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More sharing, more often from all your fans

Generate more shares vs waiting for word of mouth to happen

Discover how Referral Rock generates more shares for any business

Easy share access

Incentives that align

Keep advocates in the loop

Join 1,000+ companies getting more shares

How our platform gets more shares

We measure everything that matters for a highly effective referral program

Embed sharing in your customer lifecycle

  • Seamless sharing throughout customer touchpoints with our widget or automatically generated share URLs
  • Easy integrations with your email automations, help desk, and ecommerce systems
  • For no developer, quick launch option, you can use the fully hosted portal to just sent advocates to a link
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Configure incentives that align with your brand

  • Unlimited payout options like gift cards, coupons/credits, PayPal, give aways, donations, & any other custom payouts you want
  • Design the rule structures with double-sided, milestone, time-limited, & first-time bump reward options
  • Make reward management easy with the payout scheduler, advanced fraud rules, & automated reward fulfillment features

Keep advocates in the loop

  • Full function member portal for advocates to track their referrals, come back to share more, and collect rewards
  • Built-in notifications for monthly, event-based, and time-based
  • Send members direct email campaigns right from the platform

What makes Referral Rock special?

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"Referral Rock has made the best customer referral software! It's super easy to manage and track analytics. The intuitive user interface simplifies the process for our members and staff."

Jay Brown Digital Marketing, YMCA of Metro Atlanta

"Experience has been great. The software has been able to do everything I wanted. Every time I've had a question or ran into an issue, customer support team helped figure out a solution right away."

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Emily Jarrett Senior Manager Digital Campaigns, Random House

"A turnkey referral program software that allowed our team to automate our campaigns in days instead of months. The team is constantly innovating new features. Their hands-on support is impossible to beat."

Alex Furmansky Founder, Budsies

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