurate and exhaustive keyword rank tracker tool that helps you monitor keywords across 5 major search engines (namely Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, and YouTube) for both mobile and desktop devices.

Aside from keyword tracking or keyword rank tracking, SE Ranking also supports in-depth website auditing, checking and monitoring backlinks, an on-page SEO checker, and white labeling.

Key features

  • Go beyond keyword tracking: SE Ranking helps you track Google Ads rankings, Google Maps results, and SERP features such as snippets and videos. Also, get the same results for up to five competitors at once.
  • B2B options: White-label your keyword rank tracker when working with clients, use the API if you want more functionality, and create sub-accounts for multi-level access to data and projects.
  • Page changes monitoring: Track specific web pages for changes to manage the performance of an SEO strategy, get intelligence into new products and service innovations released by competitors, and be aware of and fix malicious code changes and defacement attacks.

Plans/pricing: SE Ranking offers three pricing plans that are dependent on ranking check frequency (daily, every three days, or weekly) and the duration of the subscription (one, three, six, nine months, or an annual subscription).

The pricing plans available for daily rank checking for a one-month subscription are: Optimum plan ($39/month for 250 keywords), Plus plan ($89/month for 1000 keywords), and an Enterprise plan ($189/month for 2500 keywords). Discounts increase progressively as your subscription duration and ranking check frequency increases.
Contact SE Ranker for a custom plan.

Free demo or trial Customer support Review score
Free 14-day trial (Optimum plan, includes white label feature), live demo, demo account available to view on website Help area, knowledge base, FAQ, phone, email 4.8 (853 reviews)


webceo-logoWeb CEO provides more than 22 online SEO tools, branded SEO reporting that can be scanned and scheduled, and a turn-key White-Label SEO platform on your own domain.

According to Web CEO, their Agency Task Manager, Dangerous Competitors Finder, and Competitor Backlink Spy are the best performing tools in the industry

Key features

  • Keyword research and rank tracking tools: The tools have a large list of features, including but not limited to: being able to monitor rankings for your site as well as your competitors’ sites from over 370 local and global search engines, and finding the most effective keywords from Google Ads Keyword Planner, Google autocomplete, related searches, and ‘people also ask’.
  • Online SEO tools for site audits: Perform technical audits, internal links analysis, SEO analysis, and generate an XML sitemap in minutes.
  • Online SEO tools for link earnings: Includes a backlink checker tool, content submission tool, partner links watch, competitor link profiling, and the Competitor Backlink Spy tool.

Plans/pricing: Web CEO has four different plans: Solo plan ($35/month), Startup plan ($99/month), Corporate plan ($299/month), and a pay-as-you-grow Agency plan ($99/month + extra for scanning charges). Subscribing to annual plans gives you a 25% discount.

Free demo or trial Customer support Review score
14-day free trial, live demo through Skype Trainings (via Skype), 24-hour email support (M-F), live chat support during business hours 4.61 (98 reviews)


surfer-logoSurfer’s key USP is data-driven content strategy, and their tools are designed to help you make the most out of keyword-based content research, planning, and writing.

They recently released their free Chrome extension that gives you keyword ideas and search volumes, and their Content Editor tool now integrates with both Google Docs and WordPress.

Key features

  • SERP analyzer: Identify optimal keyword density (how many times the keyword needs to feature in your content), compare with the competition, and find link-building opportunities. Also, analyze common patterns in the results from the top pages.
  • Keyword research: Get more keyword ideas by entering in one keyword, figure out how to best match user intent, and use the easy interface to get started straight away with an action plan.
  • Keyword surfer: This free Chrome extension for keyword and content research helps you find keyword opportunities inclusive of similar keywords, and get in-depth data from top-ranking pages, such as monthly traffic and required word content

Plans/pricing: Surfer offers six different plans: Hobby plan ($29/month), Basic plan ($59/month), Pro plan ($99/month), Business plan ($199/month), Business+ plan ($650/month). and the Enterprise plan which is a custom plan – all billed on a monthly basis. Discounts are available if you decide to subscribe to the annual plans.

Free demo or trial Customer support Review score
7-day trial for $1 (no free trial) On-demand personal walkthrough (all plans, except Hobby), weekly walkthroughs, courses, live chat, email 4.8 (16 reviews)

SEO PowerSuite

seo-powersuiteSEO PowerSuite provides full-scale SEO for individuals as well as businesses and teams. The suite consists of four tools that cover keyword research, keyword ranking monitoring, backlinks, on-page and content data, mobile SEO, social media, analytics, and reports.

Key features

  • Profound keyword research: Discover tons of profitable keywords which you can easily optimize with the software’s 17 keyword research methods and metrics inclusive of keyword difficulty.
  • Advanced rank tracking: Monitor organic and universal rankings across over 300 search engines, match keywords to landing pages, and easily track progress made over time.
  • AdWords and analytics integration: Includes a backlink checker. Obtain data on important metrics like competition, search volumes, CPC, page visits, bounce rates, traffic through keywords and backlinks by syncing SEO PowerSuite with your Google AdWords and Analytics accounts.

Plans/pricing: SEO PowerSuite has three plans to choose from: a Free plan, a Professional Plan ($299/year), and an Enterprise plan ($699/year). Subscribing to annual plans gives you a 25% discount.

Free demo or trial Customer support Review score
Free plan with limited features, free demo Ticket support, knowledge base, FAQ, learning center/hub, video tutorials, tool workflow guide, how-to guide 4.15 (171 reviews)


accurankerAccuRanker claims to be the world’s fastest and most accurate rank tracker that just also happens to be cloud-based. Owing to the sophistication of its features, AccuRanker is ideal for SEO professionals, agencies, and brands who want in-depth data on-demand. The product has been on the market since 2013 and has been able to earn a solid reputation since then.

Key features

  • Share of voice: Get a bird’s eye view of your organic rank position and its potential, filtered for levels or segments (keywords, tags, landing pages, custom views)
    Tagging and landing pages: Measure the impact of your SEO strategy and organize large keyword data with the tool’s tag cloud and landing page features.
    In-depth analysis: Exhaustive organization features that enable you to arrange your data view the way you want to.

Plans/pricing: AccuRanker comes in a monthly and yearly plan. The costs are dependent on the number of keywords that need to be analyzed. The monthly plan starts at $109/month for up to 1,000 keywords. A 10% discount is applicable on the yearly plans.

Free demo or trial Customer support Review score
14-day free trial, free demo Help articles, email, phone 4.79 (184 reviews)

Authority Labs

authority-labs-logoAuthority Labs has a rank tracker, as well as a data services solution. Use the Rank Tracker to monitor your SEO performance, automate local rank tracking, and recover the ‘not provided’ keywords often missed by other keyword monitoring tools. Authority Labs also provides competitor data and unlimited user logins for the software at no additional cost.

Key features

  • Hyper-localized rank tracking: Get hyper-localized city, zip code, and GPS coordinates-based data, in every country and language offered by Google, Yahoo!, and Bing for desktop, mobile, and tablet rankings
  • Not Provided Reports: Get a list of the most important keywords labelled as ‘not provided’ by other solutions and find new keyword opportunities
  • Create custom reports: Combine rank tracking data with Google Data Studio and data from Google Search Ads, and various other sources to create beautifully designed custom reports.

Plans/pricing: Authority Labs has four different plans: Plus plan ($49/month), Pro plan ($99/month), Pro Plus plan ($225/month), and an Enterprise plan ($450/month). Subscribing to annual plans gives you a 25% discount.

Free demo or trial Customer support Review score
14-day free trial, free demo Contact form, scheduled calls 4.53 (33 reviews)

Advanced Web Ranking

advanced-web-ranking-logoAdvanced Web Ranking (AWR) has been in the industry for over 19 years and has built a reputation for creating rank monitoring software that’s reliable, accurate, and rock-solid in performance. The AWR subscription plan allows for unlimited websites and users, and is also easy to manage and scale at will.

Key features

Accurate on-demand rankings: The AWR rank tracker helps you monitor website rankings in over 4000 search engines from more than 170 countries. You can schedule your ranking reports or run them on demand.
Customizable reporting: Use WYSIWYG reporting with 100+ widgets, white-labelled live reports sharing, and automatic exports for 3rd party integrations to create custom reports for clients, teams, and executives.
Research competitive keywords: Use keyword difficulty metrics to get specific into optimization strength required to rank and get the complete low-down on keyword research including SERP data, traffic potential, and search intent.

Plans/pricing: Advanced Web Ranking has four different pricing plans: Starter plan ($49/month), Pro plan ($99/month), Agency plan ($199/month), and an Enterprise plan (from $499/month). You get a 10% discount on yearly plans. Custom packages for agencies with large volumes are also available.

Free demo or trial Customer support Review score
30-day free trial Help pages, video tutorials, guides, phone support 4.48 (44 reviews)


brightlocal-logoBrightLocal is a fantastic tool to consider if you’re looking specifically at local search optimization. Given that it has such a specific niche, you will find a lot of local-specific features you won’t be able to find elsewhere. Another plus is that BrightLocal’s solutions are generally budget-friendly, making it accessible to even small businesses that want to rank locally.

Key features

  • Local SEO tools: Track local rankings, audit citations and local SEO, report on multiple locations, and connect Google Analytics.
  • Reputation manager: Get a steady stream of reviews through SMS, email, and in-store campaigns. Monitor the reviews across a selection of over 80 general and niche sites, and showcase your best reviews.
  • Citation builder: Build citations on key sites, and own and keep your listings with no recurring fees.

Plans/pricing: BrightLocal has three plans: Single Business Plan ($29/month), Multi business plan ($49/month), and an SEO Pro plan ($79/month).

There is also a specific plan to monitor, generate, and showcase reviews called Just Reviews which you can obtain for $8/month. Annual plans give you two months off. A custom enterprise plan is also available if you have more than 100 locations.

Free demo or trial Customer support Review score
14-day free trial, free demo Webinars, help center, chat support 4.57 (169 reviews)


serpstat-logoSerpstat is another top-rated all-in-one SEO platform that provides over 30 tools for SEO professionals, marketing experts, and digital marketing agencies.

Conduct a whole site analysis, analyze competitors, collect semantics, check backlinks, carry out an audit, and perform clustering and daily rank tracking. Serpstat also provides API access for any tool or pricing plan.

Key features

  • Keyword research: Find all keyword options, similar keywords and suggestions. Create a content plan for your blog with the help of search questions. Collect volume, keyword difficulty and competition, and so much more.
  • Rank tracking tool: Just some of the features available on this tool include tracking site ranking worldwide, keyword grouping by tags, tracking the ranks of your closest competitors, and tracking market share with analyzed keywords.
  • Competitor analysis tool: Collect your competitors’ best keywords for SEO and PPC, find out their most popular pages for traffic, and spy on all their ads.

Plans/pricing: Serpstat has four different plans: Lite plan ($69/month), Standard plan ($149/month), Advanced plan ($299/month), and an Enterprise plan ($499/month). Subscribing to annual plans gives you a 20% discount. You can also create a custom plan if you have more data.

Free demo or trial Customer support Review score
Free trial, free demo Knowledge base, academy, chat support 4.62 (530 reviews)


agency-analytics-logoAgencyAnalytics is an all-in-one reporting platform for agencies that offers SEO, PPC, social, email, review, and call-tracking dashboards. The Canadian product first came out in 2009 under the name ‘My SEO Tool’. AgencyAnalytics has several plug-and-play dashboard and report templates that you can also make use of to better organize your data views and reporting functions.

Key features

  • Rank tracker: Monitor rankings daily on Google and Bing. Track keywords locally as well as internationally in the language of your choice.
  • Site audit: Identify, prioritize, and fix technical SEO audit issues that could be preventing your site from ranking.
  • Backlink monitor: Monitor your complete backlink profile and analyze key metrics such as trust flow, anchor text, and so on.

Plans/pricing: AgencyAnalytics has three different plans: Freelancer plan ($49/month), Agency plan ($149/month), and an Enterprise plan ($399/month). Subscribing to annual plans gives you a 20% discount.

Free demo or trial Customer support Review score
14-day free trial, free demo Help center; chat support 4.83 (209 reviews)

Pro Rank Tracker

pro-rank-trackerPro Rank Tracker is best suited for professionals and seasoned digital marketers. Its core functionalities are rank tracking, analysis, and reporting. Pro Rank Tracker supports tracking across Google, Yahoo!, Bing, YouTube, and Amazon.

Key features

  • Highest accuracy algorithm: Pro Rank Tracker’s algorithm is guaranteed by its creators to outperform any competitor in terms of giving you the most accurate, up-to-date results on your website rankings to the top 100 results.
  • Daily and on-demand updates: Get automated daily rank tracking for your chosen keywords as well as on-demand updates.
  • Easy-to-use web-based tracking: Pro Rank Tracker is cloud-based so you can access it from anywhere without the need for downloads or installations.

Plans/pricing: Pro Rank Tracker has four different plans: a Free plan, Starter plan (starting from $13.50/month), Pro plan (starting from $89/month). and an Agency plan (starting from $180/month) + extra for scanning charges). Subscribing to annual plans gives you a 20% discount.

Free demo or trial Customer support Review score
Free plan, free demo Video tutorials, ticket support with 24-hour response time 4.63 (131 reviews)

SEO Monitor

seo-monitorThe last (but certainly not least) software solution on our list is SEO Monitor, specifically geared towards agencies. SEO Monitor distinguishes itself from other keyword monitoring tools in the market with its superior processes embedded into one intuitive easy-to-use interface.

An interesting feature unique to SEO Monitor is its pitching campaign, which does a one-time crawl and visibility check for the day on ranks and search volumes. This is available to all agency-level accounts. It can assess the current performance of a website and its competitive landscape, and set up forecast scenarios.

Key features

  • Keyword research: Just some of the features for keyword research include automatic keyword suggestions, personalised keyword difficulty estimates, real-time ranks for any keyword, CPC data, and year-over-year trends.
  • Rank tracking: Effortlessly manage rank trackings with visibility and opportunity scores, automatic Google update annotations, custom CTRs for each SERP, a rank checker extension, and so much more.
  • API and Data Studio: Get free API access to all ranking data, plug and play Data Studio templates, and integration with Data Studio and Google Sheets.

Plans/pricing: SEO Monitor has just one plan. It costs $237/month for a minimum of 4,000 keywords and one website, but you essentially pay only for what you use.

Free demo or trial Customer support Review score
Free trial Learning center, email, phone N/A


Getting high-quality targeted traffic is necessary for the success of your business. If your niche is particularly competitive, you need keyword rank monitoring tools that can help you identify what you can do better and help you sustain your positions over the long-term. Use our list to pick the tool that is right for your business needs.