It seems like we are on some sort of hamster wheel trying to find the best algorithm for an SEO victory. For whatever reason, SEO rules seem to change on the regular. This makes it difficult for anyone in the blogging world to keep up with the standards. This is why reading an SEO blog is helpful.

Reading articles keeps you up to date in the ever-changing world of the internet. The easiest way to stay fluent in this SEO conundrum is to subscribe to a couple of SEO blogs. Who wouldn’t enjoy staying fresh with the latest rules? Plus, you can learn a lot about other aspects of business too.

Our favorite SEO blogs

Let’s get to the point. Here are our favorite SEO-related blogs. We will add more blogs to the list eventually… but at the moment these are our top reads.

The Moz Blog

Moz is all about SEO. They have a super popular SEO blog and for a good reason. There are a ton of good reads, how-tos, and insights for upping your SEO. Plus, there is always fresh content Meaning, you’ll be able to stay up with the times. Keep your eyes peeled for content written by popular experts like Rand Fishkin and Larry Kim. Bonus: Moz is in the business of powering up your online visibility. They specialize in SEO software – so if you need extra help, check out their main website.

Our favorite thing: Details, details, details. They know how to get down to the nitty-gritty and give super detailed insight.


The majority of this blog is all about Blogging, making money online, and digital marketing strategies. So, if you need advice or tips, BloggersIdeas is the ideal place to learn all top notch marketing strategies. Not to mention, they have a whole bunch of top digital marketing expert interviews, from people like Neil Patel and Rand Fishkin. They are one of the more engaging internet marketing blogs out there in the digital space.

Our favorite thing: Their in depth content and video interview series with experts are valuable to newbies & advanced marketers.

HubSpot Blogs

A marketers dream. Literally. HubSpot has a few different channels for their blog, and one channel is dedicated to marketing. This means it’s SEO article and tips galore. On top of having an epic blog, they come full force with marketing and sales software. Oh yeah, not to mention they offer free classes on these topics as well. So, be sure to browse their main website after getting a few good reads! Our favorite thing:

Our favorite thing: Their blogs are written in a way that makes them super easy to understand. Kudos for being reader-friendly!

Search Engine Land

A whole section of this blog is specific to SEO. So, if you need advice or tips, this is the place to go and read. Not to mention, they have a whole bunch of other advice ranging from SEM to Google all the way to Mobile. They pretty much cover all their bases, so you can read and get tips on pretty much anything your heart desires. Plus, they are one of the most popular blogs on this subject!

Our favorite thing: It’s easy to find a ton of information on a specific topic, plus it always up to date.


It’s in the name. They write about all sorts of things relating to data and metrics, including SEO. Kissmetrics is the blog to read if you’re looking for in-depth information. They cover all topics in great detail,  the pages are crawling with information. Plus, they post regularly, so you can always stay in the loop. Don’t forget to check out their main website if you need help with analytics.

Our favorite thing: Plenty to read on SEO, plus reading and brushing up on other data and metrics is a bonus.


This blog focuses on all things marketing. They cover a lot of different content marketing strategies. Just take a look at their tags, there are a ton of topics to read, including SEO. Their content is updated quite frequently, so you may be able to catch a few different articles on SEO each week. Nifty, right? Definitely, check out their main website, they can help with everything from analytics to projects.

Our favorite thing: Content to read for all SEO users (beginners to advanced).

Tell us your favorite SEO blog

We know there are some really great blogs out there. Please let us know what your favorites are, we’d love to check them out and add them to our list!