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13 Brand Ambassador Software Program Solutions to Compare

Planning to start a brand ambassador program? Brand ambassador software can make the process easier.

Today, we’ll provide a comprehensive review of 12 different brand ambassador software programs (plus one bonus), to help you pick the right software program for your business’ needs.

But what is brand ambassador software, and what is it not? Why is brand ambassador software so helpful? What factors should you consider when selecting brand ambassador software? We’ll cover all that as well.

What is brand ambassador software?

Manually searching social media for people who have mentioned your brand can be time-consuming and frustrating. Usually, you’re only able to find posts with your specific brand hashtag or ones where you have been tagged.

But brand ambassador software lets you comb social media for people who have shared and engaged with your brand or products, and see who is talking about you online. It enables you to easily find posts that mention your brand, your products, certain keywords, and search for potential ambassadors based on demographics and niche.

Key features of brand ambassador software

Once you’ve found people who seem like great potential ambassadors, brand ambassador software will help you reach out to them and stay in touch. Some top software programs even offer analytics and other features to track an ambassador’s performance, so you can easily see how well your program is doing.

And if you’re wondering how to pay brand ambassadors fairly for their hard work, many brand
ambassador software programs let you set up point systems where completed tasks are logged and tallied towards incentives.

A general list of key brand ambassador software features include:

  • Ability to recruit and manage brand ambassadors
  • Easy real-time communication between brands and ambassadors
  • Means to verify social posts and other ambassador tasks
  • Analytical tools for referrals, sales, and overall reach
  • A system to issue and track ambassador rewards (i.e., coupons, codes, gift cards)
  • Storage and management for user generated content (UGC)

Who should use brand ambassador software?

Brand ambassadors have become a popular means of promoting products and services. Brand ambassador programs and software are especially recommended for businesses in a highly competitive or commoditized industry, or ones that sell more expensive items. The right ambassador allows a brand to stand out and establishes a level of trust in the market.

Businesses targeting a specific niche (i.e., sportswear, organic food, gamers) may also benefit from having a notable personality promoting their product or service.

However, ambassador programs – and therefore, brand ambassador software – only works if your brand identity and brand story are established. It also helps if you already have a social media presence. Once these are in place, the right brand ambassador software ensures a smooth integration with your existing operations.

Benefits of using brand ambassador software

Most brands start out managing their ambassador programs using spreadsheets and standard messaging tools. While this does the trick, all the information can get a bit tangled when you scale to 10 or more ambassadors. There are so many ambassadors, platforms, and post mentions to keep track of that using brand ambassador software just makes more sense.

The main benefit of using brand ambassador software (or almost any software, really) is efficiency. Software tools specific to your needs help save time and money, especially when compared to paid ads or sponsorships. Plus, no matter what type of brand ambassador participates in your program, this marketing strategy is fairly organic and yields much greater ROI than traditional PPC.

If brand ambassador software isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, there are many other tools to help with your marketing needs. Consider advocate marketing software as a way to increase word of mouth, or pick from an assortment of digital marketing tools and create your own software stack.

Our software evaluation criteria

To help you get your brand ambassador program off to a good start, our team has done in-depth research on the leading brand ambassador software tools. We used the following criteria to evaluate our brand ambassador software list:

Evaluation criteria Description
PricingHow much does the software cost? What different plans are available? Are you required to commit for an entire year, or are monthly plans available?
Free demo or trialDoes the company offer a free trial or demo period for you to try out the software before purchase?
Customer supportHow does the company help assist you when using the software? What are the ways you can contact them for questions or issues?
Review scoreHow do existing users of the brand ambassador software rate the program? Based on an aggregate score from top review sites, our rating is out of 5 stars and indicates how many people were included in the software review.
Key featuresWhat makes this brand ambassador software stand out? We’ve broken down the top features of each, such as brand mention searches, gamification features, ambassador management tools, and ambassador tracking.


13 top brand ambassador software solutions

Based on the above criteria, we came up with 13 of the most recommended brand ambassador software. Please note: The software is not in any particular order of rating or recommendation. Our aim is to put together a complete source of brand ambassador software, and give you a clear picture of all the available options.

Now, on to our list of brand ambassador software programs.

SoftwarePricingFree demo or trialCustomer supportReview score
SocialToasterStarting at $200/monthDemo availableEmail, phone, live chat3.9 stars (18 reviews)
CrewfireStarting at $59/monthFree trial available Email, phone, live chat, instructional guidesn/a
Brand24Starting at $49/monthFree trial availableEmail, phone, knowledge base, instructional videos4.7 stars (313 reviews)
Zuberancen/aDemo availableClose contact with Zuberance team through every step of building and running your program4.5 stars (11 reviews)
BrandChampStarting at $195/monthDemo available Dedicated customer success manager, live chat, email, ebooks and “playbooks,” “Relationship Marketing University” (email course)5 stars (1 review)
Influitive AdvocateHubn/aDemo availableEmail, chat, phone, knowledge base, webinars4.55 stars (448 reviews)
Brand Ambassadorn/aDemo available Email, phone, chatn/a
MobilizeStarting at $799/monthFree plan available; demo also availableEmail, phone, Advanced support with SLA and dedicated success manager with higher-level plans4.6 stars (35 reviews)
AwarioStarting at $29/monthFree trial availableEmail, help center, guides, video tutorials, account manager (with higher-level plans)4.3 stars (67 reviews)
BrandBassadorn/aDemo availableEmail, chat, resource hubn/a
Social Seedern/aDemo availableChat, email, ebooks, webinars5 stars (4 reviews)
Ambassifyn/aDemo availableChat, email, phone, resource hub4.4 stars (4 reviews)
Referral RockStarting at $200/monthDemo available; free trial also availableDedicated Success Manager, In-App Chat, Knowledge Base, Email Support4.5 stars (47 reviews)


social toaster

With SocialToaster, customers and other potential brand advocates can sign up for a virtual “fan club” centered around your brand. All they have to do is complete a simple form and connect their social media accounts. These superfans can then share specific pieces of branded content via social media in exchange for accumulated points for every time they share. Plus, they also get points each time their friends reshare or click on their content. Sharing gives plenty of opportunities for fans to earn prizes. SocialToaster also makes it easy to promote user-generated content through contests.

PricingFree demo or trialCustomer supportReview score
$200-$1000/month; enterprise plan also availableDemo availableEmail, phone, live chat3.9 stars (18 reviews)

Key features

Solid gamification: Fans accumulate points when they share content, get friends to view and engage with the content, and when their friends reshare their messages or join the “fan club” themselves. Fans also have the opportunity to complete interactive branded challenges for points. Thanks to a leaderboard, fans can see where they rank in comparison to others, earn achievement badges, and check the details of their sharing and points history. There are also giveaways and contests where fans compete to win prizes on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Tracking by fan: SocialToaster lets you track sharing by individual fan, which helps to identify your brand’s most engaged superfans. Tracking lets you easily screen your network of fans, and determine who generates the most engagement and enthusiasm to be your ambassadors.

UGC contests: Higher-level plans let you run contests to drive user-generated content (UGC), such as photos and videos, with specific themes. This is an authentic way for advocates to share their own perspectives about your brand, and for you to reward the strongest content.

Our take

Although we love the gamification feature, the UGC contest management feature, and the ability to identify top advocates, we wish that SocialToaster would let fans customize the messages the brand encourages them to post via the platform. SocialToaster requires fans to share exact messages that your brand writes in order to earn points, with no opportunity to personalize based on their situation and audience.

True brand ambassadorship is all about using your own authentic voice and messaging to promote a brand, rather than just parroting messages your brand feeds them. However, with its tracking features, SocialToaster is a great way to identify your engaged fans – the ones you want to eventually become full-fledged brand ambassadors.



CrewFire’s brand ambassador software is committed to helping you “dominate social media” by “leveraging your entire fan- and customer-base to drive more awareness, traffic, and sales than ever before.” (They’re so passionate about this, they mention it four times in a row!) Like SocialToaster, CrewFire also uses a “fanbase” model that encourages brand ambassadors to share content and earn points. But CrewFire boasts important differences: your brand is in charge of recruiting ambassadors, and ambassadors can personalize their posts.

PricingFree demo or trialCustomer supportReview score
$59-599/month; enterprise plan also availableFree trial availableEmail, phone, live chat, instructional guidesNo reviews available

Key features

Controlled access: Only the people your brand has identified as optimum ambassadors can access the program, using a unique login that you provide. This login allows CrewFire to connect to their Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account, for easy tracking.

One-click sharing, but with personalization:  Your brand can push out campaigns (suggested content for sharing) through email and SMS. With one click, your ambassadors can review the suggested content for that campaign’s post, but they are then invited to personalize it to fit their unique voice (CrewFire understands how important authenticity is). Once they’re satisfied, they can post their message to their social media account via CrewFire.

Gamification: Ambassadors earn points for each share, and can redeem them for one of the rewards on your set list. Leaderboards also let ambassadors see how they rank compared to others.

Tracking: Track shares of your brand hashtag and eventual conversions according to each of your ambassadors. Identify just how active each of your ambassadors is, and re-engage less active ambassadors through surveys. You can even divide up your team of ambassadors into smaller groups and track each group.

Our take

CrewFire delivers convenience for both your brand and your ambassadors, with a dose of all-important authenticity. We love that it’s easy for your brand to share campaigns, and your ambassadors to share with their followers, while personalizing the posts in their own voice.

However, you’ll need another tool to find the right ambassadors for you, as CrewFire is only built for running an ambassador program with advocates you’ve already recruited.



Brand24 is a social monitoring software, so it’s all about keeping a close eye on what people are saying about you online, in real time. From a brand ambassador program perspective, this streamlines your search for enthusiastic, authentic ambassadors via social media, and then lets you keep tabs on what each of your ambassadors posts.

PricingFree demo or trialCustomer supportReview score
$49-$399/monthFree trial availableEmail, phone, knowledge base, instructional videos4.7 stars (313 reviews)

Key features

Real-time social media monitoring: Brand24 alerts you to social media and other online mentions of your brand name, relevant keywords, relevant phrases, and hashtags as they happen. And their sentiment analysis lets you identify the positive mentions you’re seeking right away. You can quickly scan the mentions, find engaged and authentic potential ambassadors, and reach out to them quickly – all through Brand24. Moreover, once you’ve recruited your ambassadors, you can keep track of what they’re posting on a single platform.

Influence score: Each mention that Brand24 finds comes with an “influence score,” or index of the poster’s authority. This is a great factor in choosing an ambassador with solid authority over their audience. You can also view detailed data about the impact of each individual’s post.

Our take

Brand24 is a great choice for finding passionate potential ambassadors in real time, without manual social media searches. And thanks to the influence score, you can simultaneously evaluate authority alongside enthusiasm. It also lets you keep tabs on each ambassador’s efforts, as well as check the overall influence of your entire ambassador program with the same monitoring tools.

However, although it analyzes the reach of each ambassador’s posts, you’ll need to employ other tools to track click-through rate of any links and conversions.



A full-service ambassador platform heavily used by both B2B and B2C companies, Zuberance is committed to building an “advocate army” for your brand. The fully customizable platform identifies potential brand ambassadors for you via surveys, social media, and reviews, and then gives these advocates the tools to create and share branded content from their own authentic perspectives.

Zuberance reports that they’ve run “over 1,000 advocate marketing programs and campaigns for more than 100 consumer and business brands.”

PricingFree demo or trialCustomer supportReview score
n/aDemo availableClose contact with Zuberance team through every step of building and running a brand ambassador program4.5 stars (11 reviews)

Key features

Full-service: Zuberance will set up a personalized ambassador platform for you and assist you in running it, with detailed support from their staff of advocacy experts.

Ambassador identification: Zuberance identifies ambassadors for you through NPS surveys (highlighting only those who are most likely to promote you) and other customer satisfaction surveys. It also uses glowing social media comments and positive reviews to find customers who would make authentic ambassadors.

All-in-one suite of features to amplify ambassador voices: Through a customized advocacy platform tailored to your brand, you can mobilize advocates through email, SMS, and social media with buttons that take ambassadors to your customized Zuberance portal. Here, your ambassadors can publish reviews, photos, videos, stories, testimonials and more, using the social channels and third-party platforms of their choice.

Extensive tracking: Zuberance provides an extensive list of ambassador metrics to track, including the percentages of ambassadors sharing each type of content, estimated reach and impressions per ambassador, and the conversions each ambassador generates.

Our take

If you’re looking for a full-service ambassador software that finds reliable ambassadors through concrete means, provides extensive, consistent support from advocate marketing experts, and organizes everything in one place, Zuberance may be the platform for you. However, the lack of disclosed pricing seems to indicate that Zuberance is best suited for larger businesses.



BrandChamp offers comprehensive tools for growing, managing, and tracking your ambassador program. It gives ambassadors the creative freedom they need, while also making it easy for you to monitor and approve their posts, and automatically reward them for their efforts.

BrandChamp integrates with major e-commerce platforms, and is mainly geared towards this type of business. They’ve assisted hundreds of e-commerce brands, including Healthy Human and JustFab.

PricingFree demo or trialCustomer supportReview score
$195-$1200/month; enterprise plan also availableDemo availableDedicated customer success manager, live chat, email, ebooks and playbooks, Relationship Marketing University email course5 stars (1 review)

Key features

Easy to monitor diverse activities: You can verify and approve their activities on multiple social media platforms from your dashboard in one-click. Furthermore, you can assign specific activities and posting tasks that you’ve agreed upon with a given ambassador, including the rules they need to follow. You can also set up challenges or sequences for ambassadors to complete, and approve each activity in the sequence towards receiving rewards for the finished challenges.

Automated, transparent rewards: Automatically distribute custom rewards when ambassadors have met the requirements you set. For example, you can send ambassadors store credits, discount codes, branded swag, cash, or coupons, among other rewards. Ambassadors can track the approval status of each of their activities and see how far they have to go before earning rewards. You can even issue reward statements each month, with detailed, line-by-line reports.

E-commerce entegration: Brandchamp integrates with Google Analytics, Shopify, WooCommerce, and Amazon, so you can track sales through ambassador discounts, links, and cookies. If you choose to run a commission model, commissions will be calculated for you and credited to ambassador accounts.

Detailed tracking: Track the performance of each post, campaign, and ambassador, including social shares, sales generated, conversion rates, clicks, and engagement. You can even see which activities, tasks, and challenges are most popular and successful with ambassadors, which can help guide your program focus.

Our take

BrandChamp is fully customizable. It gives your brand and ambassadors a great deal of creative freedom, which might even be adapted to reward offline activities (something not many ambassador software can claim). BrandChamp is nearly a full-suite ambassador software. it helps you handle nearly everything except finding ambassadors – you’ll need another software if you want to streamline the ambassador search process.

 Influitive AdvocateHub


Influitive’s AdvocateHub is all about blending curation with gamification. Your brand can present detailed and fully customized challenges to each ambassador, with new, curated suggestions popping up as each challenge is completed. A points system makes it easy to recognize advocates for their hard work. Plus, it’s easy to track your ambassador’s completed efforts.

PricingFree demo or trialCustomer supportReview score
n/aDemo availableEmail, chat, phone, knowledge base, webinars4.55 stars (448 reviews)

Key features

Challenge curation: Set up a number of detailed, engaging challenges for brand ambassadors, from creating specific social media posts, to answering community questions, to providing feedback on the brand. Challenges can be fully customized based on your brand’s needs, and curated for each ambassador based on their preferences, social audience, demographics, and past completion of challenges. Ambassadors can then advance in rank and earn points for certain achievements, which they can redeem for rewards.

Exclusivity for ambassadors: The AdvocateHub lets you grant ambassadors access to exclusive content (i.e., insider info, sneak peeks at new products, guidelines for being an ambassador). You can also run ambassador-only contests and grant ambassadors access to company-led seminars. This is the perfect way to build lasting relationships with ambassadors.

Advocate community: Ambassadors can interact with fellow ambassadors, answer questions, and give each other support. They can also communicate with company representatives, so they’re always in the loop.

Our take

AdvocateHub gamifies ambassador marketing, while promoting community and giving ambassadors the info they need within an exclusive portal. However, the lack of published pricing indicates that Influitive will likely be too expensive for most smaller businesses.

 Brand Ambassador

brand ambassador company logo

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the software called Brand Ambassador covers both the ambassador search and management aspects of a brand ambassador program. It not only grants ambassadors creative freedom, it also facilitates easy tracking and offers robust tracking metrics, including monetary value translation.

PricingFree demo or trialCustomer supportReview score
n/aDemo availableEmail, phone, chatNo reviews available

Key features

Value-centric tracking: Engagement metrics are translated “into actual dollar amounts,” so you can see the ROI of each ambassador, as well as  your ambassadors as a whole.

Balanced personalization and gamification: Directly communicate with ambassadors, suggest types of content for them to post while letting them retain their creative voice, and establish expectations. No matter which types of organic content they post, a gamified points “meter” and the ability to move up tiers can keep ambassadors highly motivated.

Ambassador app: Ambassadors can create and post content, ask questions, and view their engagement statistics and points straight from an app built just for them and your brand. (They can also access these same features from a web portal.)

Our take

Although it’s exciting that Brand Ambassador streamlines the search, management, and tracking aspects of running an ambassador program, they don’t provide much information on their ambassador-finding features beyond a few brief mentions. And of course, a lack of available pricing makes it difficult to compare Brand Ambassador to similar software.



Mobilize is an internal communication platform built to quickly convey information to your employees and representatives. Although Mobilized is mostly focused on communicating with ambassadors, it also assists with the ambassador-finding process.

Notable users of Mobilize include Salesforce and the United Nations. It has also been used as a brand ambassador community management platform for several brands, including top personal shopping community Vinted.

PricingFree demo or trialCustomer supportReview score
Starting at $799/month; Branded and Enterprise plans availableFree plan allows 5 groups, 5 admins, and up to 5,000 members. Demo also available.Email, phone, advanced support with SLA and dedicated success manager with higher-level plans4.6 stars (35 reviews)

Key features

Extensive community: The platform allows you to start and manage community-wide conversations and resources, which help give all your ambassadors the information they need to stay in the loop. Personal conversations are also easy, allowing you to chat one-on-one and give each ambassador a private means to contact you. Ambassadors can converse with each other, access exclusive perks, learn insider info, and celebrate victories together.

Ambassador recruitment: Use Mobilize to create an ambassador application form, and filter potential ambassadors based on demographics, interests, and level of engagement.

Our take

Mobilize is tailored to community-building, so it works well to manage and motivate your ambassador program. Noticeably absent from the platform, however, are all-important tracking features, leaving you to measure ROI through another means.



Awario is a social listening software (in a similar vein to Brand24), which means it monitors the internet to find people already talking about your brand in real time. This allows you to find potential ambassadors who are currently sharing their love for your brand in an enthusiastic, authentic way.

PricingFree demo or trialCustomer supportReview score
$29-$299/month; Enterprise-level plan also availableFree trial availableEmail, help center, guides, video tutorials, account manager (with higher-level plans)4.3 stars (67 reviews)

Key features

Real-time mention monitoring: After you input your brand name and other relevant keywords into Awario, the platform will alert you to mentions of your brand as they happen. From there, you can tag these mentions as positive or negative and score them based on the user’s reach, so you can find the best authoritative voices who genuinely love your brand. Also, if the user is on social media, Awario will show the number of previous mentions by that user.

Streamline searches: Use Boolean logic to track very specific mentions of your brand or other keyword, and use negative keywords to exclude irrelevant mentions.

Instant engagement: Reply to and reshare mentions right from Awario. This is great for contacting potential ambassadors or reposting ambassadors’ content straight to your brand’s own account.

Our take

Like Brand24, Awario is a great choice to help you find and screen brand ambassadors based on real-time mentions. We love that Awario lets you see the number of times a prospective ambassador has mentioned you, and that you can reply to the ambassador directly from Awario. However, you will still need another tool if you’re hoping to automate the management and tracking aspects of your ambassador program.


Brandbassador company

BrandBassador is an app-based ambassador marketing platform that gamifies ambassadorship, while making it easier to scale your program (and company as a whole). Prospective ambassadors can apply to your program through the app and, if they’re accepted, are provided all the information they need to represent your brand.

Meanwhile, management and tracking is made easy for your brand via an admin dashboard. BrandBassador says they’ve helped brands harness the power of over 300,000 ambassadors who have reached over 2 billion sets of eyes!

PricingFree demo or trialCustomer supportReview score
n/aDemo availableEmail, chat, resource hubNo reviews available

Key features

App-based Ambassador Hub: Ambassadors access all they need to represent your brand within an app. Missions to earn points and tiered ranks gamify the task process, with ambassadors able to see all their missions, points, and monetary value of rewards earned straight from their dashboard. BrandBassador automates the process of assigning these missions and rewarding ambassadors based on their value to your brand, although missions are fully customizable on your end.

Tracks what matters: Track sales through links and ambassador discount codes, and view your program’s sales stats on your dashboard (which can be organized by preferred time period).

Plug-and-play integrations: Easily integrates with major e-commerce platforms, such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento.

Our take

BrandBassador brings a wealth of experience in running brand ambassador programs and gamifies the experience for ambassadors in a way that can apply to both online and offline endeavors. Plus, the tracking dashboard makes it easy to check the ROI of your ambassador program. But, as is the case with some other programs on this list, the lack of published pricing makes it difficult to fully compare BrandBassador to other options.

Social Seeder

social seeder

Social Seeder’s brand ambassador software is aimed at driving advocacy from employee-ambassadors, but it also works for engaging other fans. It’s an all-in-one solution that makes it easy for employee-ambassadors to spread the word across their social networks.

Brands recruit, activate, and engage ambassadors through the platform, and are then able to harvest the fruits of their labor. In a strong departure from many of the other software programs on this list, SocialSeeder fully rejects gamification in favor of more intrinsic motivators.

PricingFree demo or trialCustomer supportReview score
n/aDemo availableChat, email, ebooks, webinars5 stars (4 reviews)

Key features

Employee engagement: Easily ask employees and other fans to become your ambassadors, update them on brand news and stories via app or email, and encourage them to share the stories that resonate on social media. Keep your employees engaged and show them how vital their advocacy is for your brand, and consequently promote their loyalty with a strong sense of community.

Engagement tracking: Monitor the numbers and rates of ambassadors viewing and sharing the content you recommend. Also, find out which campaigns drive qualified leads to check out the content (and in turn, form a relationship with your business). Based on this data, Social Seeder also recommends engagement benchmarks for continuous improvement.

Our take

Social Seeder seems like an easy-to-use tool for driving engagement. It promotes authenticity because extrinsic rewards aren’t the main focus of the ambassador program. Rather, it’s about relationship-building, which is essential to a successful ambassador program. We couldn’t discern how much room Social Seeder gives for ambassadors to directly share their own authentic stories, however (although we imagine the community structure would promote this).



Ambassify is another platform aimed at activating employee-ambassadors – it turns employees into a valuable force of social advocates. The platform covers all aspects of starting and managing an ambassador problem, from recruitment to management and communication, to referral tracking.

PricingFree demo or trialCustomer supportReview score
n/aDemo availableChat, email, phone, resource hub4.4 stars (4 reviews)

Key features

Promote employee-brand relationships: Communicate insider info to your employees, gather feedback and insights, and build community so they continue to feel valued and become engaged advocates. Flexible tasks and structures let you choose your community structure based on what will keep your own employees invested.

Gamification: Reward employees for social sharing, commenting, reviewing, internal feedback, and community-building actions with points that can be redeemed for prizes. A leaderboard feature is also available.

Advocate- and campaign-level tracking: Monitor reach, engagement, NPS, and ROI of your campaign. You can also examine each advocate’s demographics and sharing history, and divide these advocates into relevant groups to better reach segments of your audience.

Integrations: Ambassify integrates with Zapier, HubSpot, Salesforce, and MailChimp.

Our take

Ambassify also looks like a great option for harnessing the power of employees’ voices. Pick Ambassify over Social Seeder if you want to gamify employee engagement, or if you want to give your employees more freedom to share their authentic thoughts – it seems to be stronger in those areas. But if you want to avoid gamification, Ambassify probably won’t be the best choice for you.

Referral Rock

referral software




Referral Rock was built as a referral program software to help any business get more customers using the power of their own network. Both online and offline businesses can design incentive-based programs, enroll existing customers and partners, capture the new leads and sales, and issue rewards automatically.

Referral Rock automates every step of the process so a business can scale and consistently measure the success of referral marketing programs. This software platform has the flexibility to be used for a brand ambassador program, influencer marketing, customer referrals, employee referrals, and partner or affiliate referrals.

PricingFree demo or trialCustomer supportReview score
$200-$800/monthFree demo and trial available Dedicated success manager, in-app chat, knowledge base, email support4.5 stars (47 reviews)

Key features

Mobile app, API integration: Referral Rock offers a mobile app and API integration, on top of all the other services and features.

Identify and enroll individual ambassadors: Once you determine the ambassadors you want to enroll, including customers, affiliates, partners, employees, and other advocates, you can easily enroll them into the program and personalize their campaigns.

Track and manage: Both you and your brand ambassadors can manage their campaigns and monitor all key performance indicators right on the platform’s dashboard.

Flexible reward system: Incentivize your brand ambassadors by offering and testing different incentives for different campaign segments. The rewarding process can further be automated and use cash, points, credits, or gift cards as possible incentives.

Our take

Referral Rock is a robust platform that can be customized to your brand needs. And if you need any help making it work for you, our customer service team has been known for its excellent support at every step of the process.  But don’t take our word for it – review sites publish very good ratings relating to customer service, product, and fair pricing.

Alternatives to brand ambassador software

What is the difference between brand ambassador software and other types of marketing software? We’re here to clear up the confusion. Here are some alternatives to brand ambassador software, and why they are different.

Influencer marketing software

Influencers and brand ambassadors both represent your brand, but there are several key differences between brand ambassadors and influencers:

  • Influencers represent your brand in the short term, while ambassadors represent your brand in the long term.
  • Influencers haven’t necessarily used your product before you recruit them to promote it, but brand ambassadors are always existing fans of (and advocates for) your product.
  • Influencers promote your brand online, but brand ambassadors promote your brand both online and offline.

Because of these key differences, influencer marketing software is a very distinct category from brand ambassador software.

You may still think that influencer marketing software would also work well for finding brand ambassadors. However, this is not usually the case.

  • Influencer marketing software is designed to handle short-term campaigns, and only online campaigns.
  • In contrast, brand ambassador software is designed to find lasting online and offline advocates, and/or is built for the long-term management ambassador programs require.

Advocate marketing software

Advocate marketing software is an umbrella term for many types of software used to find representatives to promote your brand through word of mouth. Ambassador software is one type of advocate marketing software.

“The term “advocate marketing software” is also used to market a more specific software type—employee advocacy software. Technically, this is a sub-type of brand ambassador software, as it empowers your employees to represent and advocate for you in the long term.

Referral marketing software

Referral marketing software helps you set up a streamlined referral program. It rewards your customers, partners, and employees for sharing your brand with individual people who would stand to benefit from you. It also rewards these new referred customers for the first time they make a purchase, incentivizing them to buy.

Referral software makes it easy for people who love your brand to share it via several mediums. And since it tracks referrals, you can easily monitor the ROI of your referral program.

As we’ve covered above, select referral marketing software programs have the flexibility to manage ambassador programs as well.

Brand mention software

Brand mention software, also called social listening software, alerts you whenever someone mentions your brand name online, categorizes these mentions as positive or negative, and alerts you to how often certain individuals talk about your brand.

Brand mention software can help you find your biggest fans on social media, based on the number and content of their mentions. Then, you can contact these fans right through the software. Since this mention tracking makes it easy to potentially recruit your fans as ambassadors, brand mention software somewhat overlaps with the brand ambassador category.

However, keep in mind that brand mention software doesn’t help you manage and track ambassador campaigns. You’ll need another type of brand ambassador software to do this.

Wrapping things up

Paying your brand ambassador, rewarding or incentivizing them, knowing what you’re going to provide your brand ambassador will play a role in finding what software is going to be the best option for you.

Any brand ambassador software programs we missed? Feel free to let us know; we might just add them to this list!


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