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what is a partner program

What Is a Partner Program? [+ How to Leverage One]

What is a partner program, and how can it help your business grow? Learn what partnership programs are, types of programs, and how to build a successful partner program for you and your partners’ needs.

benefits of affiliate marketing

Top 15 Benefits of Affiliate Marketing [For Businesses And Affiliates]

For businesses, affiliate marketing is a great way to open new markets and generate sales through the power of trust. And for creators, affiliate marketing can create a reliable passive income stream. Learn the top 10 benefits of affiliate marketing for brands, plus five bonus ways that it benefits content creators. 

partner program template

How to Create a Partner Program Template That Works

Developing a successful partnership program requires creating a roadmap that doesn’t miss out on the essentials. A partner program template can help you do just that. Learn how to create your own partner program template or use our customizable readymade template here.